The two most powerful persons in Washington are Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Birds of a feather. Obstructionists. Powerful however since the Democrats need their two votes to get anything significant done. Like Bring Back America and killing the filibuster.

Manchin has risen this year from being just another Senator to a man in ways more powerful than the President.

He could vote for raising the debt ceiling. He cannot vote for the child tax credit. Unbelievable!

His new found power is affecting him mentally. I think he is losing it.

A perfect example is his jumping all over a reporter who asked if the child tax credit was a sticking point between him and the White House. His response was “Bullshit!”

He said, “This is bullshit. You’re bullshit. Then in a rising voice as he entered an elevator: “I’m done, I’m done! God almighty!

Manchin is now being referred to by some in the media as “President” Joe Manchin.

“Hippie Queen” Kyrsten Sinema. How lucky we are to have her in the Senate. A breath of fresh air!

I am kidding of course. She is one step behind Manchin in being intolerable.

She is opposed to getting rid of the filibuster. If the filibuster were gone, the Democrats would be able to create so many new laws they could very well control Congress for years to come.

Inconsistency in her thinking many times. She supports election reform. However will not do the necessary to work around the filibuster somehow to get the much needed reform passed.

A swell is growing in Arizona. Many who supported her are unhappy and in all likelihood will not support her the next time around. She ran one way and when elected abandoned the promises she made.

Twenty students from the University of Arizona and Arizona State have gone on a hunger strike in an attempt to change Sinema’s thinking on how to get the election bill passed..

My comments are limited today to the new Capitol stars Manchin and Sinema. I have a late morning doctor visit for a new problem. Nothing serious I suspect. A pain, however.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The filibuster needs to stay, we have it for a reason. Manchin will probably be the next democrat candidate, he can work with the R’s.

  2. Hey Lou, your exact quote in reference to Manchin is
    “ His new found power is affecting him mentally. I think he is losing it.” And while you think he is losing it, if Manchin were the 2024 Presidential candidate, you would be the first in line as misguided as it would be… you would be the very first one to VOTE for him.

  3. I’d really like to see a name/handle and email needed to respond. It would be nice to see where some of these stupid remarks are coming from.

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