My apologies. No blog today. Busy day ahead. I am up at 3:30 intending to do the blog. Too tired. Going back to bed.

Robert graduates from Montessori at 10. I have a funeral service to attend at 1.

Meeting Greg Daniels, running into David at the Chart Room, and the homeless man who hung himself from a rail on Cow Key Bridge will have to wait till tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

16 comments on “BUSY DAY AHEAD

  1. The unemployment rate fell to an 18-year low of 3.8% in May and employers steadily added jobs, signs of enduring strength for the labor market.

    Black unemployment fell sharply to a NEW RECORD LOW of 5.9% , beating out the previous record low of 6.6% set a month earlier.

    –Courtesy of President Trump

  2. Yep, unemployment rates are low, I seem to remember that the black rate is the lowest its ever been. Our economy is growing, but, my info comes from Fox, so, I’m sure it’ll be called suspect.

  3. I believe those figures come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so they are probably accurate. But that’s the same place they came from during the Obama years when you an FOX used to frequently dismiss them as “rigged” every time they looked even slightly good. What’s changed your mind – or are you just troll gloating? But I think it would be probably smart to look at the larger picture, things like that consumer spending is a lousy 1% increase, or that workers wages are consistently stagnant. How about the fact that Trumps irresponsible tax cut bill recently enacted and was supposed to help employees bigly, is now reported as only having given employees about 1% increases, none of this even keeping up with inflation. The economy’s growth has flattened, gas prices have skyrocketed and the stock market has had significant and depressing losses for quite some time now. Real experts on the subject are now beginning to express some concerns about what they are calling not so good signs and urging people to be cautious about any runaway enthusiasm. But then I’m sure FOX news is telling you otherwise and not to worry. That’s what the workers at the Carrier company in Indianapolis were told, and the Ford workers were told and too the people at Harley Davidsons in Kansas were told. But then maybe they can find work in the fast food industry who are doing so much of the hiring that is keeping the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers so good. But look at it this way, you can always deny you spiked the ball if things don’t turn out so good. I’m worried because you are usually wrong about so much and I’d prefer that the economy stay pretty good and that people like you can continue to come down here and enjoy us taking some of your pension dollars.

  4. Everyone knows that the rise of the economy began early in the Obama years, even those who credit Trump who is just along for the ride. The best you can say about Trump and the economy is that he hasn’t screwed it up yet. But it’s early in his term and he might yet find a way.

  5. Well at least I’m glad to see there is something you like. Just let me know the next time you get all happy and drizzly while taking some of my ‘pension dollars’. I’m happy to please and ‘spread the wealth’.

    • I am so glad that you are so glad – and – so poetic! Can you come down this afternoon? Pleased be we!

  6. The Kim and Nobel Trump talks probably won’t amount to much, but it would be nice if the two Koreas could move toward normalized relations on their own. Kim has to gamble that such a development will not weaken his own hold on the North to the extent that he ends up living in Switzerland.

    • What ever do come of any talks, our supreme leader will make into glorious headlines and I’m sure he’ll get this Patrick guy to write it all up on Lou’s Key west blog!

    • Switzerland? No way!

      I think Kim has eyes on moving into the Noriega Trump Tower in Panama. Frankly I think if Trump can talk him into that, well he would deserve the Nobel Prize

  7. I do think Trump and Kim will come to some sort of deal, but only because Trump is scared to death it might not happen and HE will look like an even bigger fool.

    Donald Trump canceled the talks a few weeks ago because he’d made a mess of everything and needed to get out of the spotlight, thinking the optics would look good if he did. Turns out he was wrong about that and decided he now needs to go back and salvage everything before Kim with Moon Jae-in and Xi Jinping make the deal with out him. Which by the way, looks like they are about to. Trump wants the credit and will probably do what ever it takes to get it to look like it’s him and not the rest of the world that’s actually working to do so.

    Look at the facts. Kim has been to China at least twice recently to work on it with Xi. Kim and Moon of South Korea have met several times this year alone working on it. Trump has done nothing, apart from threats that he’ll wipe them off the face of the earth, a dubious path to peace, not really seen since Hitler’s rants nearly a century ago. All these people want peace in the region, mostly for economic reasons, not because Trump (or anyone else) is likely to “wipe them off the face of the earth.” Peace means money, Trump likes money and so does China. Trump will make a deal with Kim, but it won’t go anywhere until China and South Korea approve and are on board. Look for a lousy deal from Trump and a pretty good deal for Kim, also look for Trump (and at least Patrick) to claim total personal victory! (if Putin says it’s OK)

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