The Bill O’Reilly thing was the talk of the town yesterday. People were upset. Properly so. The Watters’ report was irresponsible and non representative.

The Key West Citizen ran a major article re the problem front page in yesterday’s paper. It turns out the Mayor was interviewed/filmed and pictures taken of typical Key West places of interest. Like an art gallery. Neither the Mayor nor the art gallery appeared in the film.

I spoke with two of the “stars.” Both felt they had been made to look like fools. They each claimed there was more to the interview that the brief comments shown. Their words had been supportive of  Key West. The feeling was that the portion shown represented slanted cherry picking on Watters’ part.

Time to bury Bill O’Reilly’s fifteen seconds in Key West. It is not worthy of further discussion.

Last night was Chart Room time. Peter and I sat at the round table and chatted for two hours. Peter is a smart man. A world traveler. We spoke of many things. I enjoyed my time with him.

Then it was over to Don’s Place. The O’Reilly thing dominated the conversation.

Yesterday morning was my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. WOW! is the only way I can describe the reaction to the Iceland story. Some were shocked. Others believed that in today’s world such could happen.

I squeezed in an hour of private time for Louis in the afternoon. Stopped at Higgs Beach, pulled my old sand chair out of the trunk, and spent an hour on the beach. Taking in the usual beautiful sights…..women running around in two piece bikini/thong type bathing suits. Yes, I am a dirty old man. I like to look!

A very sick turtle was found more than a year ago in the keys. The poor thing had lockjaw and several infections. He was undernourished because he could not eat. The Turtle Hospital has fixed the turtle up. He is being returned to the ocean today at noon. At Higgs Beach behind Salute’s. A huge crowd is expected. I hope to be there. I am plan on taking the grandkids.

Enjoy your day!


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