Just before 6 this morning it was announced a tentative agreement had been reached to avoid a national rail strike. The event would have had a severe impact on the national economy. Especially on food availability and prices.

Biden said, “The tentative agreement reached tonight is an important win for our economy and the American people.”

Equity was with labor in this battle. Sick leave one of the important issues. Would you believe rail workers had no sick leave available to them?

Railroads have experienced big profits in recent years. Last year alone $20 billion. The CEO of CSX made over $20 million, while the CEOs of Union Pacific and Northern Southern made over $14 million each in total compensation.

Terrific paychecks! Again while workers were entitled to a “grand total of zero sick days!”

Armed customers are robbing banks in Lebanon to get their own money.

Lebanon’s banks locked most depositors out of their savings when an economic crisis took hold 3 years ago. As a result, many depositors have been unable to pay basic living expenses.

So they resorted to self help.

What the Lebanese banks did was legal under Lebanese law. What the depositors did, not.

Over the years, I have written several times advising a similar situation exists in the U.S. For real.

When one deposits money in their savings or checking account, title to the money immediately legally passes to the bank. Becomes the bank’s money, not the depositor’s.

The U.S. banks got their lobbyists to convince federal and state legislators to do this. Presidents and Governors signed the legislation into law. The purpose to enable banks to protect their asses. In the event of a severe economic crisis, banks in the U.S. can say to depositors my money, not yours.

Question: Who was protecting the depositors’ asses? Not their elected representatives.

On May 18, 1991, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the Keys. Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. They had been in Miami for several days and were traveling from Miami to New Orleans on the Royal Yacht Britannia. A stop over was scheduled for them to visit Fort Jefferson.

The Queen and Prince were greeted by another “Queen.” Wilhelmina Harvey. The moment had an historic relevance to it. Both ladies were already on in their years.

Queen Wilhelmina said the meeting was “one of the most beautiful things that ever happened in my life.”

On this date in 1959, Marilyn Monroe filmed the famous “skirt” scene. She was filmed standing over a sidewalk subway grate when a burst of air blew her white dress skirt up. A famous scene and subsequent photo.

Key West has its own Marilyn Monroe standing over a grate while her skirt blows upward. She has been standing in that position for years in front of the Tropic Cinema Theater. In good taste. She has become an integral part of Key West.

Marilyn was married to baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio at the time. An old school conservative. He was upset that she had agreed to pose with her skirt flying. It was one of the issues in their divorce lawsuit that soon followed.

Gur DeBoer news!

Guy is still in the Golden Globe Race. Its 10th day. Expected to take 7-9 months. Guy doing well. In 4th place.

Participants in the race get to chat for 10 minutes once a week with those in charge of the race. Guy’s 10 minutes were made available to social media.

He had been downstairs doing something. Decided to go up. Fortunate he did. He and an 80 foot fishing boat were heading for each other. Apparently whoever was steering the fishing vessel thought it was funny. Guy recognized a disaster imminent. He rushed to steer his boat away. Gashed his knee in the process. Missed the fishing boat by 15 feet. A close call.

The event occurred tuesday. Guy said his knee was healing well.

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  1. It’s not just Banks, Lou. Ever since the right leaning Supreme Court was able to push through Citizens United v. FEC, corporations are in charge, not the American People.

    Americas are really not in charge of much, and will never be, at least not until they overcome the so called conservative way of tricking them into thinking they matter all that much anymore.

    For a while we mattered as voters keeping them in power, but even that is now being undermined.

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