Key West is a funky town. Properly so. People who live here do so because they enjoy the atmosphere. Tourists, also.

Things get a little out of hand occasionally.

Karl Tanzer aka Count von Cosel worked at the Key West hospital. He fell in love with Elaine Hoya Mesa. The difference in their ages significant He could have been her father.

Elaine was in love with Karl as well.

On this date in 1940, Karl was arrested. Elaine had died. He was heart broken. She was buried in the cemetery. Some time later, Karl removed her body. He took Elaine’s body to his home.

Karl placed her in his bed. They slept together for several years.

Karl was arrested for keeping Elaine’s body in his home.

Because of a technicality, Karl was never convicted of any crime. He was not even tried.

Sickish! Ghoulish! Key West, however!

The Regal Cinema in the Sears Shopping Center took a bad beating in 2017 from Irma. Took forever for the repairs to be completed. Worth waiting for, however. The new Regal was extremely comfortable. Best movie seats I have ever sat in. Tons of leg room. Backwards, forward, up, down. A delight!

Coronavirus is affecting many American industries. One is the movie theater business.

Layoffs/furloughs are substantial when a major business goes down.

Regal Companies has announced it is closing all its theaters in the U.S. on thursday. Five hundred thirty six people will join the ranks of the unemployed.

The numbers keep growing.

Regal announced the closing was “temporary…..we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

It is not the virus alone which is keeping people away. It is the nature of home entertainment. Movies by the thousands are available on TV. Many free. The ticket prices, pop corn and soda became too expensive.

Today a big one in 1927. The first talking movie ever opened. The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson.

Silent movies were dead. Talkies the new kid on the block.

I watched Biden in an MSNBC Town Hall last night. The event outside in Miami.

Biden was outstanding. Presidential. As if he has been training for this job forever. He has. His entire life.

What was most interesting, Biden had a detailed plan worked out to solve any problems raised by the audience. Facts, not bullshit. No yelling either.

Lester Holt could have done better. He was not as bad as Chris Wallace. Not even close. However he did a few followups to  questions asked. I thought his followups stupid. Like he was trying for a “gotcha.” He asked questions about issues that were remote or non existent.

Yesterday, I thought Trump’s illness was a made up one. Today I think it was the steroids affecting his brain. Perhaps both.

Steroids are part of the coronavirus treatment procedure and can make a person off the wall for a period of time.

Trump was so afflicted when he took the ride Sunday and when he returned to the White House last night. Most of his tweets yesterday were way out.

It was reported yesterday and today that son Donald Jr. is concerned about his father’s health. He feels his father is “acting crazy.” The President’s appearance one of desperation. His sick body and mind trying to project strength.

Donald Jr. was alarmed.

He went to Ivanka and Jared. Asked for their cooperation in going to the President and telling him how bad he was doing and to back off.

Ivanka and Jared refused. They had been telling Trump “how great he was doing.”

Donald Jr. said he would not approach his father alone. He needed assistance in telling “Dad” he was acting crazy, the steroids were affecting him, etc.

When Trump arrived at the White House and after he got off the helicopter, he appeared to have difficulty breathing. Especially after he climbed the outside stairs to the Truman porch.

He stood for a good several minutes at the top of the stairs. Breathing appeared difficult. His face was pancaked under a coat of orange powder.

He saluted. I don’t know who he saluted. Great sharp salute. Lasted 23 seconds. His face never moved. Not one muscle.

Instead of immediately going to bed, he waited around. Waiting to make a video of his return. American flags flying.

Trump was jacked up by the steroids. His few words made it obvious. There was a power and excitement in whatever he said.  He could have flown to the moon without a spaceship.


If China, Russia or Iran decided to do something terrible to the U.S., Trump cannot be trusted to handle it. I hope decisions have been made for Pence to take over temporarily in such instance.

CNN viewed Trump’s Sunday joyride and “the next to crazy Monday” as “steroid induced psychosis.”

New York City was a disaster several months ago. Cuomo worked hard at it and the numbers are way down. Although there was a slight increase this past week.

When things were bad, ICU beds reached the point of being unavailable. Regular rooms were turned into ICU rooms. Hospitals and staff were over loaded and over burdened.

As of October 1, New York City hospitals had 19 percent of regular beds empty. In addition, 25 percent of ICU beds were available.

