Ian is a strange duck. The cone a good 70-100 miles to the left of Key West. Yet, we are experiencing rain and wind inconsistent with a normal hurricane.

Five o’clock yesterday afternoon, Ian was heading west of Cuba. Not there yet. Suddenly Key West had a big time rain burst. Heavy. I looked outside. The rain was so heavy, the houses across the street were cloaked in gray. Then the rain took on what is typical in a tropical storm. Began blowing sideways. Horizontally.

The scenario took all of 6-7 minutes. Then over.

I was wondering. Ian is miles away and slated never to come near Key West. Why all this excitement with Ian still reaching out for Cuba?

The same thing this morning. Periodic rain. Sometime extreme as it was at 5 yesterday. Some rain blowing sidewards. The blasts 5-10 minutes.

This evening, Ian is scheduled to pass Key West on the left. Roughly 100 miles west. Yet all day and while it is passing, Key West will be subjected to heavy tropical winds and rain.

Tampa area going to take the beating. Could be a 4 when it hits. I wish them well.

I am being selfish. However, I hope Key West retains power. I would miss TV and the internet.

Detroit is going to have a Vincent van Gogh exhibition next month. October 2-January 22. At the Detroit Institute of Arts. It will be the largest U.S. showcase of van Gogh’s works in more than 20 years.

Seventy of the artist’s paintings and prints will be exhibited. Additionally works of Cezanne, Gauguin, Matisse and Stella will be shown.

Exciting! Very exciting!

The last time I saw a van Gogh exhibit was 30 years ago at the Metropolitan in New York City.

The world knows the sad and mentally demented life van Gogh led. Nevertheless, he was a genius. Poor all his life. He only sold one painting the entire time.

Book banners having a field day. Shamefully so.

Over 1,600 books were banned last year. In schools. The movement to ban certain books in schools continues. The literary field’s Salem witch hunt. One hundred thirty eight school districts in 32 states participated in the bannings.

The bannings: LGBTQ themes 41 percent, sex involvement 22 percent, race and racism 21 percent, and 40 percent featuring major characters of color.

Behind the bannings and promoting them big time are advocacy groups. The attacks calculated.

It has become evident that Ukraines are warriors. Interestingly, women make up more than a fifth of Ukraine’s military.

Assume Russia loses the war with Ukraine. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in a recent article asked: “How will the U.S. right handle the revelation that sometimes tough guys finish last?”

Putin placed himself in the position he is in. Success is slipping through his fingers. I suspect he believes oil will save his ass. Assuming he can hold on through the winter. His hope is European and other nations dependent on Russian oil will have to abandon Ukraine and support Russia in order to save their populations from freezing.

Hope springs eternal. I do not see the type capitulation Putin requires. The world knows he is a “decided loser.” He made his bed and will have to sleep in it.

The U.S. and other nations who have the capacity are already planning how to provide necessary energy to Russia’s present customers.

The entire time I have been writing this morning, Ian has been spitting on the Keys. The sound and its variations have turned into a symphony.

Enjoy your day!

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