I am tired. Exhausted. The feeling amusing. I never left the house during the night. Nevertheless, Ian beat me up.

A strange storm. Ian never made landfall in the Keys. However, it passed by Key West as a Category 3. Somewhat less than 70 miles to the west. Wind speed reported as 120 mph.

At 5:30 this morning, Ian was reported to be 20 miles south southwest of the Dry Tortugas.

Technically, a tropical storm and surge.

The winds during the night were loud. One blast after another. Then a constant boom. Rain non-stop. Heavy.

I only got 2 hours sleep. That’s why I’m tired. The booming and banging.

Never uncomfortable. Either in bed or downstairs in an easy chair. Never lost power. TV and internet with me throughout the evening.

Lisa lost power at 8 last night. The power authority told her they were not sending out repair crews till this morning. The winds and rain too dangerous to work in the dark.

When the sun came up this morning, I went on the front porch. Damage inconsequential. From my viewpoint, could see neither branches nor trees down. Only tons of miniscule pieces of foliage.

Media warnings advise Key West will continue to suffer today the effects of a tropical storm and surge, even though Ian has moved past Heavier this afternoon. At the moment, merely wind. No rain.

The only significant activity/damage I saw was on Facebook last night. Huge water sprays over the Southernmost Point, a large tree and metal light pole lying across Whitehead Street.

The word this morning is Fort Myers will be the point of impact. Ian presently a Category 4. Two points short of a 5. Expected to be a 5 when it hits later today. Ian is moving very slowly.

I have seen the effects of many hurricanes over 30 years. Andrew the worst. A 5. Nothing was left standing. If Fort Myers suffers the same damage, it will have to be totally rebuilt.

Irma was the second worse result. Boats on the streets and highways. Cars and houses in the ocean. Nothing normal. Including the large refrigerator sitting 20 feet up on a couple of tree branches.

The January 6 House Committee was to hold a hearing today. It has been cancelled. The reason given was Hurricane Ian.

I do not accept the reason. The past few days, various members of the Committee have appeared on TV. Each’s certainty as to what was to be presented and to what extent lacked certainty. I sensed something was amiss. I suspect more has arisen and the Committee was not ready.

Whatever the reason, I hope they do have a public presentation before the November election. There is so much more the public needs to know. From a Committee that has been boldly and frankly honest and revealing.

As the world turns. Trump’s world.

Trump has had difficulty finding attorneys to represent him. One reason is he does not pay his legal bills.

He needed a top notch attorney for the Mar-a-Lago matter. Finally found one. Chris Kise.

Kise drove a hard, but proper bargain based on Trump’s track record of not paying his attorneys. He demanded and received up front $3 million. In return for which he resigned from his law firm. No question he would be devoting full time to Trump.

The retention and financial payment was made less than one month ago. Kise is no longer Trump’s Mar-a-Lago attorney. He has been relegated to benchwarmer status.

Seems Kise was instrumental in recommending Judge Dearie as Special Master. Says it all.

The word is Kise is now one of Trump’s legal team for whatever Trump may have need of him.

Say a prayer for those remaining in the Fort Myers area. Many will die.





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