A touch of humor in these moments of extreme pain.

Bare Assets on Truman is a gentlemen’s club. Its BARE ASSETS sign stood in its parking lot on Truman. The sign did not make it. Ian apparently has LGBTQ problems. Does not like strip clubs.

When it rains it pours. More appropriately stated, when it rains Key West experiences fires.

While Ian was pounding Key West, the town had 4 fires. Two of significance.

The first was reported yesterday. The  retail/residential property on Flagler. The second occurred last night at the Key West Airport. Started in a hanger and spread to several others. Engulfed a helicopter and sea plane. Five private planes were were able to be saved.

The cause is under investigation.

My Mother was a diabetic. It killed her. Her case an extreme one. She had to shoot herself in the stomach twice a day.

Mom never complained about anything. Except, the daily injections. To her it was a cross she was bearing.

An announcement yesterday indicates diabetics are on the threshold for relief. A drug taken orally is on the horizon.

A capsule has been developed at MIT which has the capacity to travel through mucous in the GI tract. Insulin is protein based and until this time protein based pills were unable to travel through mucous in the GI tract.

Ginni Thomas appeared before the January 6 Committee yesterday for close to 4 hours. She answered all questions posed. Though some of her answers were on what might be described as the whacky side. She insisted the election was stolen from Trump by Biden’s people.

She is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Thomas. She insisted she never discussed public/court maters with her husband. Hard to believe. The woman is a liar. She and the game her husband play contributes to the growing lack of confidence the people have in the Supreme Court.

Many bodies are cremated.

I never gave much thought to what the final product consisted of. Assumed it was the entire body that made up the ashes. Recently learned not so. The ashes are the body bones burned down. Other burned body parts go down a drain.

A new form of embalming is slowly gaining notoriety. Embalming with water. The corpse is dissolved in water. Called “aquamation water” aka “alkaline hydrolysis.”

The body is placed in a pressure vessel which is then filled with a combination of water and potassium hydroxide. Heated to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Boiled for 6 hours till all that is left is liquid and bone. The liquid is drained off. The bones crushed. As with cremation, it is bone residue which is given to survivors.

The liquid drains into the sanitary system. Can be used also to water a garden or other green spaces.

Cost cheap. Once the undertaker has purchased the machinery, the procedure an inexpensive $116.40.

The Mayo Clinic has been using the system/process for years.

The Catholic Church opposes its use. As it initially was with cremation. The U.S. Conference of Bishops in 2011 announced it was “unnecessarily disrespectful of the human body.”

Water embalming is legal in 19 states.

Putin on the move again this week. Two new developments.

One involves damage to the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Putin claims sabotage. As does the rest of the free world. The saboteur? Putin, of course. Though he denies it and blames Germany, the U.S., etc.

The other, the formal “annexation” of 4 parts of Ukraine today. Putin making a big deal of the signing which is scheduled for today. The vote of the people earlier this week was around 90 percent in favor. Of course, done in front of a gun barrel and witnesses.

Putin at some point will run out of games to play. He will be left only with the nuclear option. I find it hard to believe he would play the card. Death and destruction for all concerned. Russia, Europe in general and the U.S. The simpler and less deadly solution is for the Russian people to drag Putin out of his office onto a public square and hang him.

Neville Chamberlain screwed up big time this day in 1938. He sought to avoid war, to appease Hitler. The Munich Pact the result.

Chamberlain viewed it as “peace with honor” / “peace in our time.”

What it really amounted to was total capitulation. Within months, World War II began.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Re the Munich Pact…

    “Those who do not know history are doomed to relive it.”

    I hope Biden did well in history cla$$es. And while he walks softly, I hope he has a big stick… and Putin knows he’ll use it.

    Kokomo Man

    P.S. I’m not a “hawk” I’m really a dove. But Putin doesn’t understand anything but hawks.

    P.P.S Make love, not war

    • Not a hawk? Except maybe when you yourself were dropping bombs on the innocent civilian people of Hanoi, against all humanitarian principals and protocals of the Geneva Convention, during that war – for which you have never apologized!

      Hardly a thing a “Dove” would be proud of !!!

  2. I read where our governor, Ron DeSantis, abandoned Florida during Hurricane Ian seeking safety in Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Masachusetts.

  3. He’s just running away from the FACT that when he was a congressman from Florida, he voted AGAINST appropriating ANY aid to New Jersey when it was devastated by Hurricane S*ndy in 2012.

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