Iago a character in Shakespeare’s Othello. One of the most villainous villains in all of Shakespeare. Evil personified. Lusts evil. Represents cruelty for its own sake.

Trump is Iago.

Few are the redeeming qualities to be found in Trump. At the moment, I can think of none. There are words however which do identify his character.

Like divisive, rabble rouser, narcissistic, malefactor, bad actor, shit stirrer, shit disturber, scheming, instigator, mean, spiteful, provocateur, sadist, malicious, and antagonist.

I am sure there are more. These are merely the ones that immediately came to mind.

Trump and his family do not understand what is going on around them. They have never suffered the everyday problems of most. Such is reflected in a recent statement by Ivanka Trump.

She was recently interviewed. The issue of impeachment came up. Her response: “I think everything is a question of priorities. We have our priorities in the White House. We’re fighting everyday for the American worker.”

Fighting everyday for the American worker? Nothing further from the truth. Yet I am sure she and her father believe it. That is the scary part!

Saw Judy last night. One of the finest movies I have seen. The film outstanding.

As are the performances. Renee Zellweger in the role of her life. Portraying Judy Garland in Garland’s last year of her life.

She sang, danced, and suffered as Garland must have.

Zellweger was not Bridget Jones. As Judy, she lost a ton of weight. So thin! Close to emaciated!

The movie is not easy to take. The movie throughout is compelling and heavy. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Pain!

Zellweger was Judy. Hurt, on the verge of destruction. Clearly evident in her eyes and face. The ravishes of addiction and alcohol.

The movie ended on an emotional upswing. Judy singing Over The Rainbow.

Zellweger’s performance an Academy Award one.

Did Happy Hour at the Saint before Judy. A quaint little hotel. Affiliated with Marriott. Cute bar. Located directly across the street from the Tropic Cinema.

Mary met me at the Saint. We went to the movies together.

Cupboard was bare again. It was 9. Dropped Mary off immediately after the movie to do some shopping. Rushed around Publix. Bought enough to tide me over into next week. Would have purchased more. However the time was not there.

The keys are a series of islands. Many. Not certain of the number. Believe I read once 800.

The first community at the north end of the keys is Key Largo. From there to the southernmost city Key West is 113 miles. Not as the crow flies. As U.S. 1 goes.

The trip between Key Largo and Key West consists of 44 islands and 42 bridges.

A terrific drive. Try it sometime if you have not. Water to your left, water to your right. Islands to your left, islands to your right.

Most importantly, beautiful!

Enjoy your saturday!




  1. Lou: Your blog used to an enjoyable discussion about KW. For the last three years, it become just a hate-Trump rant. It’s too bad, not because I’m a Trump supporter but because it’s not longer a KW blog. Thanks, Kevin.

    • Keven, as a Trump supporter, you will find you self treated without any credibility when attacking ANYone for their opinion of Trump and what he’s doing to America, a subject that effects ALL of America, including Key West. STILL being a supporter enough to criticize others who are upset enough to criticize Trump reveals how blind you must be, particularly with some of the more recent events. We are in a crisis, wake up!

      Trump is one rotten apple who is spoiling the barrel. It’s your choice to stay in that barrel if you want, but not the rest of us. We are in a crisis, wake up!

    • Where have you been Kevin? I have been reading Lou’s blog since the mid oughts and politics have ALWAYS been apart of what Lou writes about. AND if you read Lou’s blog nowadays you’ll know he almost always writes about KW and the Keys in some detail and about this wives, his kids, his grand kids, his meals and about ghosts. Trump is a big deal nowadays and he is taking the oxygen out of the American way of life from just about everything he does. If you weren’t part of the Trump cult you would know that. It is only natural Lou, like everyone else in America is talking about him. It sounds to me like you have a more hidden agenda otherwise why don’t you just stop reading Lou’s blog?

    • Kevin, you are free to express your opinion and free to leave. I for one find it refreshing to find an older gent who remembers and blogs to what America is truly about.

