Sally Yates is the Acting Attorney General Trump fired because she reported Michael Flynn’s lies, danger of being blackmailed, etc. to the White House. Yesterday was her day before a Senate Committee regarding her actions.

A star was born! A woman of unusual character revealed to the world!

Yates was unbelievable! Intelligent, capable, knowledgeable, prepared, honest, and straight forward. She did her job and was fired for it. The Washington mentality at work.

Yates was a life long public servant. She worked her way up the ladder in the Justice Department. She did not ask for this moment in the sun. It was forced upon her. She handled it well. Exemplary!

This is the type individual to be considered for a Supreme Court seat. A no bullshit up front person. Probably will never occur because neither Democrats nor Republicans could depend on her for a favorable vote.

Yates evidenced her ability best in handling questions by Senator Conyers and Senator Cruz. Both tried to sand bag her with stupid asinine questions. Obviously politically motivated. She handled everything they threw at her well. To the extent of even showing that they were not aware of subsequent changes in the law nor additional pertinent facts.

It was a pleasure watching her.

I had a 10 am morning meeting on Stock Island. Decided when it concluded to visit the new hotel at the end of Stock Island. Ocean Edge.

Wow! Magnificent!

Its outstanding quality is the silence. Not even a bird’s tweet. Another world.

I enjoyed lunch at the outside dining room.

Spent the afternoon preparing for tonight’s podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A fast moving eye opening thirty minutes. Join me.

Topics include Sally Yates, a robot update, a new kind of GMO modified food which escaped regulation, Big Pharma and superbugs, a Texas governor fighting sanctuary cities, an Oklahoma governor signing an anti-protest law, North Korea a major opium producer.

Also, the new French President a former Rothschild banker, Russia and Turkey begin construction of major pipeline to deliver Russian natural gas to Turkey and then Europe, and movie hero Steven Seagal denied entry to Ukraine for national security reasons.

Last night was Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. Terri White guest performer.

The largest crowd I have ever seen at the Dueling Bartenders event. Huge! Had to be Terri’s appearance. She performed outstandingly. Huge clapping and cries of excellence following each song.

Every one there to hear Terri. Among others, Bob and Lynda Frechette, Jean Thornton, Bobby Nesbitt, Liz, Mary, and Joseph.

A perfect evening.

Bobby Nesbitt next week.

The Historical Section of yesterday’s Key West Citizen made mention of a yesteryear house of ill repute’s madam. Alice Reid. She was sentenced to three years in jail for violation of the Mann Act. She brought ladies across state lines for purposes of prostitution.

I did not mention the event.

Diana Millikan e-mailed me. She reminded me I wrote about Alice Reid in detail in February. I forgot.

Went back and reviewed my comments. Longer than yesterday’s mention in the Citizen.

Reid was a madam. A well known one. Spent man years running two houses. Each at different times.

These were Navy days. A large contingency stationed in the Key West area. Customers galore!

Reid called her establishment Mom’s Tea Room.

The Navy was anti-prostitution. Brought federal and local police down on Reid many times. In addition to the morality issue, the Navy had too many venereal disease cases to deal with.

Whore houses as such are gone today. Replaced by escort services and socially acceptable strip joints/gentlemen’s clubs.

Enjoy your day!



7 comments on “SALLY YATES…..A STAR IS BORN

  1. Trump fired Sally Yates because she wouldn’t advocate for his travel ban. Second, I know you consider yourself a voice in the night regarding the impact of automation on the workforce. A few weeks ago I was in Germany for the Hannover Messe convention. There were 250000 people there, all talking about this. Instead of considering yourself the Paul Revere of this subject, perhaps make an attempt at engaging in the very robust global conversation that has been taking place for years.

  2. Stupid questions to some, but, not to others. Questions no matter how stupid they may seem sometimes need to be asked. If not asked, they don’t answered. Any lawyer should know that. I’ve been asked what I thought were pretty stupid questions by defense attorneys over the years, but, they apparently felt they were necessary.

    Diana was right, you did write about the Tea Room a short time ago. And you forgot. Hmmm. That concerns me.

    • It’s called being 81. I do a daily blog, a half hour podcast once a week and a daily Facebook video. Sometimes things slip my mind. Hell, sometimes I have to think a moment to recall what I did yesterday!

  3. Yates, what a classy person. Loved the way she bit$h slapped back at Cruz. How dare the GOP make this a job performance issue with Yates. This is a very simple issue, will America put a President, and a lackluster one at that, over Country. Putin has made serious inroads to interfering with the political system of many nations around the world. France was too smart to take the bait, here at home we were less so. I say make a deal with Flynn and let the testimony begin. Russia must be shut down and anyone who allowed or encouraged their access.

  4. “Yates was unbelievable! Intelligent, capable, knowledgeable, prepared, honest, and straight forward. She did her job and was fired for it. The Washington mentality at work.”

    How many of those adjectives above describe our current President and his administration? Right, so that is why she got the axe. If the far right wing Republicans side more with Putin’s Russia and don’t condemn the malicious hacking and attacks on our democratic process we are doomed as a nation. As it would thus appear the GOP would rather be a mini-Russia than the historic Democratic Republic we have been since our founding.

    The word “traitorous” comes to mind.

  5. The word “traitorous” does comes to mind. But to my mind thats not directed at the republicans. The democrat party has changed so much I feel its in big trouble.

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