The weekend set of tornados over Kentucky and several other states have been an education for me.

Andrea Mitchell on her noon time show yesterday had an interesting guest. A professor from Penn State. An expert weatherman. An expert on tornados.

His interview an education.

He said the tornados that ripped through Mayfield, Kentucky had speeds up to 300 mph. Wild! A category 5 hurricane is 150 miles an hour. Both do serious damage.

The professor also said a 300 mph hour tornado shoots debris skyward to 35,000 feet. That’s where commercial airlines fly!

Hurricane speeds are labeled by “categories. Tornados, different. Appear to be labeled with “EF-B.” I think. Still trying to get my hands around tornados.

The National Weather Service categorized Mayfield as an EF-B, 136-165 mph.

As far as I can determine, no one sure yet as to the actual speed of the tornados at whatever point.

I saw a category 5 hurricane in 1992 three weeks after Andrew hit Homestead. The town leveled. Flat. An infrequent occasional wall left standing. I have seen the damage wrought by Irma, a category 4. Some buildings/walls left standing. Not much, however.

Mayfield is not totally flattened. Not a pancake, though close. Walls and roofs partially remaining on some buildings.

I am not sure whether Mayfield 300 or 150 mph. Merely sharing with you the little information and knowledge I have acquired.

It seems to me that once 150 mph is reached, whether 150 or 300 mph makes no difference. The damage is the same.

Winter time up north. Means turtles there being cold stunned.

Cape Cod an example.

Cold stunned turtles cannot survive.

Twenty cold stunned turtles were flown from Boston to Marathon’s Turtle Hospital. With a stopover at the New England Aquarium in Boston to prepare them for the trip.

The turtles are Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. The most critically endangered species of turtles in the world.

They were flown from Boston to Marathon courtesy of Turtles Fly Too.

Treatment over the next several months will consist of broad spectrum antibiotics, fluids, vitamins and a healthy diet. The turtles will reside in 75 degree F. tanks of water.

Custom House in the news.

The contract for the construction of the Custom House was awarded this day in 1888. The structure was completed at a cost of $107,955.96. The building was first occupied in the later part of 1891.

Mark Meadows does not appear very bright. Either he’s stupid, or his attorney, or both.

The more Meadows talks, the more he buries himself.

Paul Krugman in a today’s New York Times article re the failure to yet raise the debt ceiling wrote in How Saboteurs Took Over The GOP: “One of America’s two major political parties (Republican) isn’t just refusing to help the nation deal with its problems; it’s actually working to make the country ungovernable.”

Today one of the saddest in American history. The Sandy Hook massacre occurred this day in 2012. Twenty first graders and six teachers were shot to death.

Tuesday comes around swiftly each week. Tuesday evening my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Join me at 9 my time. An interesting week to talk about. The show itself a quick moving half hour.

Enjoy your day!


      • Did you not read the poster, just not comprehend it ? I think the latter. He clearly stated he was interested in learning about tornado’s.

          • The OP clearly showed an interest in Tornado’s which was acknowledged the following day. The response regarding the Fujita scale was clear, just because you couldn’t understand it,,,,,,,

  1. You probably believe the same as Paul Krugman. We are however $29 trillion in debt. Our great great grandkids will be paying our debts.

    • Yeah, four years of Trump spending like a drunken sailor. No kidding our grand kids will be paying our debts. We can of course reverse that if we just remove those tax cuts we gave the rich. Maybe they should help pay down the debt for a change, instead of that falling on future generations.

  2. Agreed, but with the problem going on for decades, Why would Trump have made is so much worse giving away so much income to help with that debt, then raising the debt limit 5 different times with ought any restraints and no measures whatso ever to do anything about it?

    Yet you now want to make it an issue, without even mentioning any of it, even now giving him (Trump) cover?

  3. The GOP: “One of America’s two major political parties (Republican) isn’t just refusing to help the nation deal with its problems; it’s actually working to make the country ungovernable.”

    Did it start with McConnell’s declaration to make President Obama a one term president, instead of working with him to make the country better? Is this the new standard for American politics?

  4. Trumpism is a kind of sickness. Who, in there right mind, gives any politician a golden pazz like they gave Trump. So many lies, his failure to deliver on his “better than ObamaCare, day one”, and so much more. A con man, with a willing audience.

  5. America loves its guns, it is part of our identity. It is on par with God, glory and freedom.
    I am not necessarily anti-second Amendment, or anti any Amendment for that matter, but the times have certainly changed and the debate will continue. We tend to get into ruts in the USA, as the world changing around us and others evolve.

    Perhaps one day, two thing will happen in America, a shift to a more European/Worldly take on firearms AND the system of measurement– although it is a long shot for both.

    • I kind of wonder if people would be interested in guns, if they weren’t so “naughty.”

      Once guns are so plentiful, anybody can have one, maybe people wouldn’t be so interested anymore. If people start think you are sooooo “Kyle” about guns, maybe they won’t think they are a ‘must have’ anymore.

  6. The high crime in the democrat cites over the past couple years has driven up the gun sales tremendously, especially to women. If u don’t believe it, look it up. OMG ! You’ll have to do some reading !

  7. Of course selling more guns to women in democrat cities has driven up the crime rate tremendously.

    Hell, selling more guns to anybody in any city anywhere has driven up the crime rate tremendously. You don’t need to read that somewhere to know that.

    Boy Lou let’s any idiot post here.

    • What an idiot ! You can’t comprehend anything either.
      The high crime rate is what has driven up the purchase of guns, especially women. Crime rate first resulting in the purchase of more guns moron.

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