Isaac is long gone. The aftermath good weather. Yesterday was magnificent. Today will be also.

I said yesterday that Isaac had been a nothing. I was wrong. It did cause some problems. I did not know till last night when I visited the Chart Room.

Before I tell you, let me say that whenever it rains heavy, the street in front of my home is flooded. One foot or more. It did not flood at all during or after Isaac.

Duval did, however! Front street, too! Plus some side streets. Anywhere from one to three feet.

I did not know. I never read yesterday’s local newspaper. At the Chart Room everyone was talking about the street flooding. Some showed me pics on their cell phones.

Two vessels took a beating. One was a large power boat. Sank in the water at the dock. Ass end up.The other was a sailing boat that somehow sailed off unmanned and got damaged.

Wind direction has been peculiar the past two days since Isaac passed. It is coming from the southeast. The wind normally comes from the east, northeast or northwest. When it comes from a southerly direction, bad weather is on its way. There was no bad weather yesterday and none is anticipated today.

I am sure this southerly wind has something to do with Isaac. Just cannot figure it out. Isaac is now way to the northwest of us heading for New Orleans.

Good friends Don and Chris are in town. We got together last night at the Chart Room. They hail from the Syracuse area. Don is involved with solar panels. He spends most of his time in China selling solar panel products. Chris works for the same company. She is in charge of marketing. The two travel together on many of the China trips.

Don got promoted! He is now a Vice-President. Congratulations, my friend.

Sheila, Sean and Katherine were at the Chart Room, also. Three great people. We chatted a bit.

The honeymoon is over. Robert and Ally return to school tomorrow. I am taking them to lunch today to celebrate either the end of their summer vacation or the beginning of school.

Enjoy your day!

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