A morning stew day. Did not get my blog out yesterday. Combining yesterday’s notes with today’s. There will be no sequence. I take ’em as they come up.

Hang Trump in effigy? Could happen.The number disliking him growing. When the economy busts, as I believe it will, his popularity level will be zip.

Why start with effigy? Because on this day in 1841, then President John Tyler was hung in effigy on the street in front of the White House.

Tyler was a Whig. His party wanted to re-establish the Bank of the United States. Tyler twice vetoed bills sent to him from Congress which would have permitted it.

Those hanging Tyler in effigy were members of his own Whig Party as well as unhappy citizens.

Chart Room last night.

Mel Fisher’s grandson is in town. Named Mel Fisher after his grandfather. A tall young good looking man. Early 20’s. Pleasant personality. He is working at Mel Fisher’s. Looking for a house to buy.

How proud he must be. Mel Fisher was a well liked man. Everyone was thrilled when he found the Atocha and the treasure it contained. I did not know Mel Fisher. Before my time. However, I suspect his grandson has his granddad’s charm and personality.

Thursday the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that detained migrant children must be provided food, water, soap and toothpaste. The Court said that such “without doubt essential to a child’s safety.”

Trump’s attorneys argued against the children’s position in general. Specifically even said that soap and a tooth brush were not essential to a child’s good health.

How would Trump feel if Barron and his grandchildren had to go without soap, food, water, toothpaste, and a tooth brush? What is the saying…..Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Another comes to mind. The obligation to help those who have less than you.

It has been reported July was the hottest month in 140 years. All the way back to 1880 which was the first year temperatures were recorded.

Climate change responsible? Scientists believe so.

In the past few years, my opinion of Israel’s Netanyahu has spiraled downward. His authoritarianism has become evident. He and Trump are actually birds of a feather. In every regard. Bullies, tough, my way or the highway.

Israel sits all alone among the various Middle East countries that want to annihilate the nation. Fifty year ago, yes. Twenty five years ago, yes. Today, no. Netanyahu has become part and parcel of the Middle East power structure.

He is even in bed with the hierarchy of Saudi Arabia. Hard to believe!

Initially denying Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib to visit/travel through Israel. Stupid! The media says Netanyahu’s actions were Trump motivated.

Trump as President claims his support of Israel by words and deeds. Too much so.

The media claims Trump told Netanyahu not to let the ladies in. I think it was the other way around.

In any event, Israel has gotten too big for its britches. The U.S. should cut back on all the money given to Israel each year. Beginning with the $4 billion no one understands why it is given. Plus the billions of dollars buried in defense budgets intended  for Israel.

Let one thing be clear, I am not anti-Semitic. Never have been. No one can accuse me of it. However the relationship between Netanyahu and Trump and the Republican Party has gone a step too far. Even further than that.

How can Israel bar 2 U.S. Congresspersons from visiting Israel? Their religion should have nothing to do with anything. Even if the good ladies were Satanists, they should be allowed in. With no conditions attached to their visit.

Insanity pfrevails in the White House! Trump wants to buy Greenland!

Why? We don’t need it. Prominent Greenlanders have responded with comments like Greenland “not for sale”…..”…..must be an April Fool’s Day joke.” The best, “We’re open for business, not for sale.”

A buy sometimes can be a good deal. Jefferson’s purchase of the Louisiana Territory for example. Others are not. Greenland is not.

Interestingly, Harry Truman wanted to purchase Greenland in 1946. He was willing to pay $100 million in gold. Why the desire to buy, I do not know.

Prominent economists say a recession is on the way. Next year. Trump’s fault. Some do not agree there will be one.

Peter Schiff is a respected money man. He is affiliated with Euro Pacific Capital. His thoughts. “The trade war is already lost, Trump is doomed…..” People are going to go “ballistic.”

He added, “This is going to be the inflationary recession, there’s no way out and it’s a political disaster for Trump because the recession is going to start before he finishes this term, which means he won’t have a second term.”

The moral of the story! Buy gold!

On August 15, 1969, the Woodstock Musical Festival opened in Bethel, N.Y. More than anticipated arrived. The land became an island of mud. Pot smoking big time. Insufficient toilets. Insufficient tents.

Great music, however. Twenty four hours a day.

As the song goes, those were the days. They were hippies. This was their time to correct the U.S.’s ways. Make the nation more human. Argue against the Vietnam War.

Two prominent Key West musicians were at Woodstock. Hippies back then. Larry Smith and Christine Cordone.

Woodstock should have been a disaster. It was not. Became an icon instead.

The stock market is up and down. Major down slides. Recovery not in the same numbers. One day last week, the market dropped 800 points.

Instability in the market. Reflects an unstable market place. Investors losing faith. Indicates a recession may be on the way. A big one!

All  I can say is: Thank you, Donald Trump.

An insanity exists in this world. It begins in the White House with Donald Trump.

Trump initiated the tariff war with China. By so doing, he is destroying the economies of both countries. Xi sees it. I do not know if Trump does. Trump continues to aggravate the situation.

Hong Kong is giving China a hard time. Trump being the grandiose person he is has offered Xi assistance in resolving China’s problems with Hong Kong.

Got to be crazy! Why would China want the master mind who is screwing up the economy to sit down and try to work things out between China and Hong Kong. Trump, a man who has no respect for agreements. A man who has screwed around with China at every turn.

The man is not stable.

Mitch McConnell is a high ranking government figure. A Republican. Thirty seven years a Senator. Today, Majority Leader. Power and strength his.

McConnell from Kentucky. He runs for reelection in 2020.

A Russian company found it feasible to construct an aluminum plant in Kentucky. A major investment. Would create 1,000  to 1,500 jobs.

The U.S. had certain sanctions imposed on Russia that were causing Russia problems. The story is McConnell arranged for the sanctions to go away. The Company will now build. McConnell a hero to the Russians and Kentuckians.

After the deal came out, it was discovered that Kentucky would be making a major investment in the company. Not the way business is normally done. Kentucky would buy something like $150 million of the company’s stock.

McConnell in the middle of all this.

The deal stinks. Not the way business is usually done.

I have 3 more topics to complete today’s blog. All 3 are lengthy. This blog already too long. I save the 3 for tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


9 comments on “MORNING STEW #17

  1. “Let one thing be clear, I am not anti-Semitic. Never have been”.

    Trump has been hard selling the notion that if you speak out against the shortcoming of Israel you are hateful and/or anti-Semitic. He is doing his best to apply the same nonsense to criticism of the USA by its citizens. Behold the mind of Trump, the mind of a child.

  2. Hey Israel, don’t want our official government representatives visiting your country, then please don’t expect our money anymore.

    Just why has Israel received the largest U.S. foreign asistance since World War II, of any country we give asistance to? More than anyone else.

  3. Since Hillary is quite willing to have anyone murdered if they get in her way, nobody is interested in becoming a threat to her. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear tomorrow that Barr had suicide inflicted on him. She will kill anyone.

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