Early in 1968, I was 33 years old. On business in New York City. A close friend and Police Lieutenant Bobby Mazza had driven me to the City. Business took longer than expected. We spent an extra evening in New York.

Decided to see a show. An off Broadway one. Hair. Playing at an old movie theater in the east Village.

The play had received a number of positive reviews both for the show’s music and subject matter. A few negatives for the subject matter.

It was a time of cultural change in the U.S. Anti-war, drugs, sex, a youth revolution. A tribal rock musical, the song Aquarius was the heart of Hair. Let the sunshine in!

Era defining. A cultural phenomenon.

At the end of the first act, the entire cast appeared on stage. Bare assed! Exhibited front and back sides to the audience to see.

A never before. Nudity of this nature not acceptable.

The audience exhibited a noisy calm. Then a rising grumbling. Followed by a standing shouting ovation.

America was accepting of the changes taking place.

Several months later, Hair made it to Broadway.

A noted New York Times critic at the time wrote: “For an escapist dose of the sweet sound of youth brimming with hope that the world is going to change tomorrow, you listen to Hair and let the sunshine in.”

I ended up watching a couple of old movies yesterday afternoon. Did not get out till 7. Meant my only stop would be the Chart Room.

John bartending. Kevin and Holly at the end of the bar. Their son in law Ken with them. We chatted a while.

Soon the bar was empty. Only John and me.

There was a guy going out the door. John told me it was too bad he and I had not had the opportunity to talk. The fellow was from Astoria, Oregon. The home of another Chart Room. He took a number of pics of our Chart Room before he left.

Did a little digging this morning. Turns out Astoria had 2 Chart Rooms for a number of years. One closed in 2011 after a long run.

The one that remains looks like the Pier House’s Chart Room size and design wise. That is where it stops, however. Our place is a dungeon. Loved in its aged form. The one still operating in Astoria is polished bright and in every respect.

The difference between our Chart Room and the present day Astoria one is yesterday and today.

For those who some day might make it to Astoria, you have a place to seek out, to enjoy, while comparing notes with Key West’s Chart Room.

The Chart Room began filling again. Met Jack from Cudjoe Key. We got into Irma and its impact on Cudjoe. Devastating!

Many lost their homes. Older. No insurance to rebuild. Or  the question whether wise when elderly to spend insurance money on rebuilding.

Monroe County recently came up with a proclamation. Set a time period whereby those presently living in RVs may have to build homes or leave. Or something to that effect. Confusing. Whatever, Irma’s pain still with us and will be for a number of years to come.

Things will be even worse if Gd forbid another hurricane of consequence hits in the next few years.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Late night shopping the best. Very few customers. In and out in minutes!

Conch Republic Days are over. The Conch Republic, seceded, battled the forces of the U.S., and won! Thirty seven years of consistent winning!

I continue to learn. I was unaware that in addition to the Conch Republic Army, Navy and Air Force, it also has a women’s contingency. The CIA. Short for “Cuties in Action.”

Saw photos of them in today’s Citizen as they were marching in thursday’s Duval Street parade.

Tonight, Dueling Bartenders. Then dinner at La Trattoria. Game plan to meet Tom and Fran at Aqua. Kevin and Holly might even show.

Jennifer Jones was one of the great movie stars of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Won 2 Academy Awards. Starred in such films as Song of Bernadette, A Farewell to Arms, and Love Is A Many Splendered Thing.

She and producer Davod O’Selznick arrived in Key West this day in 1946. Spent some time vacationing here. Stayed at La Concha.

Poway, California suffered the past two days. The worst type experience. A 19 year old decided to shoot up the Chabad Synagogue.

One parishioner killed, 3 others injured.

One of these injured was Rabbi Goldstein. He and the woman killed were the first to confront the shooter. The Rabbi had a finger shot off on one hand and was shot  in the other hand, also.

Fortunately, the shooter’s gun jammed. The Rabbi bleeding ran into the filled adjoining room and shouted “RUN” to this in the room.

I watched the Rabbi on TV. Moving! He crying! I was crying! Many watching had to be crying!

Climate change and cheap power go hand in hand to a certain extent. Climate has something to do with energy creation. Wind and solar 2 examples.

Not enough, however. There is another step. The power created must be stored. Gigantic batteries probably.

Whatever, big battery testing has been ongoing for 2 years in Australia.

I have been writing about new found Greek friends Theo and Dina the past few days. Theo owns a Greek company. One of its major involvements is with air conditioning. Before arriving in Key West last week, Theo had been in Japan. Something to do with air conditioning.

Enjoy your day!





  1. It was a time of cultural change in the U.S. Anti-war, drugs, sex, a youth revolution. A tribal rock musical, the song Aquarius was the heart of Hair. Let the sunshine in!”

    The revolution drove Nixon bonkers……a good thing. It also fueled his policy for the war on cannabis….. not so good.

    Maybe, in retrospect, Richard should have smoked a little weed himself, schtupped some WH Honeys and danced in the buff. Ok, maybe not the last part.

    Who knows maybe it would have taken him down a path to a better end, instead he will be known, quite appropriately, as just Dick.

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