Many countries are offering all sorts of considerations to induce people to get vaccinated. Austria has the best offer. Without question! Whether a male or female is taking advantage of the offer.

Sex is legal in Austria. A manager of sorts must be involved. Sounds like the Austrian government promoted the brothel approach when it decided to legalize prostitution.

Germany legalized prostitution about 10 years ago. Germans were in favor. They rallied to the concept. The reason simple. The government was allowed to tax a prostitute’s earnings.

Whether Austria promoted legalized prostitution for the same reason, I am not certain. Whatever, the activity is legal in Austria.

Coronavirus hit the brothel business badly. Customers were concerned they would get the virus. They stayed away.

COVID is on the uptake at the moment in Austria. The government decided on inducements to motivate people to receive their shots.

Two ways involved.

The first harsh. Any person not vaccinated would be placed in lockdown. Not permitted to leave home. No excuses for doing so accepted. Want to leave the house: Get vaccinated!

The other had its benefits. Brothel owners and the government conferred. A plan was devised to induce customers to visit a brothel.

A vaccination was required. The vaccine shot given when the customer was at the brothel. The men were then offered free sex. A thirty minute visit.

It was anticipated the free sex would induce customers to get the shot and some free sex. Then return as a paying customer on another day.

It’s safe, guys! You got the shot!

Both sides won.

The offer was also available to women. Women are known to frequent brothels, though not in the same numbers as men. It was determined Austrian law required the offer be available to women. Austria’s equality law necessitated it.

The age for male participation was lowered to 14. A one time deal. The shot and sex. Then brothel sex no more till the young man reached the proper adult age.

I took a break while researching this morning. Watched a few minutes of TV. For whatever reason, Turner Classic Movies was running a Popeye cartoon. Eight minutes. Popeye’s girl friend Olive Oyl co-starring.

I have not seen a Popeye cartoon in at least 50 years. More like 75.

When I was a young man (I like the way that sounds), going to the  movies saturday afternoons was the thing. Ages probably between 6 and 12. It was for the young kids.

We did it every saturday. The Family Theater was 2 blocks away. Entrance was $.03. Yes, 3 cents. We are talking 1941-47.

The movie house was always packed. So packed, we were permitted to sit on the steps going up to the stage. Also the floor between the first row and stage. And wherever else management could squeeze us in.

The show routine was the same every week. Two movies. One a crime, the other a western. A serial. A cartoon.

The last time I saw Popeye was one of those saturdays long ago.

A good memory.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. The President visited Key West a total of 175 days.

On this day in 1948, the President, his wife and daughter, boarded the Presidential yacht Williamsburg in Key West. They took a one day trip to visit Fort Jefferson in the Tortugas.

This morning’s Key West Citizen in its Keys History section commented about an unusual occurrence that happened on this day in 1954. Something hard to believe.

The note claimed 19.8 inches of rain fell on this one day. Key West streets, cars and homes were flooded.

The inch number I thought might have been in error. I did a quick internet search. Could find nothing special re the weather that day. Such does not mean it did not occur. Merely means I could not locate the source of the information.

Syracuse/Louisville football at noon today. It is already past noon. I have missed the kick off.

Syrace a 3 point underdog.

Should Syracuse win today, its record would be 6-4. Enough for a guaranteed bowl bid.

Enjoy your day!




    • The truth is you are MUCH more at risk to either of those problems here in America, than you are in either case in China or in Austria.

      God works in mysterious ways.

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