The wind and rain two days ago was something. Yesterday some streets remained flooded.  As long as two blocks.

It was more than an average storm. The Key West Citizen reported front page yesterday that 7 inches of rain fell. A lot of rain in a 6 hour period!

I visited Lisa after my tv/internet show. We talked about the previous day’s storm. Jake did not like the rain. Nor the wet grass following the rain. Ties into his dislike for the ocean and my pool, It is obvious Jake is not a water lover. The family tried to give Jake a bath last week. In the tub. He jumped out and ran through the house streaming water and suds behind him.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. I was wound up. There was a lot of interesting material to share.

Two topics were especially well received.

One had to do with the American public being ripped off by the government, drug companies, and big business. The other concerned the Catholic Church and my thoughts as to the areas where the Church was overreaching.

I thought the rip off would make for intersting reading, also. I used the material in writing next week’s KONK Life column.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is You Tubed. Take a look if you have a few minutes. Go to You Tube and enter Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Spent some time at the Plantation Coffee House after the show. Diane running the shop. Read the newspapers while sipping away.

The Chart Room was my first stop last night. Enjoyed Emily, Sheila, Sean and Katherine. Emily was beat from the big crowd in the Chart Room the night before. Sean and Katherine shared parts of their Hawaii trip from which they had just returned.

Everyone in town is talking about Mark Watson’s performance in Deathtrap at the Waterfront Playhouse. Local newspapers are praising his acting.

I like Mark. A fine human being. Besides acting, his Key West efforts  include being a drag queen, singing, and bartending.

Everyone loves Mark! That’s the kind of guy he is.

I am glad I went to see Deathtrap. Mark was superb! The show runs through next week. I recommend you see it.

I am going to a First Communion party at noon. At Sole’s.

My housekeeper Anna’s daughter Julie is making her First Communion.

Congrats to Julie!

I cannot wait to attend the party. Anna is Polish. She told me they will be serving home made perogies. I love perogies!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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