100,000 PLUS

Coronavirus finally made it. One hunded thousand plus deaths in the United States alone!

Nothing to be proud of. Very possible, no, probable, the number would not have been reached had Trump accepted the virus was a fact and moved swiftly.

It is amazing how swiftly coronavirus moved. Less than 100 dead March 1. In 3 months time, 100,000.

We mourn. The entire Nation. Except perhaps Trump and some of his cohorts. The Nation heard no words of grief as were expressed by Biden yesterday. No words in any fashion. The man lacks empathy. He does not care for that which he should. No matter what he may think, life is more important than the economy.

Large white refrigerated trucks still stand on some streets of New York. Filled with up to 100 dead bodies. Waiting for funeral home and crematorium personnel to become available to care for their remains.

The trucks are referred to as “morgue trucks.” People passing by know what they are. Cabs not attached. Merely the trailer sitting by the curb. The whirring sound of air conditioning can be heard. The green light shining to identify the trailer’s cargo.

While life has ended for those inside the trailers, life goes on outside. New York City on the move. Vehicles, pedestrians, kids playing, etc.

Not callousness. Merely what is.

A personal observation. Things are bad now. They will get worse on occasion. Life will return without the virus at some point. Recovery will not be over night, however. It will take longer for things to get better than it did for them to get bad.

Life at that point will not be the same. The country will have gone through an excruciating mind boggling experience. Yesterday’s normal will be no more.

I cannot tell you what it will be. We all have to wait and see.

Bad things seem to have a repetitive life. Not precisely the same. The same nevertheless.

Take for example 2 major epidemics in 100 years. The 1918 flu and 2020 coronavirus.

Some similarities.

At the beginning of each, some countries failed to reveal the problem or minimized the numbers of those affected.

World War I was on going. Nations involved kept quiet about this flu thing that was causing the people to become sick and die. Even the U.S.

The flu situation was a very close kept secret. More so than Covid-19.

When news of the flu epidemic broke, nations blamed each other as having caused the problem.

The flu was a greater scourge. It infected one third of the world population. In 2 years, 50 million people died.

Trump acted in a similar fashion. He first denied. Then lied about the numbers. Blamed another country as having been the cause.

Trump’s twisted mind and tongue  became evident once again with this conspiracy thing regarding Scarborough and a female staff member that died in Scarborough’s Congressional office in 2001.

The insinuation an affair between the young lady and Scarborough and Scarborough having somehow been involved in her death.

A few days ago, Trump lied in a tweet or two concerning the situation. He lied about something 19 years old and never an issue. The accusation an affair and a murder not true.

Trump has 80 million tweet followers. Most if not all read the accusation. It spread like wildfire into the media.

The young lady was Lisa Klausutis.

Her husband wrote to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey. Quotes from his e-mail tell the story.

“Please delete these tweets. My wife deserves better.”

“I’m asking you to intervene in this instance because the President of the United States has taken something that does not belong to him and perverted it for perceived political gain.”

Lisa’s husband also spelled out the cause of her death: She had an “undiagnosed heart condition, fell and hit her head on her desk at work.”

An old axiom comes to mind regarding a lie and how swiftly one can do damage: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while truth is still getting its shoes on.”

Donald is the Master of the Lie.

United and Silver Airlines are suspending service to Key West till at least September 30. Perhaps even longer. The reason given passenger decline because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is believed the necessary signatures on 3 petitions to limit the number and size of cruise ships has been achieved. The referendum will appear on the November ballot.

The student loan debt is $1.68 trillion. A big portion is not being repaid. The debt remaining static. Covid-19 making it worse.

A second storm reached hurricane status. Ergo, received a name. Bertha.

Bertha not a problem for the Keys. It made landfall in South Carolina. A tropical storm. Winds and flooding.

Bertha hit “fast and furious.” Took only 2 hours to hit after it was determined to be a problem.

I finally figured out who May Jonson’s love is. Everest. The man presently working in Miami.

May preferred to him in her diary of this date in 1896. She received a letter from “…..my darling Everest.”

I suspected Miguel was her love. She was often out and about with him in Key West. They frequently danced together at La Brisa.

This is day 78 of my self-quarantine. I am beginning to think I would like to get out.

Enjoy your day!






17 comments on “100,000 PLUS

  1. Lou, if you do go out, be smart. Wear a mask and don’t go anywhere people are in numbers. That’s where you are most vulnerable. Also, be prepared for aggressive driving, that’s become a much bigger problem then when you last were around.

  2. Day 78 of your self-quarantine. For real? You haven’t been off your property to go to the market? I would think you could take a short ride in your car alone. No need to stop and visit with anyone…just break up the boredom somewhat.

    • Groceries, etc. delivered. Car battery probably dead. I was spending 6-8 hours a day reading and writing. Increased it to roughly 10 hours a day. A couple of old movies on TV and my day was full. Also discovered skype and Facebook where I chat sometimes up to 2 hours with friends. It works. And…..what choice did I have?

  3. Don’t go out Louis. The streets are paved with corpses. And bodies are piled high alongside stuffed freezer trucks.

  4. And if the father of the child, RED CHINA, admitted to the virus.
    I was speaking to a client of ours last week. He and his wife were to meet their son during the month of December
    For their annual vacation. The sun has been working in China for 7+ years and they meet some were in the world each year for a family vacation. But this year he was very sick and the Drs. in China did not have an answer He did get better and they had their get to gather in Spain during Jan. Also it has been documented that there was a flue like illness going around Ca. in December. The bug had escaped from the Bio weapons lab. Blame it on CHINA not Trump.

    • More incomprehensible nonsense from this guy Sandy Feet who is more interested in butting into Lou’s blog than actually saying anything useful or for that matter truthful.

      Just TRYING to be annoying!

  5. Food for thought:
    Hong Kong flu 1968-69 No shut down
    World wide deaths 1 million
    U.S. deaths 100,000

    Covid 19 deaths 2020 Total shutdown
    world wide deaths 356,000
    U.S. Covid 19 dead: 102,000
    35,000 (10% of worldwide total)just in New York and New Jersey

  6. At my age catching cov19 is almost a death sentence. You youngsters can afford to go out and flirt with it.

    • …and TV is always right? Why don’t you go back to watching Sesame Street until your mother comes home. We’ve had enough of your cheap random misleading and crazy posts.

  7. The bird flue of a few years back struck the young , not the old.
    And 1 in 2 died, 50% die. And it is one of the bugs the war lab in China is studying. Maybe we are also? The last time it was here it was not aerosolized. But it has been since.

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