June 6, 1944 was a dark ominous day on the beaches of northern France. The precise location, Normandy.

Allied troops landed on the beaches. One hundred seventy six thousand. Accompanied by 14,000 aircraft. The invasion of Europe had begun.

Ships involved constituted the largest armada ever. The largest amphibious military operation in history.

June 6 is considered by many as the most important day of the 20th century. The first step on the road to Germany. To a victory of good over evil.

Americans fought side by side with Canadians, British, and French. Among the same people Trump is defecating on today.

The admonishment to keep enemies close does not mean disregarding friends.

Were it not that today is D-Day, the lead topic would have been: I LOST 41 POUNDS! Wow. Took 7 months and 1 week.

I have been stuck at 38 pounds for a month. Previously, I have gone 2-3 weeks without losing a pound. Then 3-4 in one day. The scale does not lie. Today, the elusive 3 pounds.

Tuesdays generally a stay at home day. My podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is in the evening. I spend the afternoon fine tuning the show. So it was yesterday.

Two topics especially interested me as I thought they would those listening. The turmoil of 1968 and Bayer buying Monsanto.

Nineteen sixty eight found Robert  Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. being killed. The Vietnam War was at it speak. Ripping our Nation. Riots in the streets. Johnson opted not to run for a second elected term. The Vietnam War would have made his reelection impossible.

Monsanto not the best of companies. Its pesticide Round Up and certain of its products grown unhealthy. Monsanto opposed world wide. While the U.S. was welcoming and protecting Monsanto with legislation, many countries were throwing them out. Even Russia. Putin told them to go do their thing in the U.S. who apparently did not care if its people were killed.

The news this week is that Bayer is buying Monsanto. The closing tomorrow. Bayer has advised the name Monsanto will never be used or uttered by it. Also that certain of Monsanto products would be reevaluated for safety.

We shall see.

What have we become? Who are we? Presently, 11,000 children taken from their parents by immigration authorities. To temporary detention and then something a bit better. Too many, however. No where enough places to send them. Not even enough beds and blankets to comfort them.

Children involved run from babies to teenagers.

Attorney General Sessions is pleased. His plan. To discourage people from attempting to enter the U.S. Even those trying to enter legally.

The program cruel. Appears the children are being caused to suffer because of the sins of their parents. Trying to find a better life for themselves and their children.

Sessions has 3 children, 10 grandchildren. How would he and his wife have felt if his 3 children were taken away when young. Or, any of their 10 grandchildren today under authority of some asinine stupid mandate.

Paul Butler had a right on article in today’s Vanity Fair. Its title: “The Policing of Black Americans Is Racial Harassment Funded By The State.”

Many things bother me. Most difficult to understand. Today’s involves Trump/Putin and war with Russia.

Trump said yesterday he speaks regularly with Putin by phone. Sounds like the two are buddies. Everything kumbaya.

Yesterday, Secretary of Defense Mattis advised NATO to prepare for a Russian attack with planes, ships and troops.

A happy recollection. On this day in 1933, the first drive in movie opened. Called a Park-In Theater at the time.

Drive ins enjoyed their hey day in the late 1950’s into the mid 1960’s.

Drive ins during high school and college were a good place to neck. Loved it! Half the parking area were teenagers and young adults kissing.

As the young people got older, they became parents. The drive in still a good place to go. Young Moms and Dads had an evening out. The kids in the back seat with pillows and blankets sleeping. Parents in the front seat. Watching the movie, not necking.

So it was.

Enjoy your day!



12 comments on “JUNE 6, 1944…..MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN THE 20TH CENTURY

  1. I have a small stone on my kitchen window sill that a friend brought me from Omaha Beach while on vacation in Normandy. I look at it every day while thinking that it was laying there on D Day.

  2. Keep taking the easy way out and pouring Roundup on your weeds while seeking the perfect yard. Could that have something to do with our dead canals?

  3. Russia has kind of a compact, economy sized military with lots of nukes, unlike America which has a sprawling, Worldwide military empire with lots of nukes.

  4. A couple of things caught me in your writing today:

    First, I usually don’t promote my blog here, but today my blog was devoted to your lead topic… 6 June 1944. So here’s the link if you are interested.


    The second thing is about drive-ins. I’m one of those that spent as much of my high school week-end evenings making out at the drive-in. Early on it was trying to get laid… but without success. But then it finally happened at the drive-in. I suspect a lot of folks from the 60s & 70s got laid for the first time at the drive-in. Oh… and I should mention… about a year later I married her and had 5 kids.

    The last piece is that after we were married with kids, we went to the drive-in with a station-wagon with the kids in the back. But once the kids finally fell asleep, we didn’t always watch the rest of the movie. How do you think we ended up with 5 kids?

    • Well done! Loved it! Your blog story re June 6. How your children were conceived interesting. We had 4. Don’t think the drive in played a part in any of them. The one I recall was we were at a convention in the Poconos. No TV. Wife and I looked at each other knowingly. It happened.

  5. Immigration laws were made by congress. Laws need to be enforced. If the law is wrong or bad then congress needs to change it. The picture of detained children shown was from 2010. This has been going on for quite some time.

    • Congress changing the immigration laws would only then rob them of some very powerful election arguments. Better they should look the other way and keep the economy humming, that change the laws and have nothing to run on.

  6. Monsanto. I’ll be surprised if Bayer does any more than just change the name of Round-up and will continue to produce and market it.

    Glyphosate [ round-up, rodeo, pondmaster, etc ] has been used for over 40 years and is one of the most dangerous chemicals ever made. It is being looked at for the increase in Autism, Alzheimers and certain cancers. It appears it is dangerous as Dioxin [ agents, such as white, brown, orange etc.]. Traces of it are being found in food supplies.

    • And those stupid liberals have been trying to get it banned from the beginning. Thankfully they have only recently gotten the government to admit using agent orange in SE Asia.

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