Japan has stopped COVID dead in its tracks. Japan’s death rate is 5 percent that of the U.S.

COVID deaths in Japan are 18,000. Fourteen out of every 100,000 persons. Whereas, the number of deaths in the U.S. has just passed 800,000. Works out to 242 of every 100,000 persons.

Last week, Japan averaged 113 new infections a day. The U.S., 120,000 per day.

Three reasons. A vaccine rollout was a success, masks wearing considered a good idea by the people, and social restrictions at large gatherings were followed.

Nothing new. Vaccines, masks and be careful at large gatherings. Same game plan as in U.S. Except the Japanese people listened to their leaders.

Smart ass types as in the U.S. non existent.

There is presently a surge world wide. Predicted to get even greater. Most taken sick are infected with the Omicron and Delta variants.

Japan’s population is 126 million. Eighty percent of of its people are vaccinated. Includes even children 5 years old and up. The U.S. has just reached 60 percent. Sixty percent out of well over 3 million persons.

Vaccination the #1 weapon and preventive weapon. Wake up America. Those fighting vaccines and mask wearing are dangerous to themselves and others. The U.S. will never be even close to controlling COVID unless dissenting Americans get off their high horses and pay attention to the experts.

More COVID news.

Cornell University has closed its doors. Only offices and some labs remain open.

The recent surge hit Cornell big time. More than 900 students afflicted in a very short period of time.

Note Cornell is located in upstate New York. The New York area presently impacted by the surge. My hometown Utica an hour or so driving time away. Utica has been hit. Hospitals short of beds and medical staff.

A contributing factor is the cold. Upstate New York is a freezer this time of the year. Snow and very very low temperatures. COVID thrives in cold weather.

Cornell opted to close down just before final exams. Final will be taken from home online.

There is an oddity to the Cornell situation. The student population was overwhelmingly vaccinated, including booster shots.

The attacking virus are of the Omicron and Delta variants.

Cornel reports those afflicted with the Omicron variant are not significantly ill. Something we have been reading about in locations where Omicron has previously struck.

Key West’s cigar business booming in 1899.

In the week ending 12/6/1899, 14 cigar companies shipped a total of 1,042,500 cigars.

My blog has a significant Filipino following. I wish to report on a religious holiday. A Catholic one. Simbang Gabi.

Simbang Gabi is a joyous yearly celebration. A nine day Advent novena. This year it begins tomorrow 12/16 and runs through 12/24.

Catholic Churches are lit with parol, a star shaped lantern. Parol originated in the Philippines and resembles the Star of Bethlehem.

Novena services are filled with tempo vibrant music.

Simbang Gabi began in 1668. Spanish missionaries from Mexico introduced Filipinos to the religious service as part of the evangelization of the Philippines.

Services were held pre-dawn so fishermen could finish their work day and farmers who were beginning could attend.

Today Simbang Gabi services continue to be held in the early morning. Today’s Filipinos walking through the pre-dawn darkness to attend Simbang Gabi.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog re the horrendous tornados that hit 6 States. I zeroed in especially on Mayfield, Kentucky. Little left of the community.

I acknowledged my lack of tornado knowledge indicating I might err in some instances.

I did err. Not badly. One or two mistakes.

Let me correct myself.

Hurricanes are classified in categories. Tornados  by the Fujita Scale. The Scale runs from F1 to F5. F5 being the fastest moving.

Some weather experts suggest there should be an F6 because of the increased velocity of tornados. So far, the move has not been accepted.

An F5 represents wind speeds from 261-318 mph. A hell of a lot faster than a category 5 hurricane which is 150 mph.

Hurricane wind speed is measured as it passes over an area. Not tornados.

Tornados are not measured till some time after a tornado passes. Why I could not figure out. A lot of tornado info out there.

I wrote about Mayfield, Andrea Mitchell and a Professor Michael Mann.

Andrea had Professor Mann on her show monday. Mann is a Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State. He is recognized as one of the world’s premier tornado experts.

