Greed is a terrible thing. Eventually bites the ass of the person perpetrating it.

Aesop’s fable The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg tells the story of a married couple who owned a goose that laid a golden egg. One every day. For greed, they decided to kill the goose to obtain all the gold they supposed was inside.

The goose and the one golden egg every day were no more.

Another way of describing the lesson to be learned is that killing the goose was the short sighted destruction of a valuable asset.

It was reported this week that Florida tourism for the first 6 months of this year was the highest ever. Reflected a 5 percent increase. The number of tourists totaled 68.9 million.

Speaking strictly of Key West, the tourism boost is too much. Each year more and more. Those paid to promote Key West do an excellent job. Too good. Too many visiting our tiny island. Traffic horrendous. Parking a major problem. Cost of everything off the wall.

The hotels and motels are getting big bucks. Restaurants and bars likewise. People don’t seem to mind paying. However, the time will come when they will. Sooner than you may think.

And when it does, Key West will have killed its goose.

Tourism has to be controlled.

Greed the order of the day. Make more and more money each year. One problem, however. Our little town cannot handle all these people. In due course visitors will realize it and start vacationing where prices are cheaper and it is easier to get around. Reasonable might be the better word.

The cause once again will have been the greed that permeates Key West’s business community. They are blind to tomorrow.

Duval Street is named for William Pope Duval, the first governor of territorial Florida.

The first person to own Key West was Juan Salas. He received a land grant for the island from the King of Spain. Eventually, the island was sold to 4 persons. Pardon        Greene, John Whitehead, John Fleming and John Simonton. Four major Key West thoroughfares are named after them.

Fleming’s name was not spelled back then as it is today. It’s original spelling was Fleeming.

Dinner at Roostica last night. They have a half broiled organic chicken that is absolutely delicious. Third time I have enjoyed it.

Seems that most, if not all, things Trump does end up having a negative effect. He is not the man who people thought he was when they voted for him.

I would like to say his most recent screw up involved Russia, but I cannot. That which I shall share with you occurred 2 weeks ago. A long time where the Donald is concerned. He has created more problems since.

The 2 weeks ago situation occurred on August 2 when the U.S. formally withdrew from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty it had with Russia. A treaty in existence for at least 50 years.

A smart move when the treaty was entered into. The U.S. and Russia were, if I recall correctly, the only 2 nations possessing nuclear weapons. The U.S. had the upper hand at the time. The U.S. forced Russia into the treaty in order to protect NATO nations in Europe.

Two weeks ago, Trump said he wanted the U.S. to test a new non-nuclear mobile launched cruise missile. That is why he withdrew from the agreement. Russia was not happy.

Last week, Russia conducted its first test since the U.S. walked away from the agreement. Russia tested what is described as a “doomsday weapon.” A missile of unlimited range to best the U.S.’s missile defenses.

One problem. Russia’s test failed. Sort of a high profile hiccup. The nuclear missile exploded. Five scientists  killed. A radiation spike occurred. At the moment, the radiation has reached the northern coast line of Norway.

Trump unilaterally withdraws from a nuclear treaty with Russia. Within 2 weeks Russia tests a new nuclear missile capable of evading U.S. missile defenses and having an unlimited range.

Things move fast in Russia.

Trump probably smiling that Putin screwed up. He should not. The next time or the time thereafter it will work. Then where will the U.S. be? I have not heard of any nuclear tests by the U.S. Probably not yet on U.S. drawing boards.

The President has placed us in jeopardy once more.

China another major Trump screw up. I need not go into the details. His tariff moves with Russia have placed the world on the brink of a major recession, caused U.S. farmers to hurt big time, forced other U.S. industries to suffer. He has really shown that he understands tariff wars, likes tariff wars, and knows how to win tariff wars.

The preceding has nothing to do with what I shall discuss next. However it portrays the mood presently existing between the world’s 2 largest economies and military forces.

China has re-education camps. First established in 2014. If a Chinese person does not accept the government line, the person is sent to a re-education camp. Supposedly to be re-educated.

I do not accept the re-education part. Those sent are primarily Uighur Muslims. There is no time limit. Could be 8 months, 8 years, or forever.

The Muslims are subjected to all kinds of suffering. The women especially. Many  unknowingly sterilized. They receive shots and are unaware what the inoculations are for. If and when they get out, they discover they cannot bear children. The shots did it!

The total number of camp inmates is uncertain. The number anywhere from half a million to 3 million.

The camps are bad enough. What I do not understand is why the sterilization. For many years China operated under the 1 child rule. A couple could not have more than 1 child. If a woman became pregnant with #2, she was subjected to a non consensual abortion.

In 2016, China upped the number of children permitted per couple to 2.

Why then sterilize these women? Because they are Muslim? Because they are incapable of being re-educated? Why?

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  1. “He is not the man who people thought he was when they voted for him”

    He is exactly the deplorable I thought he was when I didn’t vote for him. Enough said, 2020 is ANYONE but Trump.

  2. I think that Trump’s followers must hate their lives and the World in general so they want to drag down the whole lashup by empowering him to do it. This could be called “suicide by Trump”.

  3. The Crypto-fascists in the GOP want to declare Antifa a “terrorist” organization. A while ago Antifa was just a bunch of nerdy liberal “snowflakes” who, it looks like, finally had enough of the neo-nazis and white supremacists and are calling them out in the streets.

  4. China need not worry about sterilizing Muslim women. All thats needed is to allow Planned Parenthood to open facilities and the abortions will solve the problem.

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