For six months I have been advising my thoughts re why everyone was fighting in Syria. The oil!

We never heard “oil” till the past 2 weeks. Trump made us distinctly aware. He pulled all U.S. troops out of Syria. A week later sends them back in. Purpose: To protect the oilfields. The same oil fields that Russia, Iran and Syria want.

Trump follows up by saying he intends “keeping the oil.”

A new low.

Keeping the oil is a war crime. Called “pillaging.” Another word for theft.

Thievery during war constitutes a war crime. Banned by Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the 1907 Hague Laws and Customs of War on Land. It is also considered illegal under the U.S. Federal Code.

There is no question exploitation of natural resources such as oil is prohibited.

Trump has a mercenary reason to keep the oil. He said, “We want to keep the oil. $45 million a month? Keep the oil!”

Trump taints the soul of America. Never before in U.S. history has any American President become involved in such thievery.

Election time in some states yesterday. Results interesting. Do not make Trump look good.

Kentucky. Elected a Democratic governor. Close vote. By 5,000. A 4 percent victory. The significance is that Kentucky is a deep red state.

Additionally, Trump flew to Kentucky monday night to push the Republican candidacy. Trump presumed he would help. He carried Kentucky by 30 points in 2016.

He failed.

Pence was even thrown into the race. Last week he participated in a bus tour with the Republican candidate.

Trump considered a Kentucky Republican win would be a win for him. He said, “Vote for me.” Not vote for the Republican candidate. He also said, “If you lose, they’re going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest. You can’t let that happen to me.”

They did.

Virginia. The vote for both legislative Houses. The Democrats won both. The Governor a Democrat. The Dems now control Virginia, a previously deep red state. The first time in years. Like winning a trifecta.

Mississippi. Remained Republican.

Trump attended a rally in Mississippi friday night. He intimated a close race. Claimed he was in Mississippi to “move the numbers from a tie to a big win.”

The Republicans won. Congratulations, Donald! A red state remained red.

Leave it to Trump to screw up. Sometimes inadvertently, others intentionally.

Since 1990, all Presidents have recognized the month of November as a time to recognize Native American Heritage. Trump opted to change the purpose of the month. He kept Native Americans on board. However, he added Founders Month. One to celebrate America’s founding fathers.

I thought they already received a ton of recognition during July and other times of the year.

Native Americans are upset. Seriously so.

In the background lurk Jennifer and Jack London. Founders of the National American History and Friends Month Organization headquartered n Virginia. They are Trump supporters and made significant contributions to his candidacy.

Another reason may stand silently in the background. Native Americans are people of color. Trump does not like people of color. He killed 2 birds with one stone by adding Founders to November. Satisfied a couple who support him and give an adverse shot to Native Americans at the same time.

Could we have expected less from our President?

This day in history one of exceptional importance. Two major events occurred.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President. In 1917, the Bolsheviks revolted in Russia by bombing the Winter Palace in Petrograd.

Last night Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I shared with those listening the Harry Truman beard story reported in yesterday’s blog. I felt Truman’s “every day man” should be known to everyone. Not a stiff. A person you would enjoy having a beer with.

Doctor visit at 1. Dr. McIvor. My heart doctor. Follow up to the chest pains I experienced over the weekend.

College basketball officially begins tonight for Syracuse and me. Syracuse plays Virginia at 9 at the Carrier Dome. Virginia was #1 in the country last year. Favored tonight by 4.5 points.

Should be an interesting season. I think this is Boeheim’s last year. This year or next. If this year, I hope it is his finest. A man loved and respected.

Enjoy your day!


    • Actually, Trump’s PR firm (FOX News) was allover the place trying to spin that issue as Russia wanting Syria so as to have proper access to the Mediterranean, and many regressives actually bought into that idiocy. Including at least one on this website.

  1. Trump says his base would vote for him even if he shot somebody on 5th Avenue.
    Swing voters say that he had better have a good reason.

    • At least that would be more honest (and tolerable) than the outright cheating with voter repressions they’ve doing for the past 250 years

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