Today marks the 42nd wedding anniversary of Bob and Helen Marks.


I remember the day well. As well as if it were my own anniversary.

The weather had a lot to do with it.

They were married in Falmouth, Maine. In the middle of the winter. It was minus 20 degrees. I left Utica for the wedding with a cold. Left Falmouth 24 hours later with pneumonia. Kidding, but damn close.

The wedding sentimental in nature. Helen wanted to be married in the same Lutheran church her parents had. Quant, small. She dressed as her mother had. She wore her mother’s suit and hat. Deep maroon.

Helen was lovely.

I was best man.

Bob Mazza drove me to Falmouth.

The wedding was in the evening. Following which we went to what I assume was a restaurant of historical significance. Quaint and small as the church had been. Probably constructed pre-Revolution. Outer walls merely clapboard.

The cold wind was howling. Blowing right through the clapboards. The head table was situated directly in front of one such wall. Our backs to it. I froze during dinner.

As Bob was driving me back the next morning, I thought I was going to die. I had a first class for real cold! Made a decision. I wanted sun. My plan was to burn the cold out of me. Told Bob to stop at the Boston airport. I was going to head out to a Caribbean island. He thought I was crazy. So did I. But, what the hell.

I had no beach wear. Only winter clothes for a 24 hour trip. I had a credit card, however.

In the airport, there was a booth advertising Club Med. Had never done one. Would not need many clothes, I thought. Why not.

I booked into the Club Med in Martinique. Plane was leaving in one hour. Bought a bathing suit while I was waiting.

Club Med was the perfect choice.

My first day I walked onto the beach. Received the cultural shock of my life! There were about 500 women. Topless! I couldn’t stop laughing.

Within 24 hours, the cold was gone. I felt terrific. Enjoyed the trip immensely. Did several more Club Meds over the years.

Bob and Helen worked for CNA. Both talented. Both ended up in major positions. Bob became Vice-President of CNA’s western division. Helen in charge of all asbestos cases in the U.S.

They retired to Las Vegas. A few years ago, moved to Cape Cod. The last time we were together was pre-COVID when they sailed through Key West. We enjoyed lunch at Louie’s Backyard.

It is good to get old. Better than the alternative as they say. However, we lose track/no longer see those we knew well in our younger day. I knew Bob for years before he even married Helen. I miss the friends of “my youth.”

I am a bit sentimental today. Learned yesterday that a close doctor friend of mine in Utica is dying from cancer. A matter of days. I shed a tear as I mention this. That is the way it is, however.

Bob and Helen, enjoy many more anniversaries! Together!

Bob, do me a favor. Please rerun the photo of the wedding party. I would like to share it with my readers who may never have seen it. I had hair then!

Big sport day yesterday. Football and golf.

Buffalo and New England. Great game. Especially for Buffalo who won decisively. One player on the specials team ran a kick off back twice to score. Once rarely happens. Twice in one game and by the same player, forget it! I hope Damar Hamlin was sedated as he watched the game from his hospital bed.

I was switching the dial back and forth on the TV. Watching the Sentry Tournament of Champions.

The conclusion I never contemplated. John Rahm won. It was impossible. He was 7 strokes behind when he started the day. Colin Morikawa had led for 54 holes. He was 6 strokes ahead of everyone else. He had not had a bogey in 54 holes. No way he was going to lose.

He did. He fell apart. A total collapse.

I could not believe it.

Rahm has been hot recently. He has won 3 of his last 6 starts.

A wild day ahead in the House of Representatives. I’m curious how the Rules get passed and what else will occur.

Brazil had its January 6 yesterday. Fascism on the move world wide. Trump somehow involved. Steve Bannon definitely.

Enjoy your day!






















  1. This is my first time visiting. I love the spontaneity of your decision to stop at the airport and how you ended up in Martinique!
    As I enjoyed reading your blog,I’m writing to say thank you for sharing.

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