The weather is spectacular! 87 degrees yesterday. Not a cloud in the sky yesterday or this morning. No humidity.

The north is suffering. It is cold! Below freezing. I remember those days well.

Tomorrow morning my TV debut. Last week does not count. I was only on for 4 minutes. The audio went dead. I start anew tomorrow.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour will be both televised and available via internet. Scheduled time first. Ten in the morning my time. Comcast Channel 87 for TV viewing throughout the Florida Keys. The internet showing is available world wide.

There will be many United States’ viewers. In addition, people will be watching from 35-40 different countries on the internet.

Interesting topics. It has been a crazy week world wide. Topics will include the fiscal cliff, Los Angeles voting to require porn movie makers with in the City to wear condoms, Bernie Fine avoiding the bullet, an abuse of power story involving a 3 year old, a woman masturbating in a Florida Starbucks, Romney’s claim that Obama bought the election, secession, European demonstrations which have gone unreported, the Battle of Guadalcanal, Birds Eye Peas, Wendy’s, a bad Irish pregnancy/hospital situation, and more.

Join me! I guarantee you will enjoy!

I had a dermatologist visit yesterday. There was a small growth on my back. I wanted it removed. The doctor found 3 other bad things to deal with. All four were cut out. No big deal. A shot of pain killer. A slice. A band aid.

I do not know what it is. In recent years, every time I have a medical procedure, no matter how small, I get tired afterwards. Yesterday was no different. I crashed on the bed for a few hours.

Before getting tired tired, I headed over to Blossoms for lunch. Blossoms first line of business is not sandwiches. It is feed for animals. You sit with large bags of various feeds nearby. Only in Key West!

I had an interesting experience driving home.

When I purchased my Key West home 14 years ago, my island (Key Haven) was loaded with raccoons. Not rabid ones, fortunately. On the maps, my island of Key Haven was and still is listed as Racoon Key. That in and of itself tells you how many raccoons were here.

I have not seen a racoon in several years. Not even one. In their place, I have seen many iguanas. Did the iguanas chase out the raccoons? I do not know. What I do know is that iguanas are a pain in the ass! They are all over, eat your planted flowers and shrubbery, and shit all over the place. If in the pool, the pool has to be drained and cleaned before refilling.

Because of construction, I take side streets to avoid the traffic jams. I was on one of those Key West side streets yesterday. All of a sudden, there was an iguana in the road in front of me. Right in the middle. A big one. About three feet.

I slowed and beeped my horn. I stopped and beeped my horn. The iguana was completely oblivious to me. I finally got out of the car and walked in front of the iguana. About 5 feet away.

The iguana still did not move. I clapped my hands hard. No movement. I moved towards the iguana. Nothing.

I stood there looking at him. The iguana finally looked up at me. Our eyes met. He proceeded forward and walked around me.

I wonder how it will be when the pythons are here in large numbers. One thing is sure,  I will not get out of my car!

Before collapsing into bed, I published an article on Amazon Kindle: Is A Fertilized Egg A Person????? Another way of asking whether life begins at conception. A today political issue dealing with birth control, contraception, and abortion.

There were major demonstrations in Greece, Italy and Portugal yesterday. All about the euro, austerity and Germany. 70,000 persons in Rome alone. Damage and injury.

There has been little reported by our media concerning these demonstrations. Why?

Interestingly, youth make up the majority of protestors. Recent college graduates and persons in the 20-30 age bracket. The group that cannot get jobs. To place the situation in perspective, unemployment in Italy is pushing 35 per cent. Look how hard it is in the Unite States with unemployment hovering around 8 per cent. Keep in mind also that the Egyptian revolution of two years ago was driven by recent college grads who could not find employment.

What am I saying? Trying to say? I am not sure. However, it bothers me that there appears to be a concerted effort to keep the American public unaware of the demonstrations.

Romney’s comments yesterday to the effect that Obama bought the election drives home a point that I understood while the campaigning was going on. Romney just does not get it!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Louis,

    Regarding your subject about a “woman’s right to choose”.