Mayfield’s speed has been “projected” by Mann at 300 mph. A guess at this time.  Others have measured it from 165 mph to some number in excess of 300.

Mann suggested a 300 mph tornado would wipe a town out. Mayfield was wiped out. He further advised that a 300 mph tornado would throw debris in the air to 35,000 feet. Note 35,000 feet is where commercial airplanes travel.

I have covered/corrected my yesterday errors and repeated some information from yesterday’s blog. Mea culpa.

Enjoy your day!



  1. That area of upstate New York is also a VERY right wing Proud Boys area. Plenty of deniers and otherwise foolish types. There’s a reason it’s known as Appalachia North.

  2. I’ve finally got this all figured out. What started as “flatten the curve” has turned into vaccine mandates, flip flops, and so much hypocrisy. But here’s it boiled down…the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected, but even the protected are now less protected because the protection declines. So as the protection declines, the pre-protected must get new protection again to be fully protected against both the partially protected and the unprotected who declined all protection. But nonetheless, the protection does nothing to really stop the spread, BUT, we will require people in some states to prove that they’ve been protected.

    • MisMiash bull sh*t that makes no sense, even it it was factually correct, which it is not.

      It is also very wrong and nothing more than yet another attempted denial for something you are trying to insist is all just a hoax.

      Nor is is cute or clever

      This needs to be left to adults and not child like provocateurs

      • Andy, this dude nailed it. Get over your alarmism. The truth is the truth, as told by the truth tellers who have been telling truth for listeners of the truth, especially of those who are truth tellers. But the problem with the truth is its when its truthfully told by those who do not try to confuse… truthfully.

        • But this dude did NOT tell the truth and you ane NOT telling the truth about that dude or yourself.

          Thinking yo are clever, is NOT the truth either

          Furthermore thinking you have this all figured out is far from the truth and just a figment of your self indulgent mind.

          Get over yourself !

    • Well, I agree with Andy, your adolescent anti vaccine post is irresponsible and about as useful as a heart attack.

      Posting garbage and then trying to be cute about it is just wrong. What the hell is the matter with you? Andy is not the trouble here, you are!

    • I read in KeysNews wher ein Florida, as in most other states, deaths from Covid recently have been over 75% with those people who have NOT been vaccinated. That seems to me to prove your little rant about vaccines not working just plain stupid wrong in about every way.

      I think you are just trolling and definitely NOT funny.

  3. Hey Lou, as you state, vaccines and “mask wearing” are the #1 prevention of the spread of Covid. I’m sure you have been been vaccinated and have also had whatever boosters you are eligible to get. Lou, while not required in florida, are you still wearing a mask in public and in restaurants as is required of fully vaccinated in blue states? I

  4. The 2 shots of Pfizer offer a 30% effectiveness against Omicron. Boy, that’ll surely eliminate this virus. It’s supposed to reduce the virus’s effect though.

  5. Stop twisting the facts, or if you don’t know what you are talking about, stop posting.

    Two Pfizer shots taken a year ago are also NOW not effective with the original (or any) Civid Virus.

    However NO shots at all are ZERO effective, no matter what.

    But we all know you are not here to tell the truth or be helpful, so why don’t you just stop the crap and go to a MAGA rally and eat some horse paste.

      • What is with you right wing wackos who never seem to post under your own name. You publish garbage, misrepresentations and outright lies, then when you are called out for it, you smear that person with a deragoraty name (often misspelled), instead of admitting you are wrong, and got caught. Stop with the obvious stupid political spins, calm down and take another horse pill.

        And more than 19 people died.

    • ‘Zero effective’
      Can you not read or comprehend ?
      Read what was actually stated, not what you thought was stated, two different things.

      • What is with you right wing wackos who never seem to post under your own name. You publish garbage, misrepresentations and outright lies, then when you are called out for it, you smear that person with a deragoraty name (often misspelled), instead of admitting you are wrong, and got caught. Stop with the obvious stupid political spins, calm down and take another horse pill.

        And more than 19 people died.

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