The bad guys of the old South ride again! No white face coverings or robes. Proud of the wrongdoing being perpetrated.

I have a constant fear as to where these right wing protests are going. Where will the protests end? Is death required? Especially a dramatic one?

Andy Beshear is the Democratic Governor of Kentucky.

A right wing group is active in Kentucky. Protesters. Avowed keepers of the American way. Whatever that means.

The group is the Right Wing Anti-Protesters. The name itself confusing.

They hung Governor Beshear in effigy Sunday. From a tree in front of the Governor’s mansion. The protest had begun downtown and then a group marched to the Governor’s mansion. Yelling and carrying signs: “Take Back Kentucky!”

There was a sign on the effigy containing a message: “Sic semper tyrannis.” Latin for “thus always to tyrants.” The significance of the words is that they are claimed to have been said by John Wilkes Booth following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

What next? Protests have a way of moving forward. Some could take them a step too far. Will a group tar and feather an elected oficial they disagree with? Then ride him out of town on a rail or mule as in the Old West.

If they get that far, the next step certainly is to hang for real the elected official. Perhaps do so without even tarring and feathering him.

What if the Governor is a woman? I doubt it would make any difference.

There is another alternative. Just shoot the elected official. Don’t screw around with preliminaries.

Trump bears a good share of responsibility for what is going on. He has been disregarding even his own “guidelines.” Those protesting were crazies even before Trump’s election. Now however they have a leader who thinks as they do. They’ve gone public. They remind me of bugs coming out of the woodwork.

Key West is actually a small town. Out of season around 28,000 residents.

Key West is a very patriotic community. People respond to just about everything. From helping neighbors following a hurricane to understanding and respecting the American flag. I sometime think Key West is 50-100 years behind the rest of the country.

An example are the some of those killed when the USS Maine exploded in Havana harbor in 1898. A goodly number are buried in a special section of the cemetery. The community their relatives. The community keeping the grave site neat and tidy.

Guy de Boer ran in a photo yesterday in KONK Life E-Blast of a portion of the Maine section. The American flag neatly placed before each head stone. Two Key West natives walking among the head stones: Two Key West chickens, a rooster and a hen.

We ARE more than one human family!

No one wants to listen. Even in Key West over the holiday weekend.

People were out and about. Distancing forgotten. Bars removed stools. Made no difference to customers who stood shoulder to shoulder.

And Key West has not yet opened to tourists! They arrive beginning June 1.

Most of the “warnings” were “irresponsibly and dangerously” ignored.

My concern is 4-6 weeks from now. The Keys has done well so far. The County Commission passed some tough local laws. However the Commission and Governor are starting to lift them.

Things will get worse. Our good record eliminated. Many more sick. More will die. So far only 3 or 4 deaths in the Keys.

While I am at it, I think Fantasy Fest should be cancelled. It is scheduled at the same time as the anticipated second wave.

Sixty to eighty thousand  persons in Key West the night of the parade. Money winning out over lives. Key West itself will take a beating health wise in the weeks following Fantasy Fest.

Wuhan did not reach its testing goal for its 11 million citizens in 10 days. Turned out to be 6.5 million in 9 days.

Still, a hell of an accomplishment.

Wuhan had initially been hard hit by coronavirus. It beat the virus! Went 30 days with no new cases. Then 2 weeks ago, 6 new cases in one day.

Wuhan did not hesitate. They set up the ambitious program to examine the 11 million in 10 days.

Wuhan says it has enough. The 6.5 million tested revealed 198 asymptomatic cases. People carrying the virus who have not been made ill by it.

Testing in the U.S. has been a failure. Trump is responsible. I will not waste your time setting forth the details. I have in the past. The media has, also. We all know the story.

The U.S. has not at any time met the numbers that Wuhan has demonstrated. Last Friday, Wuhan tested 1.47 million persons. The best one day testing in the U.S. was 416,183.

I find the following amazing. Trump speaks and Biden goes up in the polls.

A short trip back in time. Only to this past February.

Recall Trump saying, “It will all be over in a few days.” A reflection of Trump’s acute powers of prognostication.

It’s hurricane time! A threat every year. This season could be a bad one. The federal hurricane bureau predicts a bad season. The warning does not concern me. They have not always been correct. Hurricanes predicted. None arrived. Hurricanes not predicted. Several arrived.

What bothers me at the moment is the 2 “Arthurs” and Saturday night’s warning that a hurricane was forming and there was a 20 percent chance it would hit the Keys. Guess it did not form. No mention of it this morning.

The 2 “Arthurs” never became a Keys problem.

Nevertheless it is a long way to November 30, the end of the hurricane season.

Hurricanes don’t seem to understand stop and go. Hurricanes have struck after the November 30 date.

I wrote yesterday re the first bad hurricane of modern record keeping times. The hurricane of 1835.

Since hurricane season is around the corner, I did some research. The second “bad” hurricane occurred in October 1846. Over a period of 3 days: 9, 10 and 11.

The October 1846 hurricane was described by those alive at the time as worse than the 1835 one.

Hurricanes back then were described as “cyclones.” Sometimes “hurricanes,” but generally “cyclones.”

The 1846 one was labeled a “severe one.”

Halley’s comet was involved. It passed  over during the hurricane. Many believed the comet aided or created the hurricane. Poppycock or for real? I don’t know.

A resident wrote: It was “the most destructive of any that had ever visited these latitudes within the memory of man.”

Saturday 10/9 brought light squalls of wind and rain which increased during the night.

