Trump got his way yesterday. He withdrew the U.S. from the nuclear agreement with Iran. Chaos will result. Problems arise. Hopefully Iran and the remaining nations to the anti-nuclear pact can keep things on the straight and narrow.

Iran and the American Indians have much in common. The U.S. could not maintain agreements with either. Deals were made to be broken. Agreements kept only as long as it served the U.S.’s interest.

Honor becomes meaningless under the circumstances. A nation’s word, a person’s word, has to have meaning….. You can stand by me, I keep my word.

Trump’s walking away from the deal could also be part of a march to war with Iran. Some Republican Congressmen favor it. Saudi Arabia and Israel definitely. Both nations have sucked up to Trump big time since he became President.

I was beginning to feel sorry for Michael Cohen. Did I make a mistake! He is not merely the poor lackey of Donald Trump. Not when he is sitting on $4.4 million plus.

The question now is did he get to keep most of it? Or did it move into other hands?

Religion and government are like oil and water. They do not mix. The recent House/Speaker Ryan situation with House Chaplain Father Conroy a perfect example.

Washington Post opinion writer E. J. Dionne, Jr. wrote on May 5 concerning the event. Dionne commented, “The House Republican leadership was more inclined to push out a chaplain than to impose accountability on a President who is a proven liar and trashes the rule of law for his own selfish purposes day after day.”

Jennifer Rubin wrote in an opinion on December 15, 2017 that the religious right was not doing much for religion. Re evangelicals, she wrote that the group has become a politicized clergy who have made the word evangelical “toxic and divisive.”

American history took a back seat yesterday. A proud historic day forgotten. Buried beneath Trump tripe.

I refer to V-E Day. Yes, yesterday was Victory in Europe. Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945.

Such days must be remembered and celebrated. Otherwise, we forget who we are. Or should it be “who we were?”

Poor Venezuela. I have been following Venezuela closely since Maduro became President some five years ago.

The country is economically depressed. Inflation rampant. Paper money worthless. Food worse than scarce. People starving. They ate their pets long ago.

Maduro survives because he has the army and Venezuela’s congress behind him. All on the take. All benefiting while babies do not have milk.

Things have become so desperate that bartering has replaced currency. Things are swapped.

A haircut costs 5 bananas and 2 eggs. A cab ride a carton of cigarettes. A restaurant meal several packages of paper napkins. A spot in a parking lot a freshly baked baguette.

Medicine for humans hard to come by. Many are being treated with dog medicine.

Diapers are equivalent to a bar of gold. Pirates bring them in from Trinidad to trade.

While such is occurring, Venezuela continues to have the largest oil reserves in the world. Somehow Maduro has never been able to make the oil work to the benefit of his people.

Last night, my podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

It was a fast moving half hour. From V-E Day to Iran and Stormy Daniels.

Enjoy your day!





  1. But two of those prisoners were taken into custody on Arril 22, 2017, after Trump had taken office. Both were teachers at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, suggesting a set up where by they were “detained” just for this very obvious reason of a publicity stunt. Not quite the situation the Trump PR machine is trying to make it out to be. Didn’t something similar happen when Dennis Rodman visited NK a year ago? Maybe if Lou visited, we could get another prisoner released?

    • Publicity stunt? Probably as much as when Dennis Rodman got Kenneth Bae in in 2014 – Now Trump has done what Dennis Rodman was able to achieve.

      Then there was Jeffre Fowle that got released in 2014, something the Swedes got done with little fanfare.

      How about in 2010 when President Jimmy Carter went to Korea and came home with Aijalon Gomes, many on Fox news said that was a stunt

      Then there was President Clinton who went to Korea in 2009 to get Euna Lee and Laura Ling released, he actually was there to bring them back

      And many more incidents like these before that, often criticized by Fox news as just stunts. We’ll probably find out one day that Trump arranged this by making some “donation” secretly arranged by one of Rudi Giuliani’s ex wives.

    • That would seem to be true, unless places like NK are “creating” hostages, just for the purpose of exchanging them with us in some sort of stunt to get attention.

      In this case, two of the three ‘prisoners’ who were involved were “Americans” of Korean descent who were living in NK and professors at Pyongyang University. Sounds to me like they were either very foolish or “sitting ducks.” In either case their release seems as more a “set-up” than some sort of divine miracle.

      BTW – will Trump now punish these “Americans” for aiding and abetting a foreign government for having worked for a hostile enemy in the capacity of University Professors?

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