Show time tomorrow! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time. World wide on the internet.

Interesting timely topics. Tomorrow’s will include the German court decision that makes circumsicion before 14 illegal. Religious reasons take a back seat. A decision with earth shaking ramifications. 4 million Muslims and 180,000 Jews presently reside in Germany.

I will discuss the ongoing Penn State saga. My position is enough is enough. People have been fired, punished and convicted. Lets end the mea culpas. The clamor is reaching mob frenzy proportions. Leave Penn State alone. Leave Paterno’s statue in place.

It was announced in the last 24 hours that Syracuse has made its peace with the Big East. It can leave the Big East based on a $7.5 million payment. Syracuse will also be permitted early departure.

$7.5 million! What have college sports become? The answer that comes to mind makes you understand how a Penn State could happen.

Great topics. Join me.

I published another column/blog on Amazon Kindle yesterday: Jailed Prisoners Entitled to Adequate Health Care. The U.S. Supreme Court has mandated better health care for prisoners than most people have. Jailed rapists, robbers and pedophiles receive better medical care than the tax payers who pay the bill.

I walked. In the parking garage again.

Then visted with Lisa a bit. Robert is still off at Miami Childen’s camp for cancer survivors. Ally is going to a daily camp for two weeks. Poor Lisa was all alone.

Last night started once again with the Chart Room.

Emily bartending. She looked terriific! Reminded me of some of the Greek women I saw in Athens and Mykonos. Greek women wear black and tie their hair in a bundle behind their heads. They are slim. Emily was all of these last night.

Sheila was there once more with friends Hemingway Hank and Patricia. I had met the friends the night before. Wrote about them in yesterday’s blog. Hope Hemingway Jack wins the Hemingway Look Alike Contest this year.

Sean and Katherine having a drink. Always glad to see them. They are about one week back from their honeymoon. Both still smiling.

It was steak time. I decided on the bar at Outback. Had a prime rib. No problem. I enjoyed.

Busy day today. I have to finish tomorrow’s show and walk. Need groceries. Publix’s new store opened this morning. I look forward to seeing it.

It amazes me. I find the opening of a new super market exciting. Only since I retired. Never before.

Enjoy your day!

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