Key Westers have enjoyed the Citizens’ Voice in the Key West Citizen as far back as can be remembered. The peoples’ complaint section.

The Citizens’ Voice has diminished in length. By roughly one third. Why? People are not more happy today than 10 years ago. If anything, more unhappy.

Can it be the Citizens’ readers have just given up? Have they come to believe no one listens? That theirs is a voice in wilderness? That no one cares?

Decided to get up and out yesterday. I had a craving for lobster bisque. The kind made at Hogfish.

Sat at the bar. My order simple. A bowl of lobster bisque and extra crackers.

I was not disappointed. Delicious!

The bartender introduced herself. Julia. She asked if I was Lou. Turns out she worked at the Casa Marina 20 years ago. Remembered giving me foot massages and manicures. Great memory! I did not recall her. Apologized. She noted I still got manicures. I told her of my foot massage friday.

Nice person.

Sat next to 2 fishermen. We ended up discussing Tom Brady.

Bobby Mongelli walked by. Stopped to say hello. I congratulated him on the sale of Geiger Key. He explained the sale was an emotional one for him. More than 20 years ago he bought a shack that only sold cheap beer and turned it into the success it is today.

Chief is a juvenile green sea turtle. He was rescued off Cudjoe Key in January. He was a mess. A heavy load of fibropapilloma tumors. He was immediately taken to the Marathon Turtle Hospital. Kind hands brought him to recovery. Chief has undergone a whole blood transfusion, tumor removal surgeries, an eye tumor removal, received broad spectrum antibodies, fluids, vitamins, and a healthy diet of greens and mixed seafood.

Chief is going home this morning at 10 am. He is being released to the ocean at Sombrero Beach in Marathon. A crowd of 100-200 is expected to see him off.

Close to 2 months with my feet and ankles. Swelling and pain like you would not believe. Two doctors. Water and potassium pills at their limit. Relief minimal.

I decided to do a bit of self help. Went to the internet. Ordered 6 pairs of compression socks. Different brands. They all claim they are the one!

Only one pair arrived thus far. Yesterday at 2. Ankle length. Put the pair on immediately. Wore them till 9 when I went to bed. Left ankle skinny skinny. The bad right one 95 percent reduced. From larger than a softball to next to nothing in a matter of hours.

I also received Krill Oil yesterday. Took two pills with dinner. The claim is in 1-4 days swelling will be gone.

This morning right ankle thin thin. After 2 months!

I suspected the right ankle would get bigger as today progressed. It has. I understand why. My first 4-5 hours each morning are spent seated at the desk writing this blog. Automatic ankle size would increase.

Gets bigger swiftly. I have been at the blog 3 hours and it is already the size of half a soft ball.

I am not unhappy. Dr. Louis is making progress.

Two days ago I wrote how Switzerland had taken the bull by the horns and passed legislation limiting use of heating gas under penalty of fines and jail time.

Yesterday a viral poster began circulating on Swiss social media telling citizens to “rat out” neighbors heating their homes above the new legal limits.

The Swiss government immediately issued a statement advising it had nothing to do with the viral poster and to ignore it.

The government is conducting an investigation to determine its source.

Sound familiar? Things like that occur in the U.S. also. Perverted troublemakers exist worldwide.

The Ukraine is on a winning streak. Ukraine has driven Russian troops in northeastern Kharkiv to the Russian border itself. President Zelensky describes the situation: “The enemy is panicking.”

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in a forthcoming book writes of Trump telling his aides that following defeat he was “never leaving the White House…..I’m just not going to leave.”

The book soon to be published is titled “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.”

Enjoy your day!


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