My intent was to do a change of pace blog today. Lift the burden of the world off our shoulders. A historical piece zeroing in on whether Brutus was Caesar’s son. Might have been.

However, too much happening. My good intention waylaid to the extent of 2 additional items. One involving sex in Paradise/Key West. The other, Attorney General Bar’s lying to the Senate and inferentially the American public.

An only Key West happening. Sex in Paradise.

A homeless man and an intoxicated woman were engaged in having sex on the sidewalk in front to the Key West Police Station. The man’s pant’s were down. The woman was without panties or pants.

The man arrested for indecent exposure. The woman not.

Such does not occur  in front of the Police Station even during Fantasy Fest.

I found the Barr memo hard to believe and Barr’s conduct thereafter suspicious. Something not right. Additionally, I have been condemning Rosenstein. Especially recently. Seemed over time to have been in bed with Trump. Appears to have been Trump’s mole within the privacy of the Mueller investigation.

Last night, the Washington Post reported bad shenanigans on Barr’s part. He is turning out to be Trump’s Roy Cohen rather than Attorney for the people of the United States.

Significant is the revelation of a letter from Mueller to Barr and a subsequent telephone call wherein Mueller expressed his displeasure with Barr’s 4 page Memo. Followed up with Barr’s lying to the Senate re any contact with Mueller following his receipt of the Mueller Report.

Barr is in trouble.

Another example of an otherwise good man who joins the Trump team and becomes dirtied.

The unraveling scenario is like a dying dike. A hole appears in the wall. A child’s finger plugs it. Then several more holes. More and bigger fingers required. Now cracks.

The dike has to give. Cannot withstand the pressure being applied to it. Similar to Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall and falling down. No one could put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Now for what was to be my sole literary contribution to the day. Interesting. Uncertain as to truth. I will lay the facts out for you to decide.

Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March. March 15, 44 B.C. Brutus was one of the conspirators knifing Caesar.

It is claimed Caesar seeing Brutus exclaimed, “Et tu Brute.”

Shakespeare interprets/portrays the words as “And you Brutus.” The words have been misinterpreted since then to “You too, Brutus.”

One hundred fifty years after the slaying, the Roman historian Suet Onius claimed the translation involved incorrect. His position was Caesar said nothing or said, “You too, child.”

Which brings to attention the question of who was Brutus’ father. Many historians believe Caesar fathered Brutus. Initially difficult to accept. Caesar was only 15 years older than Brutus.

On the other hand, plausible.

When Caesar was young, he was enamored with a young woman. Servilia. Servilia was Brutus’ mother.

There is further evidence.

In an early war against Caesar, Brutus fought with the opposition. It is claimed that Caesar gave orders that Brutus was not to be killed or injured. Under any circumstances.

Brutus was neither killed nor wounded. In fact, he escaped capture. Following which he wrote a letter to Caesar begging forgiveness. Caesar forgave him. Even giving him a position of authority within his government.

You may wonder how this interpretation problem arose. Turns out the history of Caesar’s death was first written in Greek. I could not determine if writings were initially made in other languages.

The Greek phrase involved is “Kaiou tekvov.” My Greek spelling may be a bit incorrect. I am not familiar with the Greek language.

“Kaiou tekvov” translated is “You too, child.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. I visited the site of Caesars stabbing in Rome. If I r0ecall correctly, it is Largo Argentina on Via Vittorio Emanuele at the opposite end from the Vatican. I t is in the reconstruction phase.

    • Correct. It has been agreed by those involved in the search for the site that it occurred at Largo di Torre Argentina. It is presently under reconstruction.

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