  2. We Americans must now realize that we can no longer consider ourselves as a nation of human rights, not after our attempts with aANY solution of a moat of snakes and alligators, or for that matter of shooting them in the legs. How dare we criticize other countries on anything to do with human rights anymore. Thank your president for that bit of changing the world – you foolish blind believers.

    • It will end soon, we will be in a state of disrepair for a while but we will rebuild to our true standard. Think post WW2 Germany.

  3. You are all deluded about Lou’s blog because you hate trump. I know trump’s a relevant topic but it’s called “Kw Lou,” not “KW Lou rails daily against Trump, and I’m obsessed with it.” I’m not a Trump supporter but I’m might as well watch MSNBC, Lou’s blog just parrots them.

    • Really”Kevin”?????

      The only thing we can both be sure of is that you know a lot about hate. It is absurd to have to listen to those Trump sycophants about anyone ‘hating’ Trump just because they criticize him for his blatant and illegal behavior and because of how he cheats at every opportunity. When it wasn’t all that log ago when those on the right were openly admitting to hating Obama, based almost completely on false conspiracy theories and things like wearing a brown suit in the Oval office.

      This is Lou’s blog and he gets to call it what he wants. He has ALWAYS talked politics and frankly I for one enjoy and look forward to what he has to say. Furthermore I don’t think I’m alone on that subject.

      So, if you don’t like it, take your phony attempts to stifle Lou and what he wants to write, and go somewhere else.

  4. There must be something that the Democrats want to hide.
    Now Susan Rice is out speaking. I wish she would tell us all why she unmasked several hundred folks and why she did it who knows–Oboma.
    I just want an answer from the swamp.

    • Nancy P had no House vote to proceed with impeachment. That levees the Pep. short handed. As a result not following the House and not having no vote on the impeachment the house Republicans can not call any one to testify before the House on impeachment. The Republicans have stopped the Trumpers from defending themselves. Good move by Nancy –do not be fair is the Democratic marching song. Real Socialists are not fair! Proof. Clean the swamp–not on your life our kid are making to much.

  5. Sad but true…
    #1 Trump gets more words than KW these days.
    #2 Everything Lou said about Trump.
    #3 As Trump himself said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t loose any voters”
    #4 Trump believes #3
    #5 and saddest and maybe truest of all… he may be correct.

    Kokomo Man

  6. Maybe Louis or some one else can explain why HRC ok selling 25% of our uranium ore to Russia and who some the swamp folks involver in that sale. A little research Lou.

    Mannford was convicted of not being a register agent of a foreign country. Joe Biden son who also did business with a foreign country and like Mannford is not a registered agent
    Has not been locked. Why folks? Do we have two sets of laws in the swamp and Key West?

    The truth shall set us free.

    • SF, you really are a kook and a crackpot, willing to believe anything about Hillary Clinton you are told. Ever occur to you she doesn’t have any Uranium to sell? Do you also believe that she is selling little girls into the sex trade out of a Pizza Parlor in NJ. You are such a freaking troll only interested in spouting garbage. Do your own research, Lou is too busy talking to normal people.

    • Stop with the phony accusations, this is a old, no longer relevant, 2010 issue where Clinton played no roll (was not involved) and something she was fully exonerated from, at the time. There is plenty of literature on the subject if you only took a minute to read about it. If you want to talk about something that actually happened, ask why IBM was allowed to sell it’s computer technology to China in 2004, with the Bush administration’s approval. Something we now willingly accuse China as having stolen from us. Or, if you really want to be helpful, why not ask why Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is making big cuts to the National Security Council after the whistleblower complaint, putting the county in serious jeopardy. Or, do you only complain about Hillary Clinton, because you are abnormally obsessed with her hair?

  7. And don’t forget her pants suits, her cackley laugh, her big butt, and her low heeled shoes. All good reasons to deeply hate her forever.

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