Ian represents nothing less than nature at its worst. With a destructive path that will continue into early next week.

Key West was spared. Other Florida areas not. TV viewings of Ian’s force and destruction borders on the unbelievable. Water rolling on shore. Filling many first floors. In some areas, second floors. Ian’s power so great it sucked water right out of a river and major waterway. Unbelievable. Cars floating. Soon bodies.

The most moving event I viewed on TV this morning. I do not recall where. However, a family apparently opted to stay. Their home 2 stories. Viewing showed husband/father on second floor. Water waist to chest high. He was talking to some TV personnel safely in a studio somewhere. The man was talking about trying to get on the roof. Unable to do so. There was an open window next to him. TV people were telling him to get everyone out and find something to hold on to that would float till help could arrive.

Help of course hours away. Not part of the conversation.

As the talk was ongoing, there was a rapid swoosh of water and the screen went blank. My feeling is the man was washed out the window. Probably drowned. His family. Don’t know.

Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run yesterday. Tied Roger Maris’ record set in 1961.

I remember the 1961 season. I was a young lawyer at the time. Maris and Mickey Mantle both played for the Yankees. Both were leading the home run race. Maris slightly in the lead most of the season. A couple of home runs ahead.

The country followed the race with attention and excitement. Maris ultimately won with 61.

I hope Judge gets a few more home runs in the final days of the season. Records are made to be broken. Maris’ has held the record for 61 years. Time for a new top gun.

Bad enough Ian imposed itself on Key West this week. So did a major fire.

Just before 6 yesterday morning, a joint retail/residential structure burned. Total loss. Forty residents without homes. All commercial businesses without a home, also.

The building is located at 3201 Flagler. Directly across the street from Bank of America.

Syphilis is on the rise in the U.S. A recent study showed a 26 percent increase in the one year period 2020-2021. The increase of special concern. Twenty-twenty had marked the lowest number of cases ever.

The concern extends to the unborn also. The same study noted a 24 percent increase in congenital syphilis. Fetuses in the wombs. Born dead or soon after birth.

Last week I wrote of an increase in venereal diseases. STDs.

Contributing to the problem is we are becoming an increasingly sex conscious nation. I’m not arguing with the increased desire. Enjoy! Sex is pleasurable. Experts suggest AIDS/HIV not the concern it once was. People feel freer to enjoy.

Experts also believe a lack of public investment a cause. Money not being appropriated to assist in minimizing the affliction.

There is a cure. Penicillin. No vaccination is available.

The experts further indicate that syphilis has become such a non problem over the years, that many of today’s doctors do not even recognize it when they see it.

Syracuse/Wagner saturday at 5 pm at Syracuse. Syracuse 4-0, Wagner 0-3.

Syracuse a 55 point favorite. If I were a betting man, I would bet Wagner. Fifty five points a hell of a spread!

Enjoy your day!

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