Harpoon Harry’s Mexican cook prepares lasagna like a native born Sicilian. Harpoon Harry’s tuesday special is lasagna. I walked in at lunch time yesterday looking forward to a great lunch.

It was. Even better than expected. There sitting were Donna and Terri. I have seen either in close to 2 years. COVID and other physical problems had turned me into a recluse. It was great to run into my lesbian wives.

Both looked there usual great selves. Especially Terri. She has lost a ton of pounds. Diet, not illness.

We enjoyed a boisterous lunch.

This morning I received an e mail from Donna. We are going to have dinner some night next week.

Inflation figures for August were reported yesterday. Down slightly to 8.3 percent. That and some other numbers not considered good. The market dropped 1,200 points.

August inflation figures for food went up. The figures not good all. The increase the highest for a single month since 1979. 13.5 percent. Dining out 8 percent.

Eggs way up. Just short of 40 percent. 39.8 percent. Fruits and vegetables up 7.9 percent.

A railroad strike is being threatened. Food prices will go up even more dramatically. No one will be able to afford to eat.

Everyone is aware of the increases which have been occurring with food. The lower and middle class can only afford so much. Especially on top of rent.

I heard something last night . A brief comment on a late night talk show. I was half asleep. It involved food and its increasing cost. A term heard. Stuck in my head: Use now, pay later.

I tried researching the concept this morning. Difficult to do so. Some information available. Nothing etched in stone yet. However, the program is already in use with some supermarkets.

As I grasp what may be coming on a large scale involves the consumer setting a weekly budget for food. The same number to be used each week. The consumer can exceed that figure. No problem. At some point, the unpaid balance must be paid. No interest charged. If not paid, food cut off of course. Credit rating also affected.

Not a healthy program from my way of thinking. The consumer will be cut off from food. Who is going to finance a “food debtor” who has already failed to meet an initial commitment?

If America is on the brink of use now pay later re food, we are in deep shit trouble! A return of the company store. Modern day slavery.

Today is the birthday of The Star Spangled Banner. The year 1814. The War of 1812 in its second year.

Francis Scott Key was required to spend a night on a British vessel that was bombing the American Fort McHenry in Maryland. He watched the entire night. Bomb after bomb after bomb. In the morning, he was surprised o see the American flag still flying over the fort. He wrote a poem signifying the event: The Defense of Fort M’Henry. Within a week, Key’s words were put to music. One popular phrase: “…..the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air / Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”

Following his defeat, Trump was threatening not to leave the White House. He was not the first White House resident to take the position.

Maggie Haberman in her new book Confidence Man wrote of Mary Todd Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln’s wife refused to leave the White House for almost a month following Lincoln’s assassination.

There is a follow up to Mrs. Lincoln’s refusal. History suggests she was a difficult wife. An arbitrary figure. Ten years following the President’s death, her son had her committed to a mental institution. Few are aware of this fact.

Enjoy your day!





    • Hey Jones – STOP spreading dishonest information – you (and everybody else) knows that President Biden had nothing to do with energy supply and prices. That was the oil industry gouging for their own benefit resulting in their highs profits ever. That and Trump’s gift of Ukraine to Russia.

      Your willingness to spread pure garbage just proves HRC right on the subject of deplorables.

        • The former President destroyed that. He set the example that it’s ok to trash anyone you don’t agree with. He continues setting that example to this day. One side in politics can’t take the high road when the other is seething with hate, threatening (and acting on) violence and normalizing lies. Our Justice System has also been a failure as well, taking far too long to prosecute people and hold people accountable for breaking the law regardless of who they are. I also miss civil discourse, but it seems impossible when 1/2 the Country think stealing top secret documents, overturning an election with NO proof of fraud, and attacking the Capital are no big deal.

  1. Thanks for making my point. Some on either side thinks all the problems are due to the “other” side.
    In a world as complicated as ours- no one side has all the right or wrong answers. We need more cooperation to really solve important issues as inflation, climate change, immigration,

    • Sure Steve “can’t we all just get along.” But hey, we’ve tried that and it just doesn’t seem to work. Republicans and their confused “do nothing” libertarian side kicks, just don’t seem to think like that and relish poking and provoking those they openly and aggressively hate, sometimes just for the fun of it. These are the same people who when cornered with honesty and truth, blame everyone else for not trying harder to “get along.”

      It’s time to take the gloves off Steve, go in the corner and cry if you want – we know your game!

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