I am a retired lawyer. I know that of which I speak.

The morning paper reports the Florida Legislature is considering cutting two County Judges and one Circuit Judge that represent the Key West area. Fight the move! Once lost, you will never get them back. Additionally, your attorney fees will rise because your attorney will have to travel farther in many instances to wherever the judge is sitting. Time is money. You also need local jurists, not strangers to the area to adjudicate your problems. Local judges know what is going on much better than a stranger to the area and its problems. Time is another factor. Cases will take longer to be reached.

Again I repeat, fight the move!

I question where our local State representatives stand in this fight. It seems that every time something of consequence affecting the Key West area is before the State Legislature, Key West loses. Tallahassee seems to think Key Westers don’t understand Key West problems. They treat us like children in making decisions.

Idalia yesterday’s news. A thing of the past fortunately.

The Keys Citizen reports Idalia never got closer than 175 miles. Still had an impact on us. Very minimally, however. Some flooding. Waves were breaking over parts of the sea wall on South Roosevelt Boulevard requiring certain parts of the Boulevard to be closed. Otherwise, we came through ok.

We cannot rest on our laurels, however. The hurricane season has 2 months remaining. Hurricane experts advise more storms can be expected. Especially because of the overheated ocean and gulf waters.

Believe it! Key West experienced an ice famine in 1902. It was relieved by a ship arriving from Maine with 900 tons of ice. The amount effectively ended the ice famine. The ice was sold for $ .75 per one hundred pounds.

There was a time when cigar production in Key West was huge. In the month of August 1922, Key West cigar factories produced 5,233,012 cigars.

Sally Rand, who invented the fan dance, died this day in 1974. She was 75. She had lived in Key West during the late 1940s and early 1950s. I knew her in the early 1960s in New York.

A Miami real estate group has purchased the Walgreens building on Duval Street. Formerly the Strand Theater. Purchase price $5.2 million.

DeSantis is one tough guy. So he thinks.

He issued a warning re Idalia and pillaging: “You loot, we shot.”

Bravo! The man is letting us know how tough he is. He appeared to justify his position by mentioning that the parts of Florida affected by the hurricane had a lot of 2nd Amendment supporters.

Sounded like an invitation to shoot. Similar to Trump inviting insurrectionists to follow him on January 6. DeSantis’ mouth failed him again. If any killings occur, whether by citizen or police officer, the assailant will consider it justified because the Governor intimated it was the right thing to do.

Giuliani lied and will now pay a severe penalty in the defamation case. His lies are catching up with him. As are Trump’s. It is taking time. In the end, all who lied, etc., will pay the Piper by way of money and/or jail time.

Syracuse/Colgate saturday at 4. Available on ESPN.

Syracuse should win. A top division team. Colgate lesser status wise. Does not always work that way, however. Supposed to be a warm up for Syracuse.

In recent years, Syracuse has lost some of these warm up games against teams of purported lesser quality. Hope it does not happen again  saturday.

This is the 68th meeting on the football field between these two schools. I can recall in my early years in grammar and high school, my Father taking me to Syracuse to watch the Syracuse/Colgate games. There was no Dome back in those days. An outdoor field. What I recall the most was when it rained. Actually poured. Ending up soaking wet and sliding in the mud.

Those were the days! They were!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Republicans are openly hellbent on reducing Judges, everywhere, and Florida is a bright red Republican state, hellbent on doing stupid things. Reducing judges is high on both Republican and Stupid lists.

    Fight the move.

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