The world is changing. Florida is changing.

Every few generations, authoritarianism/fascism seeks to control. The moment has arrived again. Democracy is at peril.

Florida appears at the forefront. The State’s role as an international right wing melting pot is on the increase. The most recent evidence is former Brazil President Bolonaros who has recently taken up residence in Orlando. He is the South American personification of Donald Trump. The recent January 6 type insurrection in Brazil proof.

Florida has become a magnet for extreme right wing types.

Trump and DeSantis are truly similar. Birds of a feather as I am prone to describe them. DeSantis seems to have captured the minds and hearts of Floridians. Listen and you shall hear in frequent days how he tells us so. He recognizes Florida is different from the rest of the country and he takes credit for it. I agree he is responsible. He has been successful in selling a bill of goods to the people of Florida.

The question is will Floridians continue to buy it. How long will the many senior go along? How long will retirees put up with what in their hearts they must know is wrong?

I worry.

The new Republican House’s first victory was monday. Passed its first bill. To reverse much of the $80 billion in extra funding set aside for the IRS in the 2020 Inflation Reduction Act.

One purpose of the Act was help the IRS close down tax cheats and refresh its outdated technology. It is anticipated the Act makes it possible for the government to hire significant additional staff to do so. The tax cheats identified as “millionaires, billionaires, and corporations” cheating the system. Many paying no taxes at all. It was assured investigations would be made of certain returns beginning at $400,000 and more. No one less would be scrutinized any more than at present.

The intent of the law again to go after wealthy tax cheats.

The new Republican House sells the Act differently. From a lying base. It claims 87,000 new agents would pursue the working class and many would be armed. If true, it would scare me also. That is what the Republicans have been selling, sold monday with the passage of their bill, and hope will arouse American voters against the IRS.

My fear is the people will buy this bullshit.

Yesterday was day 2 of the new Republican House regime. They passed another bill. One which could have immediate ill affects.

The House voted to create a special Congressional panel focused on the “weaponization of the federal government.”

The Republicans are looking for it. They will not find it. Nevertheless, they have created a bad situation. They are seeking to harness and limit the power of important federal agencies. Agencies that protect the American people daily.


Making it even more fearful is that Jim Jordan is Chair of the new committee.

Some of the matters to be investigated include handling of school board protests, COVID maneuvers, censorship of conservatives on social media, and the FBI political system. An underlying current is that the committee intends to go after anyone it thinks has been going after Trump.

Breaking news this morning. All commercial flights across the U.S. have been suspended. A computer breakdown. The Notice to Air Missions system. It stopped working.

It is anticipated the system could be corrected this morning.

Weather killing California. A roadway collapsed leaving a 100 foot by 30 feet hole. Two cars sunk. Mud slides wiping homes and highways out.

Californians are learning that the unexpected is to be expected. Yesterday, the Monterey Peninsula Country Club unexpectedly got hit. The course is on the Pacific. A foursome was playing the 14th hole. Suddenly, they had to run like hell. A monster wave swept over the hole.

Today an interesting one in Key West history.

The year 1829. Four men owned the island of Key West. John Simonton, Pardon Greene, John Whitehead, and John Fleming. Note their last names. Today the names of some of Key West’s most prominent streets.

The four men entered into an agreement this day in 1829 dividing the island of Key West into separate parcels for each.

Dan Reardon is back in town! My friend form Skaneateles, N.Y. We are having dinner together tonight.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech this evening at 7 at the Dome. I have no prediction as to who will win.

I finish with a bit of wisdom. Confucius say: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. Nothing about Biden stealing top secret “US intelligence materials related to Ukraine, Iran and UK” from the Whitehouse and storing them at his private “think tank” office?

  2. Breaking news : more highly clazzified stolen government documents (from the Whit House) just found at another “off campus” Biden location. Brain Dead in Chief fusing to address media concerns until finished with ice cream. More to come

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