    I’m not referring to situations of rape, incest, catastrophic health problems for the child or mother, etc. I am referring to a “woman’s right to choose” to kill an unborn child simply for convenience

    Perform this simple exercise:
    Ask yourself, would you kill a child right after it comes out of the womb?

    If not,
    would you kill this same child the day before it comes out of the womb?

    If not,
    Would you kill this same child two days before it comes out of the womb?

    You get the point, eventually you may get to a day in which you are comfortable killing this same baby. And that day is creeping ever closer to the point of conception, due to medical advancements in caring for the unborn.

    Currently, the day the baby is born, if that child is unwanted there are social systems in place to care for that child. Eventually, we will develop systems to care for the unborn and all this talk about a “woman’s right to choose” when to kill this child will evaporate.

    This is not a war on women. It’s about people choosing to protect the most innocent of lives. But the media doesn’t cover it that way, they demonize these people.

    Caring for the innocent and downtrodden is what the liberals in this country profess to care the most about. If so, they need to stop hiding behind this phony argument of a “woman’s right to choose” and walk the walk. Own up to what abortion really means and then defend their right to do so.

    • I would agree with Tom IF this nation and all the so-called conservatives advocated a massive SUBSIDIZED adoption system to get these babies a home. We could take billions from say 2-3 aircraft carrier groups to do this and still lead the world in carriers by far. Never happen, people bitch about abortions and try to pin it all on the women and tell her how she should use her body. In ANY other medical procedure it would be Guvment intrusion.

      Look, I believe any sane human HATES abortion and the loose morals that often lead to unwanted pregnancies. But if we are serious about saving these babies we have to have real choices to raise them and put our money where our collective mouths are. What I see is a lot of pontificating without any real world solutions.

  2. Oh Tom. Come on!!!!!!
    Social services to care for the unborn. What the heck does that mean?? You must not be a fiscal conservative. If you were you would understand this cost way more to society than allowing a person to pay for a abortion. Luckily your delusion will never happen. Your parbaric ideas will die out with the old timers like you! And republicans will NEVER be elected with this approach to woman’s rights to simple medical services!!
    And p.s. your crazy.

  3. I’m not taking any side. I’m merely pointing out that choosing abortion has consequences for another human being, other than the woman.

    If you are all for killing this child because it’s cheaper, than by all means, defend your position. Just don’t call it a woman’s choice when it is really more than that.

    Paying for the child to stay alive is another argument. Would you argue that it’s easier to kill old people rather than put their life support expenses on the govt. dole?

    I just don’t like the phony argument. The issue is, is it okay to take a life because it’s more convenient to do so? That is the question.

    • I see your point but let’s take it a few notches higher Tom. I love life, ALL life and I hate abortions and murders especially. If one truly loves life than explain support for our nation using missiles, perhaps nuclear bombs to snuff out say 1, 100, 1000, 100,000 children’s live sin the interest of national defense? A good defensible killing Tom? A couple of pre-schools up in flames in Hiroshima, Iraq or Vietnam A-OK?

      Let’s get off the High Horses, admit the world is messy, full of good and bad and that all we can do is alleviate the suffering by hopefully advocating policies that lessen it and killing. My point on abortion is that women have sex, often stupidly, get pregnant and have no means to deal with the life created. So let’s have policies in place to save that life and give that person a chance as a child.

  4. I was once pro-choice..Todays technology with video has changed my mind.. I’ve watched videos of growing fetus’ and of abortions.. I suggest watching these before you make your decision..
    As for adoption,, if we made it easier here there wouldn’t be folks going abroad and bringing so many kids home with them..

  5. Sorry Meant barbaric.

    Definition of human being:
    a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.
    human being in other
    Source Oxford dictionaries

    You’ve got no augment till at least a month when heart beat starts. It still doesn’t qualify as a human being by definition with out the woman’s consent till much later. Yes. We live in America and are free to utilize simple medical science. Women have the choice to use it or not…..not you!

    Iv got a better idea! We should make it law to sterilize any man who gets a woman pregnant with out her consent to be impregnated.
    I also believe the ailing elderly should be able to make choices about their life.
    And get ready for legalization of gay marriage and pot.

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