My yesterday was nothing. My back continued to control my life. I did get out briefly. One of my heart pill bottles was empty. Drove to Walgreen. Getting in and out of the car a very painful experience. Decided to have lunch in the area. A cheeseburger at 5 Guys.

The rest of the day was spent at home. Even skipped bocce. Later in the evening, my back seemed to be getting better. I think it is. Slept well. The pain now comes and goes. I have been up two hours this morning and no pain till ten minutes ago. Then it hit! I am breathless as I write.

Spoke with Keith this morning. We won the first game, lost the next two.

Joan Rivers is gone. Sad. I enjoyed her comedy. She and Don Rickles were and are two of my favorites. I never met Rivers. However as most people, I saw her live several times across the country.

One of those times was 20 years ago. I was spending a weekend at the Jersey shore home of my cousins John and Lois Ernst. Lois said Rivers was appearing at the New Jersey amphitheater on the Garden State Parkway. Lets go!

We had no tickets. It was 3 in the afternoon.

No problem.

Joan Rivers and my cousin Lois met in the mid 1950’s in New York City. When both were struggling kids just out of college. They were buddies with several other young ladies who were trying to make it also. They met daily at a place either in New York’s East Side or the Village.

Both made it. Cousin Lois became the biggest ad person in New York. For more than 30 years, her advertising agency was it.

Five hours later, I was sitting in the eighth row first seat on the middle aisle. I was impressed!

Rivers initially sought to become a serious actress. In the late 1950s, she appeared in a short run of the play Driftwood. Rivers played a lesbian who had a crush on another unknown. Barbara Streisand.

Key West has its own Joan Rivers. Randy Roberts! The best of the best! Drag Queen and impersonator. Randy has been doing Joan Rivers for more than 20 years. Tastefully. He is Joan! Randy continues to appear several nights a week upstairs at La Te Da. A show worth seeing.

As a final note, I want to talk about apples. The ones you buy in the supermarket. The big beautiful red ones.

A couple of months ago, I shared a little experiment I had performed. Six months earlier I purchased some apples at Publix. I took one and left it in the refrigerator fruit bin for six months. Then took it out, cut it up and ate it. It was as if the apple had been purchased that day. Firm. White inside. Tasty. Juicy. Still bright red. I said at the time it must be those super duper chemicals they shoot into the seeds. GMOs.

The apple struck a chord. Several people told me I was crazy. The apple would have grown soft and discolor, probably not be edible.

I read an article on the internet yesterday relative to apples. It said that in 50 supermarket chains in the U.S., the apples we buy are 14 months or older.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Apples. I’ve spent 40 years raising antique apple varieties as a hobby. The shelf life depends greatly on the variety, but/and, the majority have good shelf lives if kept properly.

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