First, a Marathon chicken. Then, Key West chickens.

Forty three year old Nicholas Chew was having an argument in Marathon with his girl friend. Some chickens nearby were clamoring away. The noise was aggravating him. He kicked one of the chickens.

The chicken was hobbling on one leg and having trouble breathing. His girl friend called the police. Chew was arrested for animal cruelty.

The chicken was taken to the Marathon Animal Hospital. Diagnosis 4 broken ribs.

A witness to the kicking said Chew kicked the chicken like a football player would kick a field goal.

The Key West wild chicken population is becoming a problem again. The City says too many of them.

The City blames tourists. They feed the chickens. The chickens smart. They know a great home when they see it!

The City says the chickens are bigger as a result.

The tourist food is not required to keep the chickens full. They love bugs and there are enough bugs in Key West to accommodate their gastronomical needs.

Key West works at limiting the chicken population. Since 2009, 15,000 chickens have been captured and relocated to the mainland. Nevertheless, the number continues to grow.

A contributing factor is the rooster’s sex drive. Phenomenal! Whenever you hear a rooster cock a doodle do, he is not trying wake you up. They cock a doodle do all day.

Rather it is their way of telling the hens they want sex. Watch when you her the rooster’s call nearby. The hen(s) immediately run the other way.

My recollection is the gestation period is 29 days. A lot of sex means a lot of new baby chicks.

I don’t particularly like the chickens. They are dirty, disease ridden, in the way, and the roosters too noisy.

However, they are here to stay whether I like it or not!

Jimmy Buffett’s first studio recording in 7 years is out. “Life On The Flip Side.”

Typical Jimmy Buffett. Brings sunshine into darkness. The recording has been described as “equal parts of seduction and absurdity.”

Key West reopens monday June 1.

Covid-19 has been kept in control in the Keys. There has been a slight rise since U.S. 1 has reopened and certain activities in Key West also. The new numbers for the entire Keys are 107 cases, 4 deaths. Key West has the highest numbers of cases. Forty one. No Key West deaths.

Once Key West opens June 1, the hordes will come. As a result, 4-6 weeks later the coronavirus numbers will show a significant increase.

Unfortunately, we have to learn the hard way.

The world’s most prolific tweeter has been taken to task. Tweet announced yesterday Trump will be “fact checked.” About time! He has used Tweet to lie thousands of times.

Two situations gave rise to Tweet finally doing the right thing.

The first Trump’s continued condemnation of California’s moving towards a written ballot also. Fraudulent cried Trump. Elections will be rigged!

Not true. Trump knows it, the people know it, and Tweet knows it.

The second problem arose friday. Trump in effect suggested Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe fame might have been involved in a 2001 murder and there has been a conspiracy to hide the fact.

Lisa Klausutis was a female staffer in Scarborough’s then Congressional office in Washington. She fell, banged her head and died. Scarborough not even in the office at the time.

Nineteen years later, Trump is trying to make something out of nothing.

The young lady’s family has become involved. Her widower husband contacted Tweet’s CEO and ask him to delete the baseless conspiracy theory. Trump’s conspiracy accusation was disrupting the family.

Trump does not seem to care. He spoke later yesterday and rementioned it. Also said the matter should be investigated as there was no statue of limitations.

France has banned hydroxychloroquine as a cure for coronavirus.

Although there has been no formal banning in the U.S., I was under the impression that American hospitals  had abandoned the use of the drug also.

It has.

Not in a Virginia Veterans’ Hospital, however. Still being used as a treatment for coronavirus. Why? Does Trump being President have anything to do with it?

Brazil President Bolsonaro and Trump are both cut from the same bolt of cloth. Authoritarian. Know everything.

Bolsonaro has begun the destruction of the Amazon. Slaughters the forest. Lumber can be sold. The raw land mined for minerals.

A move Trump would make.

The two are on the same wavelength when it comes to coronavirus. Non-believers. Bolsonaro even worse than Trump.

As result, the virus has taken hold in Brazil. Cases number 391,000. Deaths 24, 512. The rise a recent surge.

Testing and masks a big problem. Not available.

Bolanaros keeps telling the people the virus is no problem. Sound familiar?

A Brazilian think tank official said, “If he stays in power, more people will die.”

There is talk the people may overthrow him.

Coronavirus has affected living creatures other than humans in one fashion or another.

In the U.S., city rats have gone “cannibalistic.” Restaurants are closed. A primary source of food. Rats solved the problem by warring in groups. The winning team eating the losing team.

The rats have graduated. They now eat their young, their children.

The CDC warns rats are becoming aggressive in their search for new food sources and humans should be aware and careful.

It is clear 20 year old May Johnson has a bot friend. I have wondered who. Could it be Everest. He apparently in living and working in the Miami area. The two have been writing to each other.

Enough for now.

Enjoy your day!

14 comments on “KEY WEST CHICKENS

  1. Trump is sounding more and more like a dictator, more and more using Hitler’s technique of the “the big lie”. He believes that if you repeat the same thing over and over it will become the truth, no matter how false it is.

    • Well, he (Trump) seems to have pretty good success with people believing his lies. Just look at Lou’s blog responses by that guy “Sandy Feet!” he believes and then amplifies Trumps lies without even waiting for Trump to repeat it more than once. Trump’s no problem without his blind soldiers helping him spread his lies.

        • I’ve seen many of your posts fact checked, seems you are always wrong. Would you lie about that too? Hard to ever read one of your posts without seeing a lie of some sort, usually a stupid lie.

  2. Watch for the chicken sh– on the streets of KW.
    The highly pathogenic influenza A virus subtype H5N1 is an emerging avian influenza virus that is causing global concern as a potential pandemic threat. It is often referred to simply as “bird flu” or “avian influenza”, even though it is only one of many subtypes. The mortality rate for humans is 50 to 60%. Do not kick the birds as you may get some blow back cloud and the virus. That is why we have adopted the tourist slogan of ” Take a bird home with you”

  3. But as the Governor like to say before open the beaches ” wait for the science”. Well the science is in quite a wile ago and bird flu can go through the air and it is no secret.A study published in 2012 in Science Magazine reported on research findings that allowed for the airborne transmission of H5N1 in laboratory ferrets. The study identified the 5 mutations necessary for the virus to become airborne and immediately sparked controversy over the ethical implications of making such potentially dangerous information available to the general public. The study was allowed to remain available in its entirety, though it remains a controversial topic within the scientific community. Maybe just maybe the bat flu was just a small scale test with a not killer but as comp aired to the bird flu. Who knows what is going on in those biological warfare labs in Wuhan China. So sorry for the bad news Inez. Hope I am wrongSteve.

    • Sandy, you are EVERYTHING that is wrong with the current right wing in this country. You are dishonest AND pathetic.

      • do the science. Just look up both in the research journals.
        That is all Watson and Crick did for DNA. No lab work.

  4. A while ago I read in the Citizen that a virus can ride through the air on a dust particle. Kind of makes the usual six foot safety distance arbitrary and questionable.

    • That’s why masks minimize virus transmissions and you receiving them. There are reasons you don’t want to be around people who won’t wear masks – those people are virtual launch pads.

      Social distancing is not enough by itself, masks are the other part.

  5. Duh – I read somewhere that if you believe anything Trump says or tweets, then you are 37.7% more likely to die of stupidity.

    Well Duh

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