The things I learn.

There is a community in the U.S. described as the “whitest city in America.” Portland, Oregon.

Portland has been in the news because of yesterday’s confrontation between liberal and far right groups.

The liberal group are known as Antifa. An Anti-Fascist group. The Rose City Antifa one of its leaders.

The far right several groups combined. The most prominent Proud Boys. Proud Boys and the far right can be described as white nationalists. The Southern Poverty Law Center descries Proud Boys as a general hate group.

There have been 12 confrontations in Portland since 2017. Violence occurred in 2.

Ill feeling runs high. Both sides believe they are doing what is right for America.

The far right groups advertised “Death to Antifa……Bring guns.”

Another cry heard “End Domestic Terrorism!”

Proud Boys is described as an “Organization of Terror.”

Yesterday’s confrontation has been described as the largest national supremacist rally ever. Roughly 500 far rights showed up.

The white supremacist group went to Portland seeking violence. It was their intent to turn Portland into a battleground.

The City and the police were concerned. Concrete barriers were used to separate the 2 groups.

Portland was selected by the far right because it is the whitest city in America. How so? Portland is 77 percent white. Less than 6 percent black.  A fertile recruiting ground for racist hate groups.

The State itself bears initial blame. Oregon envisioned itself as a white utopia. Blacks were banned from residency till 1926. Would you believe?

The police are a significant factor. They support far right groups. The police and Mayor are truly separate and distinct. The Mayor’s office operates in fear of the police.

Now comes Donald Trump. A white nationalist, a bigot. He obviously stands with the far right groups. He blames Antifa for the disturbances. Especially yesterday’s. Trump has threatened to designate Antifa a “terrorist group.” Understandable. Trump stood with the white nationalists in Charlottesville, also.

Trump by his words and actions encouraging white nationalist groups. He is in effect saying…..I stand with you.

The first legal time when Trump can be replaced is the 2020 election. I fear we may not make it. Violent street confrontations will soon be the order of the day. rump is otherwise screwing up our democracy.

My admonition my friends is to not support Trump in anything. Other than a tax cut for the rich, what has he accomplished in 2 1/2 years? Come November 2020, vote for the Democrat candidate for President. Also vote Democratic for the Senate and House. Give the new President the tools to work with.

While tensions were manifesting themselves in Portland, I had a quiet day in Key West. We love everyone!

A manicure with Tammy at 1. Ran some errands. Then home to watch the PGA BMW Tournament.

Round 3. Justin Thomas outdid himself. Shot 61. In 1st place going into the final round today. With a 6 stroke lead!

He played so well. Even had 2 eagles.

A change of pace dinner last night. Crispy duck at La Te Da. Ate at the outside bar. Chatted with the people around me.

Key Westers are community minded. Especially our elected officials. However the new City Commission seems to think they sit in Congress in Washington. They attack the big issues rather than the small mundane ones important to their citizens.

The Commission’s present concern is banning plastic straws. A noble thought. Everyday plastics as a whole should be banned. But not by the Commission of a 27,000 person city.

Several months ago, Key West got into banning sun tan lotions if certain substances were contained in them. Something like to scinetist said this was the case. All others no. The 2 in support of the banning took the position that the sun screens they were concerned with were destroying the reef. The reef is important to Key West.

The Commission’s vote was meaningless. Visitors can bring their own sun screen lotions int o Key West. People can also buy sun screen lotions in communities outside Key West and use them in Key West.

There was a suspicion what Key West was doing was going to spark some sort similar action throughout the country. It has not. Probably won’t. Primarily because the scientific proof to evidence harm does not evidence itself in tests.

Why this tirade?Simple. I believe the Commission should concern itself with problems that directly affect their citizens. Like fixing the streets. Resurfacing, repaving, whatever. The streets are an abomination. Especially in the downtown area. No one seems to do anything about it. Talk, yes. Action, no.

Trump knows he screwed up with the tariffs. Does not know how to extricate himself.

Perhaps blame another. His way. This week he said Europe will have problems next. Next referring to Germany. He did nothing wrong.

German will have problems by sometime next year. If so, a world wide recession guaranteed.

The solution to the recession danger is for Trump to quickly resolve the China tariff dispute, all tariff disputes. Then do whatever necessary to help Germany and other European countries. We are all in this recession thing together. The President should back off from his tariff wars, say maybe I was wrong and do the necessary to save the U.S. and rest of the world from a major recession.

It would work to his advantage come the 2020 election.

The Palestinian grandmother of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib expressed her thoughts re Trump: “May God ruin him.”

I assume Palestinians are of the Islamic faith. Muslims. Trump should beware. The Congresswoman’s grandmother may call a jihad down on Trump.

I have a busy afternoon. Sloan has returned from her Colorado vacation. She is due at 1. We have many things to do.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Straws?? The offshore waters south of here are filled with visible plastic fragments as far down as you can see. We’re screwed.

  2. Fed interest rates are ammo used to try and control inflation with. Trump wants to fire off all of it now in order to rev the economy ahead of the election. That won’t leave anything to work with when that inevitable rainy day comes.

  3. “Come November 2020, vote for the Democrat candidate for President. Also vote Democratic for the Senate and House.”

    Sorry Lou, I will be canceling out your vote and voting Republican, as will all my family and friends. The name calling from the Left is just energizing those of us on the Right. Don’t be surprised if it’s a landslide election for Trump and Republicans.

    As Trump famously said, there are good people on both sides. Try to stop demonizing half the people in this country and the election may turn out differently.

    • Name calling is a great reason to vote for Trump again. I’m sure if dems, who are clearly the only people calling anyone names (other than Trump, every single day) then the next election will surely turn out differently. You out yourself as simple minded with this kind of comment. Sorry if you view that as name calling.

    • You should vote for whoever you want, but no need to constantly justify or brag about it on someone else’s blog.

      Demonizing you is appropriate and justified, if for no other reason than for calling Lou a libtard and other insults. Perhaps you should practice what you preach before constantly snowflaking on Lous blog about your BS feelings.

      You remind me of those in France who supported Hitler, then cried like baby’s after the war about how they were being treated. May you suffer their fate too.

  4. Key west, take a look around. You are way even whiter than Portland! Almost 83% white according to the us census. Lou, how can you live in such a white city!

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