I question Trump’s Covid-19 scenario.

For two reasons.

First, his credibility has been lacking the entire four years in office. Why not lie and misrepresent now. The inconsistencies from the White House, doctors and Trump himself makes one question the legitimacy of the claim he has been infected. Trump’s actions alone in the past 3 days raises the question of legitimacy to its highest level.

Second, Trump is Hollywood at its best in this gambit. The polls indicated he was on his way to being beaten badly. Something needed to be done to turn the tide. Something big, daring and dramatic. He would become a coronavirus victim.

If Trump’s personal Covid-19 lacks legitimacy, it magnifies his recklessness. Raises the question how one so reckless can be depended upon to protect his people. The first charge of a President.

It takes few words to reveal my thoughts and concerns.

Enjoy your day!



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    • ..and apparently without the attending doctor’s permission!

      Dr. James p. Phillips, is quoted as saying (among other things): “The irresponsibility is astounding.”

      Probably that doctor’s last day as an attending physician at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, or maybe even as head of Disaster and Operational Medicine in the Emergency Medicine Department of the George Washington University School of Medicine.

    • Many, indeed most, of the so called “conspiracy theories” about Donald Trump have turned out to be factually true. What the people who believe Obama was NOT born in America think are “conspiracy theories” about Trump, are mostly conjecture, based on the lies and nonsense he constantly spewes and are more an effort to try and figure out the truth. It is his supporters who are quick to try and dispel his dishonesty by calling them “conspiracy theories” similar to the things they make up about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and now Biden and his family. If Donald Trump didn’t make up so much crap, no one would be speculating and those on the right would have nothing to claim is a “conspiracy theories” until proven one way or another.

      Ironic to have some right winger accuse others of “conspiracy theories” isn’t it. Hypocritical too!

      It’s always a game with them, never truth.

      • Ummm. Lots of alphabet soup there, but I didn’t see an opinion on Lou’s current conspiracy theory about Trump possibly faking a COVID-19 illness. Do you buy into this one, or not?

        • I originally considered that this was just another stunt, designed to either jump start his flagging election, of which he has done several times, Including sending federal police into Portland, against the wishes of EVERY responsible authority in the area, and forcibly clearing the park across from the WH to do some Bible therapy. These are only two examples of which claiming to have Covid is mild by comparison. I thank that is a fair azzumption by me, and others, including Lou given Trumps’s propensity to do that sort of thing and lie to the public for all manner or things for years, even before be coming president.

          Since then I’m not so sure, having heard the hospital doctors comments.

          But now I see the hospital and the white house explanations do not jive, and Trump driving around the hood stunt, I’m not so sure again?

          Mostly I think that if YOU think this is all true, because YOU believe the Pizza story about Hilary and have NEVER commented on all those other wacko stuff, including Sandy hook being a fake mazzacre and the moon landing being fake. So, don’t go lecturing me, or anyone else about this until you straighten out your own head in the sand problem.

          • Nah. I believe Trump actually has a case of COVID, although the facts about it have been garbled by just about everybody.

            As for prior theories, I haven’t commented on any here because it’s always a stretch to believe them, and most of them eventually fall apart on their own. The only one that still haunts me is about the Killing of JFK. We may never know the facts in that case.

            • That one was no theory, Kennedy died.

              If there is any question, it has to do with who done it, the part about who shot him and why. Totally different than anything about Clinton’s pizza gate thing or if Obama was born here or Trump’s stunts. There’s no “equivalency” BS with Trump’s stuff. No muddying the waters with that both sides do it BS here.

  1. Lou you have be couped up too long- you are speculating about food shortages, Trump faking covid
    Get out and live a little- but wear a mask

        • Actually I do know who you are and what you are thinking. You are thinking that you are cleaver, and that Lou and the rest of us care what you think.

          I also think that you think it’s OK to take up our time with your opinions about what everybody else should think, or not think.

          Furthermore I think that you should think somewhere else. Do you think I’m right or do you not really think you really know what I’m thinking.

  2. At first I had reasonable suspision that The Donald would fake COVID-19. After all, The Donald will lie about anything he thinks would be to his advantage.

    But when he went into the hospital I was prepared to eat crow. I even posted about it yesterday. (My meal was contingent about The Donald ording up his own crow about his dismissing of COVID-19.)

    However, having seen enough of The Donald’s antics it makes me wonder again if he is trying to fool the American people again. His actions demonstrate either:
    A. He doesn’t care who he endangers (like his Secrete Sercvice detail and others by parading around to wave to his supporters.
    B. He is faking COVID-19 and isn’t endangering others.

    Either way, he is a poor excuse for a human being. Of course, ya’ll already knew that.

    Haven’t You Had Enough?

    • Yes, I agree with you enough. It is looking more and more like it is a stunt of some sort, especially with what he’s saying this afternoon.

    • I haven’t decided if Trump is pulling a fast one with this Covid thing or not, but it sure seems to me there is enough things that don’t add up to at least question it. Besides it’s a little soon to claim that it is one or the other, isn’t it? With Trump you never know, took months for us to know that he new exactly what was going on on with him calling it a Hoax, when in fact he knew all along that it was a serious thing. I remember him shouting “Who Knew?” to anyone would listen.

      I remain skeptical and will wait a while for everything to come out and think everyone else should too. Only a fool would take Trump at his own words. It is the fools who jump in, where angels fear to tread, not the other way around.

      • Whatever you do or do not believe about Trump’s Covad thing, I believe we would all agree that IT got Trump’s very poor performance off the news cycle. I think we all would probably agree that alone looks suspicious and typical of Trump in other past instances.

        If this is just another conspiracy theory it sure seem to have at least some basis in past realities-, doesn’t it?

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