Kissing has its moments. A pleasant experience. Quiet enjoyable.

Romantic kissing has had its detractors, however. Referred to occasionally as “kissing killjoys.”

The biggest romantic kissing killjoys are the Christians. Sex has always had an evil connotation of sorts in the Catholic Church. Pope Clement V in 1312 decreed sensuous kissing a mortal sin. “…kissing done with intent to fornicate is…a mortal sin.”

From Pope Clement V forward, the Catholic Church sought to ban romantic kissing. Just as some Christians of today would ban pleasurable sex.

The ban did not fly with the people. If anything, it gained in popularity.

May the pleasure always be with us.

What a game last night! The National College Championship game. TCU v. Georgia.

Georgia crushed TCU 65-7. The #2 team in the country TCU was no competition for the #1.

This is Georgia’s second consecutive year in winning the title of National Champions.

Stetson Bennett was Georgia’s quarterback. “Tom Brady” in every respect.

I mentioned my trip to Club Med 47 years ago in yesterday’s blog. The trip was spur of the moment on my part. I was elsewhere and had no Caribbean beach clothes with me. My intent was to purchase a summer/beach wardrobe at Club Med.

It was not necessary.

Forty or fifty years ago, mu mu’s were a popular female attire in the U.S. Long large billowy gowns. Neck to foot. Upon arriving at Club Med, I discovered that is what everyone wore when not in a bathing suit. Males and females alike. I purchased two. One multi blue, the other multi red. Plus a pair of sandals. I had none.

I was set for the week. Most went with nothing on beneath the mu mu. The mu mu was morning, afternoon and evening attire.

It was quite a trip.

Two former Florida Keys residents on the agenda this morning.

First, Ted Williams. One of America’s greatest baseball players.

Williams had a home in Islamorada. While a star player and for many years after in retirement. Williams was an avid fisherman. Islamorada is known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World. Therein the reason Williams settled there. His home located bayside at mile marker 82.

He finally sold. The reason for selling a sad one. He said he sold when Islamorada became so busy he had to wait for traffic to subside before he could cross U.S. 1.

The other Williams is Tennessee Williams. A Key West resident for some 40 odd years. Few are aware the noted writer became a Catholic while living in Key West. He was baptized a Catholic at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church where he became a regular communicant.

Kevin McCarthy got beyond his first possible hurdle last night when the House accepted the Rules the Republicans would be governed by. The same Rules whereby McCarthy sold his soul in order to be elected Speaker. Rules that in due course may bring him down.

I thought he would not get the necessary votes last night. He did. Only one Republican voted in opposition.

Mar-a-Lago is Tammany Hall reincarnated. It seems to be working hard to become a Mafia headquarters. Some are labeling it fascist. DeSantis’ Florida being labeled fascist leaning by some also.

Former Brazilian President Bolsonaro is living in the Orlando area. Sunday, Brazil had a January 6. Bolsonaro and Trump birds of a feather.

Bolsonaro got into the U.S. on a “Head of State” visa. He is no longer head of any state. Therefore the validity of his visa is in doubt.

Bolsonaro entered an Orlando hospital sunday or monday assuming because of what was happening in his country. It is felt he is involved. He was released yesterday. His complaint was an old stabbing wound acting up.

The U.S. government has taken no position on his legal status.

Enjoy your day!

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