By Sunday 10/10, the wind was blowing fiercely and the rain was generally constant. Sunday night turned into a “very severe gale.” Note that in addition to cyclone, the term “gale” was also used in describing hurricanes.

Monday 10/11 the storm reached its greatest force. The storm had an “intensity” and blew from the north east. “Trees uprooted, fences blown down, and houses unroofed.”

All families living in Key West north west of Eaton Street abandoned their homes and sought refuge on higher parts of the island in the neighborhood of Southern and Simonton Streets which were thickly wooded.

The light house was washed away. Seven lives lost as the light house was carried away.

I could not find actual number of lives lost.

The residence of William Curry was located at the corner of Caroline and William Street. It was washed from its pillars and floated to sea. The mansion carried with it an “old colored servant” whose body was never recovered.

The storm left. People went to work immediately to overcome their misfortunes. When the sun rose Tuesday morning, people were at work recovering. They asked no outside help.

Colonel Maloney said: “They did not stop to shed tears over their misfortunes. The sun rose… behold active limbs and stout hearts cleaning the ground of the debris…..the waning moon of the next night shone up the bright hammer of the mechanic as he drove firmly home the nails in the reconstruction of their homes and business homes.”

Trees blown down were replanted.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Always interesting. Has to be with Trump around.

Join me for a quick paced half hour. I rant and rave.

Nine my time.

Enjoy your day!













  1. It’s hurricane time! A threat every year. This season could be a bad one. The federal hurricane bureau predicts a bad season. The warning does not concern me. They have not always been correct. Hurricanes predicted. None arrived. Hurricanes not predicted. Several arrived.

    Right again –every thing the Government tell you is not correct. Maybe there will not be a second coming of the virus. Maybe the pols about Trump are wrong he is going to win! Maybe the government in Wuhan will get the testing right. They got it wrong the last time. Or maybe their BIO WEPPONS LAB got it correct and developed a virus which knocks out America

    • More garbage from Sandy Feet who is always spouting nonsense, apparently just so that he can then complain that his voice is not allowed.

  2. Lou, Those mid 1800’s storms could have not been that bad. We all know that a warm atmosphere is needed to drive a big storm. And we all know that the earth is warming, you know that. Globe Warming is killing us and has been increasing since the industrial revolution (1850’s)So if Global Warring is increasing and the earth’s heat has been going up, why hasn’t the last few hurricanes then why haven’t the last few hurricanes grown worse each time since 1850’s?
    If global warming is getting worse. and hurricanes are bigger with more energy then why are they all bigger than Andrew? But they are not, So Global Warming is false. More governor lises

    • Truth is he has abused his privilege and soiled his welcome, with constant lies and and forfeited his respect with his racism and disrespect for Lou and his readers, time and time again.

      No wonder no one ever even reads his posts anymore.

      • you read it, you commented on it or did you did you not read it and just lied again. OHF. It is just science; just like fighting the virus using science.

  3. If you like to read, check out “Isaac’s Storm” about the 1900 hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas. Called the deadliest American hurricane with 6k-12k dead. It was a doosey.

  4. These days people won’t clean anything up after a hurricane until the insurance adjuster has come and gone, however long that may be.

  5. Here’s a small footnote to Lou’s mention of the phrase “Sic semper tyrannis” which is connected to the deaths of Lincoln and Caesar. The official seal and flag of the state of Virginia both show a woman with one breast exposed standing over the body of a tyrant that she has killed. Beneath the violent image is the phrase “Sic semper tyrannis”. The emblem was adopted in 1912. I wonder what Virginians were thinking back then.

    • Perhaps the early Virginia big wigs thought “Sic semper tyrannis” was clever, they were Virginians even back then, you know, always impressed with themselves. Are you from Virginia John Gault? You seem like you are pretty impressed with yourself!

      • Thanks for your insight and perspective on my simple comment. Very helpful. I’m impressed with anyone who has an interest in history and American folklore. Apparently, that’s not you.

  6. Trump is not a Republican and not a Democrat.
    The battle is between The ONE WORLD PARTY, the GLOBLIST–those who want one government and in a big world party there will be enough job to take care of a lot of small time politicians and those who want Nation States as we now have. The US, DHINA, JAPAN, CANADA all individual working to gether One big UN government with one big WHO, One big supreme (co-rt )world court. No need for war, every thing will be settled by political power. Just look at the difference between XI and Trump Look at the two different governing styles. I will take FREEDOM But I know what you like the world style the Key West style. Raise the parking fee to 4/hr. giving the extra cash to the elite islanders as a tax relief and folks on Big Carpet pay the higher parking rate, part of which goes to the yes men in the Island City. I am not a Globalist, I should not be paying for the taxes of the Island elite.

  7. Sandy just loves to rant doesn’t he? Never makes sense and doesn’t care who he offends, sad really, even if he is isn’t rational or honest. Hell he doesn’t even bother to try and make sense anymore.

    • Just for you:
      Technically, H5N1 is a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus. It’s deadly to most birds. And it’s deadly to humans and to other mammals that catch the virus from birds. Since the first human case in 1997, H5N1 has killed nearly 60% of the people who have been infected.
      The kill rates are higher than the current bug but we did not shut down our lives back then. That is why Nancy is still chairman.
      ho, if you can’t think you will not make sense so you should not try.

  8. France has Banned Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, where as here in America we have the VA giving it to our sick veterans.

  9. Governor Cuomo did order infected patients to be put in nursing homes rather than the javits center or navy hospital ship. Cuomo needs to be held responsible for that.

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