The life blood of Key West is tourism. Key West’s sole industry.

Not consistent. Has its highs and lows. Busy as hell and then suddenly quiet for a period.

The longest busy time is known as the “season.” January 15 through Easter Sunday. Bodies, cars, bicycles, golf cart vehicles, baby carriages, etc. all over the place.

As quickly as the season arrives, it leaves. The Monday after Easter Sunday people depart Key West in droves. Tourists as well as snowbirds.

Today marks one week since Easter Sunday. The season group down 60-70 percent. More will leave this week.

The absence of tourists and snowbirds obvious. Everything slows down. As a water faucet to a slow drip.

A much needed rest begins. Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day will see a resurgence. Then Fantasy Fest followed by Christmas week. And it will be season again!

The slower pace, the fewer people, provide locals with the opportunity to recoup. A reset every now and then hurts no one.

A busy Chart Room last night. Met my Greek friends Theo and Dina at 6. A good bye drink together. They leave for northern Florida today. Will be questing at Mar a Lago beginning Wednesday.

Buffalo’s Tom and Fran at the bar. They have guests from the Syracuse area. Love Tom and Fran! We have been friends for at least 10 years. I was quick to ask and Fran quick to advise she brought me more sauce and meat. Plus, low carb bread.

She worries about my health.

I left for Donna and Terri’s at 6:45. Dinner at 7 at their home.

Donna cooking. A great meal! Some kind of chicken dish and pasta.

Donna and Terri both looking good. Vibrant. Even Bear.

I was home and in bed by 9:30. There was a time when I had not even gone out yet for the night at 9:30.

Sunday down to basics. Hot Dog Church, the Gardens, and the Chart Room. Maybe dinner at La Trattoria.  I suspect I only will make Hot Dog Church and the Chart Room.

Key West is known for many things. Would take pages to list them all. Three prominent ones include the sunset, authors, and artists.

The sunsets draw people from all over theworld. Something mystic about standing at Mallory Square and watching the sun dip over the horizon.

Oh, so many authors! Too many to list at one time. The better known include Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Robert Frost, and Judy Blume.

Artists galore! Key West’s Bohemian atmosphere attracts them.

The soul of our Nation is wounded. Our political differences a knife in the chest. Resolution required.

The Catholic Mass has a part known as Agnus Dei. Latin for “Grant Us Peace.”

We need some Agnus Dei.

Shrimp boats are a comin’, their sails are in sight…..

A popular song published in 1951.

On the rare occasions I hear the tune these days, it reminds me of another coming. Not a religious one. Not a boat.


Every day, more and more.

Recognize that as robot workers increase, the human work force decreases. Jobs will be less. People will really be hung up for work.

The situation a major problem around the corner. No one seems to be worrying about it.

Robots will result in consumer goods being cheaper. What value if consumers do not have the money to buy less expensive goods?

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. There won’t be peace in this country as long as there are what our president calls “his base” and even sometimes “fine people” who call themselves Christians, attacking Jews in their place of worship. Sheldon Adelson, you helping these bad people by funding Trump!

  2. Robots doing the work will give humans a lot more leisure time to travel and read and enjoy life. Everything will be free.

  3. You and your dimocretin commenters are miserable pieces of excrement. You are abhorrent. Please die. Soon and painfully. We won. You lost. Suck it.

    • Nice addition and just another example of hate and stupidity that seems so much more common since the alt right has risen to power, with the express permission of Republicans, since Trump got himself elected.

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