The White House is where the  President lives and works. It is not his house. It is ours. It belongs to the American people.

I am personally insulted as to what transpired in our house yesterday. The American public should like wise be insulted.

It began with my watching on TV as Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov was greeted by Tillerson and was being led into a conference room. The American press had been barred from the meeting. A group however were standing in the background.

Dauntless Andrea Mitchell shouted out a question. She is getting good at it. It was directed to Lavrov. He looked at her with disdain. A sneer and smile… who are you? Then turned his back on her and walked away with Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson had a similar smile. Tillerson should ride his horse back from  wherever he came.

And, screw Lavrov!

Trump barred the American press and photographers from the meeting. He permitted a Russian reporter and photographer. Any photos run later in the American media were the result of the Russians sharing the pics they had taken.

Several weeks ago, Tillerson was in Moscow for a meeting with Putin. Putin kept him waiting three hours. No one kept Lavrov waiting. He was treated like royalty.

Note also that Comey was fired the day before Lavrov’ visit.

Though conjecture on my part, I see it coming. Trump and Russia in cahoots. Even before Trump became President.

Many media outlets this morning were describing Comey’s discharge as a coverup. A coverup between Trump’s campaign people, perhaps Trump himself, and Russia.

In yesterday’s blog, I referred to Rod Rothenstein as a Judas. Today, I would add a Brutus. He and Comey have been friends and comparable professionals for years.

They say Rothenstein is a man of honor. If so, his conduct re Comey does not make sense. A man of honor would not have participated in Comey’s removal. He should have resigned. It is not yet too late for him to resign. A man’s reputation/character is more important than any position.

I am having a video problem. I could not do my Facebook video yesterday. My cell phone keeps indicating no internet connection. Everything else in the house working, however.

I went to Verizon. Video worked ok there. Came home, not working. Plan on returning to Verizon this morning. It is either something in the phone gone blink or my Verizon wi fi connection not working.

Do not know under the circumstances whether I will be able to get out a video today.

I am frustrated. I was anxious to share additional views re Comey’s firing yesterday.

Two months ago, I stubbed my middle toe on the bed post. Broke it. Raised the nail, also. I have avoided a pedicure during that time waiting for the toe to heal and the nail to come down. The toe healed. The nail did not come down.

It was Tammy time yesterday. For the overdue manicure. My concern was the toenail. Once Tammy cut away the excess nail, everything was fine. To my relief.

My concern was toe nail fungus. Never had it. Do not want to get it. My Dad had the problem terribly in his later years.

After my Tammy visit, hurried over to Cuban Coffee Queen for lunch. My usual. Cuban cheese toast, Cuban coffee and the newspapers.

Last night, fun time! The monthly meeting of the Sons and Daughters of Italy. A great group.

Good food and good company. Giorgio, Sharon, Lilly, Jerry (the fisherman), Bob (who broke a rib over the weekend), Donna, and Helena. More whose names I cannot recall.

Birthdays were celebrated. Happy birthday sung in Italian. I have to learn.

Robert and Ally’s Santa Claus a member. Mac. Looks like Santa Claus even when not Christmas. He recently had by pass surgery. Lost a ton of pounds. He will need padding come next Christmas.

Mac’s wife Cindy a member, also. She drives Mac/Santa Claus around Christmas Eve as he makes his visits.

The club awarded a Key West High School young lady a $1,000 scholarship. She was proud to receive it. Her parents with her to enjoy the occasion.

Bocce tonight. I shall sit, drink and cheer my former team mates on. It does not seem to be helping this season.

The Sons and Daughters of Italy have a bocce team. The team’s second year. I will be cheering for them also. Tonight may be hell night for them. They are playing the #1 team Hell’s Rangers.

Enjoy your day!


12 comments on “AN INSULT

  1. Everything Trump does is wrong. So, I’d like to see him come out against the 2nd Amendment. That’ll insure that all the dems will come out in favor of keeping it intact.

    So now there is something wrong with countries leaders having private talks. Oh, yea, I forget, only with this administration.

    Comey had ample opportunity to resign, he didn’t. My posts of yesterday that are ‘awaiting moderation’ before posting are mostly about this subject. Opposing views may not be welcome. Well, I know they are not welcome, I should have said tolerated.

  2. “Though conjecture on my part, I see it coming. Trump and Russia in cahoots. Even before Trump became President.”

    I assume Tillerson and Trump have business contacts, perhaps even IOUs or debts payable to the Russian oligarchs. Who knows? They are in power now and can easily cover-up that information.

    I mean Tillerson’s company Exxon was just asking for a waiver of sanctions on Russia so they could drill in the Black Sea with their Russian buddies.

    Putin is just smiling at how weak our democracy has turned out to be and how Russia is just as superior if not better than the USA as they never pretend to be anything other than a kleptocracy.

  3. Trump is a mistake this nation should not have made. Out of nearly 20 also-ran candidates, the Republican voters should be ashamed. Politics was always dirty, now it is substandard too.
    The arrogance and ignorance of Trump will scar politics, and for what, the ego of a Man-Child.

  4. Louis, you should always take your own pedicure tools when you get a pedicure. That saves on fungus, infection, disease,STD’s scratch STDs.

  5. Regarding responses awaiting moderation, I guess the counter points with supporting links are not welcome I assume because the truth really isn’t wanted.

    I’ve often wondered why one can’t take care of their own nails.

    • Patrick, to your statement about responses awaiting moderation, is that in reference to posting in this forum? If so, I have had the same issue, it seems they do not allow linking to articles. At least that is my experience.

    • Mechanics. Go get a pedicure and consider it research. I think you’ll find that a person sitting in front of you, at eye level with the foot, can much better groom a nail than the individual, reaching down, from an inverted visual perspective, can. How often and for how long have you wondered that? On the moderation, he doesn’t allow links. I tried to post this article from a po-dunk Michigan newspaper covering Diana’s absurd run for local office. Her main qualification? “Her community involvement includes frequently using the public library for research,” according to the Tri-County Citizen.

      • Consider it research, hmmm, I don’t think so. The folks that I hang around with take care of their own nails, even the diabetics. I’m not about to have someone do that simple easy task for me. I really haven’t wondered for very long about it, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

          • Well, I’m up for the expansion and try to do so every chance I get. But, a manicure or especially a pedicure is way beyond any horizon for me. I’d rather spend my money and time elsewhere, like on beer and bait or some such thing. To each his own I guess.

  6. Charles on May 12, 2017 at 4:39 am said:
    Patrick, to your statement about responses awaiting moderation, is that in reference to posting in this forum? If so, I have had the same issue, it seems they do not allow linking to articles. At least that is my experience.
    end quote

    Yep, I’ve found that most folks like a link or something other than their personal statements to help make a point. I thought maybe I was the only one shut out. OK, at least now I know not to waste time.

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