Lets hope none are needed.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight. Nine my time. Guaranteed to be special. Trump alone could eat up the entire half hour.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I too like Biden. He’s a clear thinker and a leader without having to hug the flag to prove it. I think he’ll make a fine president. Thing is Lou, he could be Howdy Doody and still look (and function) better than Trump. And not just Trump right now, but better than Trump since Trump was born. I’ll beet he’s even richer than Trump.

  2. This used to be a good blog until you started adding so much politics to the mix. Biden is as bad as trump and you don’t even see your own hypocrisy. I wish you would go back to writing mainly about Key West and skip the partisan politics,.

    • Jeffery Watson is just a “Gotcha” surrogate for the troll known as Thomas J, who knows that Lou, has always posted politics on his blog. This post is just an effort to create an argument.

      • “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.”

  3. Hi Louis! We’re you able to remain sequestered in your home because some black lady was able to stock the grocery shelves?

    • That appellation was coined by FOX News’ Charles Krauthammer to dismiss anyone who he felt was wrongly criticizing Donald Trump. Thing is, before Trump, Krauthammer used the appellation BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) – for the same dismissal of any criticizsm of George Bush, the previous beloved by FOX news president.

      Seems like you blind Trump supporters are just as lazy as Krauthammer, when it came to defending the president, who ever it is, when ever you didn’t have any other way of explaining your president’s stupid moves.

      LDS – Lazy Defense Syndrome

  4. So it now looks like Trump KNEW he was Covid positive by Tuesday and flew to Cleveland where he did the debate anyhow. plane. full of people and an auditorium full of innocent, trusting people.

    In some places I think that would be considered criminally libel.

    • Yes. The Vanity Fair piece sounds like something written for an emotional scene from a streaming series about the White House. Vanity Fair is known to be a far left publication, and of course the source for the story is not named.

      • Of course it sounds to you “like something written for an emotional scene from a streaming series about the White House.” That’s because everything about the Trump family sounds kike it came out of some cheap, reality TV story.

        You do know that before Trump ran for president, that he was the star of a cheap reality TV series, that eventually ended up on the trash heap, don’t you?

        …and of course the source for your is not named.

    • A source close to The Trump family reported today that Milania gazed from a window in the residence for several minutes. Another unnamed source believes that the First Lady was looking to see if any of the dogwoods were still I’m bloom. A usually reliable source confirmed the report. Film at 11:00.

  5. That’s NOT fake news, Vanity Fair did report that story about Don Jr., and it was written by highly respected Gabriel Sherman.

    Not only that, but so did the “Jerusalem Post,” the “Business Insider,” the “Metro News,” “Yahoo News,” and several other’s as well, including all the main stream media

    Just because you didn’t see it on FOX News doesn’t mean it didn’t happen

  6. And the “highly respected Gabriel Sherman” is unable or unwilling to name a source for his material. My Trash folder is overflowing with stories attributed to “unnamed” or “a source close to… or “a reliable source…”, etc, etc,

    If a writer cannot back up his story with credible named sources, then his work is no better than fiction. I expect writers and sources alike to have the courage to stand up and name names.

    And before you condemn me with some BS about confidentiality or journalistic standards, or fear of retribution, I would point to Bob Woodward. He names his sources, and he is still working.

    • So here YOU go, telling an obvious lie to try and make a false point. Bob Woodward FAMOUSLY did NOT reveal his Watergate sourse, which only became known years later after he died.

      Many things come without divulging sources including almost all of FOX news and your personal posts, The ENTIRE Watergate scandal happened because the source was protected. Almost all whistle blower cases allow for sources NOT to be divulged.

      In the case of most well done (honest) reports, the person writing the report (as with Bob Woodward during Watergate and Gabe Sherman with Vanity Fair), put their reputations at risk and take responsibility for what they report.

      Hannity’s reputation for honesty is about ZERO, which is why he is NEVER trusted for anything he says, same goes for Trump.

      Frankly same goes for you, you’re just trying to obfuscate this because YOU don’t want to believe it and as a political Hack you are trying to dilute the reality of a grave situation.

      • Good grief! What is it you people and your obsession with FOX News, Hannity, and anyone else who appears on the channel? If you don’t watch it, why are you compelled to comment on it? I don’t care what you watch or don’t watch.

        The distinction between daily “news” reports and whistle blower reports are so obvious that I can’t believe you even bring it up. Clearly, they are not the same, and whistle blowers are often protected buy law. And, yes, the Watergate informant was a whistle blower.

        I believe that good reporters are in the same category as good researchers, historians, and even artists. The best of them produce a work, stand behind it, and name the contributors. There is no room left for mischief or deceit.

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