Is Trump feeling the heat? Is the Russian probe revealing possible Trump involvement?

Whatever, Trump’s firing of Comey last night indicates something is going on. Behind the scenes. Matters we as a people are not aware of yet.

The people made a mistake in electing Trump. It is becoming increasingly obvious. The chaos he is causing world wide is now happening here at home.

Washington is being called upon to test the fundamental issue. Balance of power. Trump does not respect it. He does not understand it. Will Congress remember it and do its duty. Duty before destruction of our democracy. We are neither a third world country nor a banana republic.

What is happening is a stress test of our basic beliefs.

The chorus for a special prosecutor is becoming thunderous. Hopefully, Congress will recall its duty and the balance of power which imposes that duty on them.

Rod Rothenstein requires comment. The new Deputy Attorney General. In office only thirteen days. A Judas in Comey’s midst. His 30 pieces of silver the job and who knows what further in the Justice Department.

The grounds Trump relies on for firing Comey occurred in July and October. Some nine and seven months ago. If Trump was concerned, he should have fired Comey as soon as he took office.

Trump’s letter to Comey included the following: “It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.”

I would change the quote a bit to evidence what is going on in our country: “It is essential that the Nation find new leadership in the Presidency that restores public trust and confidence in the office.”

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  1. “What is happening is a stress test of our basic beliefs.”

    2016 was a truly horrible election year with two really flawed and bad choices. That is pretty much it. Hillary was a consummate Deep State insider and Trump, well we now see Trump is as he always has been…Trump.

    The constant in all of this is the gutless, spineless and sold-out US Congress. Both parties. I wish we truly had three maybe four or five strong viable political parties to mix-up Congress and ideas but the “Big Two” pretty much locked the game up for themselves.

  2. Typical, isn’t it. The dems holler for Comey’s dismissal months ago and now holler that it has happened. He should have been fired months ago, but, its obvious Trump was giving him a chance. The firing was correct and should have happened last summer, but, Obama was incompetent and surrounded by incompetents so he simply didn’t know any different. Mr Trump didn’t start the firing, it was recommended to him and he then agreed and had the sense to do it. Former assist. director James Kallstrom agreed with the firing saying he should have resigned or been fired months ago. Mr Trump is trying to bring public confidence back to the FBI which Comey has destroyed. Reid and Schumer and others were calling for his firing last summer and now are crying in their soup because he was.

    Should an investigation be continued or a new one started into a Trump Russia connection. So far there has been nothing found regarding Trump influencing the election only that Russia was trying manipulate/ monitor it as they have done with other countries for decades. But, a proper investigation should be performed and let the chips fall where they may. I doubt the outcome would reveal any more than we know now, but….

    I certainly agree we have a useless congress over-all and we need someone to stir them up. I think we have that person. Time will tell. I’m giving him time. I’m not a Trump fan, but, there is no way I would vote for the Clintons.

    Why post such a response here. Point/counter point.

  3. Typical of Republicans, when Comey was doing them right they praised him, called him an honest stand-up guy. Well that only worked when he wasn’t sniffing where Trump lives. This will explode for sure, there is no stopping the investigation and conduct like this will only make it hotter still. Hey, I don’t care if what the result as long as it is correct and just. If any American will put the President over the political security of this Nation then the victory is already Putin’s.
    Trump is dangerous just for his all around ignorance. His people, the ones he put his trust in, are not ignorant, just dangerous. Supporters of Trump or those in the Resistance all know what the deal is here, the smokescreen sent out by the AG office is laughable.

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