Golf’s greatest had fusion surgery on his right ankle in New York City. It is expected he will be unable to play competitively the rest of the year. The doctor who performed the surgery said it was successful. However, time will be required for healing.

It is Tiger’s body. His to use as he sees fit. His desire for another major win his driving force. His judgment controls.

I personally think he should pack it in. It is doubtful anyone will ever reach the heights he has in the golf world. Nevertheless, his call.

Another major figure is suffering. California’s Senator Feinstein. A member of the Senate for 31 years since entering in 1992. 

Age has take its toll. Her present problem is shingles. It has done her in since February.  She has been unable to perform her Senate duties in Washington since then.

She is a member of the Judiciary Committee. Democrats control the Committee by 1 vote 11-10. The Judiciary Committee approves federal judges. A backlog has developed because Feinstein is unavailable to be present to vote. The Republicans have refused to permit another Democrat to sit in her seat so the judicial processing may proceed.

Understandable. It’s called politics.

The importance of a vote taking place is clear when one recalls how Senator McConnell blocked 2 separate votes to the Supreme Court. What he did made possible today’s Republican balance of power on the Court.

No time to make any mistakes regarding approval of the new judges. 

Feinstein should do the right thing. Resign. She has already indicated she does not intend to run again in 2024. Her party and America will respect her decision as the correct one. Otherwise, what occurred with the Supreme Court nominees will occur with this batch of prospective judges. Which will result in fewer Democratic leaning judges making it to the federal bench.

A rape trial begins in federal court next tuesday in New York City. Donald Trump is the defendant.

Trump’s attorney has written the judge asking that Trump’s presence be excused. He advised Trump “wants to appear.” However his presence would require multiple security arrangements. Such he claimed would be cumbersome for the residents of New York so it would be better were Trump not physically present.

What bullshit!

Trump does not want to appear because he does not want to sit and listen to the woman who is accusing him of rape describe what he did and how he did it.

The decision is up to the judge. Or, so I believe. I am not sure a defendant can excuse himself from a trial. The judge’s decision is imminent since the trial begins in a few days. 

McCarthy came out with the House Republican budget plan yesterday. Finally! I would describe it as dead on arrival. 

The debt ceiling merely requires a vote to approve/increase the present budget by unanticipated dollars already spent during the past fiscal year. It does not involve any new bills. 

The problem generally was resolved by an automatic vote by both parties till recent years. Now the Republicans want to make something out of nothing. They yell how the Dems are increasing the budget. Not so. Merely approving monies already spent with Republican House approval. Nothing new added.

McCarthy in his bill has added cuts to existing bills already law so as to eliminate $4.5 trillion from already approved programs.

He is playing dirty.

Biden says no way.

Republicans could force the government to close down in a couple of months because it will have run out of money if the debt ceiling is not increased. Economic disaster for the U.S. and world. Markets will crash. Federal employees will be laid off. Social Security checks will not go out. Medicare bills will not be paid.

Not the way to run a government. Especially our government.

DeSantis keeps attacking Mickey Mouse and all of Disneyworld. Now he threatens to build a jail next to Disneyworld. Terrific place for a jail. Next door to where thousands of children come every day to visit Mickey and friends.

There may be some wisdom to DeSantis’ folly. Perhaps he is practicing with Mickey to get ready for sitting across the table from Putin, Xi, and Jung.

Respectfully, he’s an asshole!

Some gas stations in Key West and the lower Keys have been without gas the past couple of days. The rains in Fort Lauderdale and Miami last week kept fuel trucks from making their runs to the Keys.

The trucks are on the move again. However Key West and the lower Keys are the end of the line. No fuel left in the tanker trucks for the area. They turn around and return north to refill before even coming close to us.

May the problem get finally resolved today and the gas stations are all up and running.

Party time tonight at La Te Da. More friends have arrived. Buffalo’s Fran and Tom Dixon. We are having dinner together at La Te Da. I look forward to being with them. Great friends for years!

A manicure with Tammy at noon.

Enjoy your day!

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