Jimmy Buffett in a Boston hospital. It was discovered Buffett had a medical condition that required his immediate hospitalization. No further information available, other than a weekend concert has been canceled.

Another shark attack. This one in Marathon. A 20 year old Miami-Dade man hospitalized following an attack while spearfishing.

The incident occurred at 3 pm yesterday. The man was helicoptered from the Seven Mile Bridge to to the Jackson South Medical Center in Miami.

Further details unavailable.

A major celebration this evening! A big deal! Monroe County is 200 years old. Its birthday being celebrated tonight at 7 pm at the Seven Mile Bridge. Promised to be “an unforgettable event.”

Sunset is at 8:05 pm. At that instant, a toast will be made acknowledging the celebration.

My computer ineptness just exhibited itself. Thought I had the photo of Jack Baron’s last painting in place. Went to move it 2 lines and lost it! Can’t find it. Will have to wait till Sloan returns from Costa Rica to share it with you.

Kissing. Even in my old age, I enjoy a kiss or two. More, if available.

Scientists reported they found evidence humans began kissing around 4,500 years ago – 1,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Clay tablets suggest kissing was practiced in the earliest Mesopotamian societies. They are also now attributing the spread of cold sores beginning with kissing that far back.

Good job, DeSantis! Not every governor can claim he blew a new $1 billion business from locating in his home state.

A lesson to be learned: Micky Mouse is not afraid of you Ronald!

One of the worst governors is Texas Governor Abbott. What a track record he has developed!

In this morning’s Washington Post, columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. had much to write about Abbott: “Abbott is auditioning for bully in chief…..If Texas were shaped like a boot, Abbott would be the heel…..Abbott is one of the most horrible elected officials in the country…..A favorite of the National Rifle Association…..Texas could be the massacre capital of America…..Mass shootings in Texas include Fort Hood      in 2009 and 2014, Dallas in 2016, El Paso in 2019, and Uvalde in 2022.”

The last sentence of the article reads: “The only things that endure are decency and character…..Abbott doesn’t have an ounce of either.”

I am uncomfortable with the debt ceiling negotiations. Know very little about what is going on. However, do not trust House Republicans. Find it difficult to believe they are dealing in good faith.

I had great difficulty getting free PGA on TV yesterday. Infrequently available.

Something going on?

Have to move fast this morning. Be nice to Louis time ahead. A manicure and pedicure.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I think I would agree with you about Abbot being the dumbest governor we’ve ever had here in Texas. That’s no mean feat, considering he followed Rick Perry and before that George Bush. You have to be really dumb to get elected governor here in Texas.

    Now Florida, that’s a different story. In Florida you have to be stupid AND mean to get elected. Think what that says about the people in Florida that elect Governors.

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