Big day yesterday for the Malcom family!

Son in law Corey made the newspaper big time. The Key West Citizen ran a major story on Corey . Front page and all of the back page. Two pictures of Corey. One on each page. Both of him under the water doing what he does. Searching for slave ships.

Corey and  a Mel Fisher team were sent to the Bahamas to search for a specific sunken slave ship. They found it!

Corey knows his business. One does not just go out and say lets dive here. There are months of research involved. Studying old maps and reading anything in writing that speaks of the ship sought. Corey did it all. The work proved fruitful. He and the team discovered the sunken vessel.

The grandkids had a big day yesterday, also. Robert and Ally went to the Symphony. All Key West school kids probably went.

Montessori spent time the past couple of weeks explaining to the students what a symphony was, what would be heard, etc. Robert and Ally were advised that the Symphony was a dress up event. Both insisted on wearing  their best.

Ally was beautiful in a new dress and long stockings.

Robert wore a tie, long pants, and real shoes. He insisted on the tie, long pants, and real shoes. The pants he had. Lisa and Corey had to buy him for real shoes. Brother Cameron provided an old snap on tie.

Lisa posted a picture of them on Facebook yesterday. They looked terrific!

Lisa said when they returned home, they were all excited. Especially because the Star Wars theme was played.

I spent some time at the TV studio getting ready for today’s show. Jenna and Crystal a big help. Crystal is the engineer.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is on air this morning. Live on TV and the internet. Comcast Channel 87 throughout the Florida Keys. Via the internet world wide. Ten my time.

Watch and enjoy! Interesting topics!

After the TV studio visit, I headed over to Lisa’s. A couple of the biopsy wounds are on my back. They had to be cleaned and covered with some kind of anti-bacterial stuff. I could not reach them. Lisa had to do it for me.

I took care of Lisa once. Now she takes care of me.

I was a bit lazy this week. Did not have all my show material put together. I did it yesterday afternoon and last night. Meant I could not make bocce. No time. I was sorry to miss. We were playing Larry’s team. We are all friends. It would have been ball busting fun!

That is it for this morning. Again, please join me for the show at 10. The first topic alone will cause a reaction in you. Either tears or shocking disbelief or both.

Enjoy your day!


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