What Putin is doing to the Ukraine is pure unadulterated carnage. Brutality at its worst.

The free nations must come up with a solution. Soon!

Putin has difficulty keeping his word about anything and everything. The most recent “human corridors” so Ukrainians wishing to leave can move on to a county where there is no war.

Yesterday, Putin agreed to two corridors. Roadways in effect from one city to the borders of other countries. In this instance, Poland. Each corridor had a several hour life. Neither could even make it through the first hour.

The Russians bombarded the corridors, effectively closing them. No notice to those trying to leave. Those moving on to Poland primarily women and children.

This morning, another corridor was agreed to. Certain conditions imposed by Putin and agreed to by the Ukraines did not last one hour either. Putin claiming the “rules” were not being followed.

Yesterday, a humanitarian group attempting to aid Ukraines advised 500,000 Ukraines were without food. Primarily women and children. Starving.

I have not in my lifetime seen a group of people as brave as Ukranians. Yesterday, an unarmed group were walking in mass down a city street. Confronting them were armed Russian soldiers.

The soldiers told them to stop and disperse. They continued on. The soldiers shot into the crowd. The Ukrainians continued. Not one turned and ran.

Initially Putin was attacking Ukrainian military. His attention has been redirected. He is now attacking communities. Bombarding them hopefully into submission. He assumes this will cause them to give up their noble fight.

The man has no mercy. In death, he will sit at the right hand of Hitler.

Movie star Sean Penn was in the Ukraine for a few days this week shooting a documentary.

It was time to leave. He and his group rented a car to drive to the Polish border. He describes the event as a “startling experience.” He said afterwards, “Our soul as America is lost” if we let Ukraine fight alone.

There were miles to travel. Cars and people inching forward. Finally the car line was not moving because of so many people.

Penn and his team abandoned their car on the side of the road and walked miles shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians to the Polish border. The walk was many miles and took hours.

Those on foot were primarily women and children. He observed they had no luggage. Appeared as if they intended to return. Actually there probably was no luggage because the Ukrainians had to move swiftly to save their lives.

Penn made it. He was in the U.S. yesterday.

I suspect Penn will be an advocate for the Ukraine big time from this point forward.

A growing number of Americans are in the process of going to the Ukraine to help in the fight. Presently 16,000 strong and growing.

None have to go. They want to go. Must go.

Reminds me of the Americans before the U.S. entry into World War I who joined the forces of the British and French. And the Americans who joined British forces to fight Hitler before the U.S. got into World War II.

Great Britain forgets the assistance the U.S. provided in the early days of World War II. At a time before the U.S.’ entry into the war.

In addition to Americans joining British forces, there was lend lease.

Boris Johnson fails to recall how people help one another.

When sanctions by the U.S. and certain countries were announced, he came on like Donald Trump with a bravado indicating Britain was going to do its share big time. Turned out the sanctions Britain intended to impose were a step short of nothing.

Now comes who is going to take Ukrainians into their countries. Those escaping Putin’s tyranny. Johnson announced insignificant numbers would be permitted. Based on already existing laws re Ukrainian immigration.

These are unusual times. Existing rules get thrown out the window. Open hearts and generosity become the order of the day.

Discrimination is popping up everywhere. Many seeking to leave the Ukraine are persons of color. Primarily Africans studying in the Ukraine.

They are being harassed on the buses transporting people to the Polish border. They are required to stand and not sit. The seats are for Ukrainian citizens.

When the Polish border is reached, Polish authorities are giving them a hard time as they seek asylum. Paperwork, etc.

A lot of major corporations world wide are socking it to Putin. I do not see how the Russian people can handle the deprivations and hurt such will bring upon them.

The ruble is shot. Worth next to nothing.

Now Visa and Mastercard have announced they are suspending services going in and out of Russia. Imagine, the ruble is no good and now your credit card is no good. Panic has to follow.

Sufficient to bring Putin down?

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Lou, as Americans, it might do us some good to compare, line for line, your description of Putin and Russian aggression into Ukraine with our (American) aggression into Iraq, a decade ago.’

    Start with our exchuse foor going in, to begin with

    • OK, November 2016, I get that,and feel the same way. But why are you as an American mow? Are your sentiments as written in the Atlantic?

      I think much of the world felt (feels) that America is quite the aggressive bully too, Iraq being a perfect example of that. No one disputes that Putin is a bad guy bully. But that was true of Trump. Was it Russia’s obligation to keep him in check?

      …oops, I think maybe you might be right. Putin did keep Trump in check, Syria, Kurds, and a bunch of other places, Putin did just that. The only person keeping Trump in check was Putin. Trump pretty much couldn’t do anything outside of the US without first getting Putin’s approval.

      So maybe we shouldn’t let him (Putin) get away with anything after all. Although that would surely put us into WWIII, given the week position we are in globally, thanks to Trump, Maniafort, the Flynns and others.

  2. He had good reason to think that he could get away with it. Putin has gotten away with quite a lot for nearly 15 years, ever since the Russian war against Georgia in 2008, when George W. Bush was still president. Then he annexed Crimea in 2014 and intervened brutally in Syria in 2015. Each time, in an understandable desire to avoid an escalatory spiral with Russia, the United States held back and tried not to do anything that might provoke Putin.

    ~~The Atlantic

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