What a night! What a game! Snow and rain falling on most of the country. But not on Syracuse! Syracuse beat Pitt 58-56 at the buzzer. There was joy in Mudville!

Tyler Ennis threw in a 3 pointer from 35 feet at the buzzer with two Pitt defenders on him. A beautiful high arcing shot. Wonder of wonders!

I had given up with two minutes to go. It was a Pitt win. Pitt was up by one point with 4.4 seconds to go. Who expected Ennis’ shot? Probably only Ennis. He said in an interview after the game that he thought the ball was going in as soon as it left his hands. He was not bragging. He is not the type. Just telling how it was.

Saturday, North Carolina State.

It started raining during the game last night. The heavy stuff. Continued all night. I had to drive the boulevard on the way home. Big time flooding. The street in front of my home flooded, also.

It is not raining now. However, very overcast.

Bocce season starts tonight. I doubt we will play. There could be a boat race on the courts at the moment.

Some things are aggravating! Some things are wrong! I am not talking about the rain soaked bocce courts. I am talking about Comcast.

It was announced on TV this morning that Comcast is buying Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. Comcast already owns 100 per cent of NBC. The new acquisition will make Comcast a giant among giants.

Mergers and buys of this type should not be permitted. Our country is more and more owned, controlled and operated to satisfy the needs of corporate giants. Once there were laws prohibiting these mergers. They are still there, but now ineffective. New laws are required. Such will not occur. Not with a Washington dominated influence wise by corporate America.

I had to smile. The CEO of Comcast was asked in an interview this morning why Comcast was so successful.  Service, he said. Bullshit! Comcast provides the worst service in Key West. I know and every one else that subscribes to Comcast knows. There is an erosion at Comcast’s base which is eating away at its foundation. Giants topple when they forget how they became big.

Enjoy your day!

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