Keep in mind, Steve’s story is still in the Key West of the 1970’s. He was not the only new face. There were others on the verge of achieving fame as well as those visiting who already were famous.

TACOS paragraph 22.

The Frenchman Rene lived upstairs next door / He had a Bistro down on the first floor / The name of the place was Le’ Mistral /It was the only French restaurant on Duval / Rene had just worked for the Shah of Iran / As his chef at the palace in old Tehran / He invited me to taste my first French food / I only went so I wouldn’t seem rude / I sat next to a play write whose name was Tennessee / He was having dinner with Truman Capote / Before that year I was slender and fit / I gained twenty pounds and never lost it / That season I left for Colorado to ski / Rene said success came too easy for me.

Florida doctors consider Governor DeSantis infected by a strain of “Trump.” He is an “harassment…..a clown…..and angry.” Florida’s coronavirus data support their feelings. Florida is now the number one state in the U.S. for number of virus cases. The State recently reported 10,389 hospitalizations. Twenty one thousand new infections this past friday.

DeSantis assures, guarantees in effect, no new lockdowns or mask mandates.

While hospitals are filling up, DeSantis shouts “Freedom over Fascism.”

Key West’s city government announced yesterday that masks are required once again to be worn in all governmental buildings. Key West apparently smarter than DeSantis. I suspect that within 2 weeks, masks will be required everywhere in Key West again.

The removal of the eviction ban. Crazy! The only one it benefits are landlords and banks.

The CDC eviction ban expired midnight sunday.

A recent Supreme Court decision written by Kavanaugh the problem. Does not surprise me he was the culprit. He wrote he recognized a need for relief. He further recognized the ban was to expire soon. Ergo, he ruled per the law. He said the issue was one Congress had to pass on. And did not extend the ban time wise.

He could have extended the time several months before Congress had to act.

Kavanaugh made one error. A major one.He forgot about the “people.” What would happen to the millions schedule for eviction?

An eviction at this time for those on the list of defaulters could take Congress months to consider. What were those evicted to do if the decision was forthwith in effect, as Kavanaugh did? Live homeless, sleep in cars, etc. Note most are families. Families include children. Children who will be forced to live in the mangroves or wrecked abandoned vehicles.

There is an added feature to the problem. One I do not understand.

Biden says there is about $47 billion the States and localities are holding for the specific purpose of making rents current. Biden asks why haven’t the States and localities used that money?

When Biden took office, he promised 70 percent of the population would be vaccinated by July 1 or 4. His estimate was 3 points off. Only 67 percent were.

The Republicans stomped their feet and yelled Bad!!! He failed to do what he promised!

Pure pettiness!

January 6 in the news this past weekend. Another Capitol police office committed suicide. The fourth since January 6.  His name Gunther Haschek.

Cheney understands what happened and its effect on the police that day. Remember she is a member of the House committee investigating January 6. She said, The police faced “unbelievable violence and cruelty” during the January insurrection.

Today is Tony Bennett’s birthday. Ninety five years. Happy birthday Mr. Bennett!

Many many years ago when I was a relatively young attorney, I was in New York City on business. I decided to have dinner in a steak house whose name I cannot remember. It was located in a hotel whose name I cannot recall. It was out of the way. In the East 70’s.

The steak house is now closed. Don’t know about the hotel.

I was alone. Opted to eat at the bar. For a New York City restaurant, the bar was unusually long.

Quiet that evening. Only 3 persons at the bar including me. No one sitting near me.

In walked Tony Bennett.

Guess he wanted to talk. He sat next to me.

I recognized him immediately. I learned he had an apartment in the hotel.

We chatted about everything for 3 hours.

The man was charming and humble. Genuine humility.

His attire impressed me. Sporty, yet sharp. A blue blazer, gray slacks, an open collared white shirt, and white tennis sneaks. He was not wearing socks.

It was a special evening.

Years later, Bennett was on tour. One stop was Utica. The theater was packed, his performance great.

I wanted to say hello. Decided I would go back stage to greet him. It would be no problem for me as I was Chairman of the Board of the corporation that owned and operated the theater.

There was a crowd back stage, of course. As I was walking towards the crowd, he turned and saw me. Exclaimed, “Louis!”

That was the man and I assume he still is.

Bennett is still performing, though he is afflicted with Alzheimer’s. He is not at the walking off alone or not recalling anything stage yet. He continues to perform and it is said his working protects him and keeps him going. He has a performance scheduled shortly with Lady Gaga.

Meghan McCain is leaving View after 4 years this friday. She is the daughter of one of America’s great heroes John McCain.

She is leaving because she has lung cancer. Interestingly, Meghan never smoked. I read that 20 percent of women who never smoked become afflicted with lung cancer. She will be having surgery shortly to remove half of one lung.

On one of the shows last week, she stated, There is no “good” Trump family members to me. Can’t blame her attitude. Her father was maligned by Trump and family many times.

I close with the Olympics.

Dutch representative Sefan Hassan’s performance interesting. She was in the final lap of her 1,5000 meter run. She was several runners behind at the time. The runner in front of her tripped and fell causing Hassan to fall over her.

Th end of the race for her? No way. She got up and continued her run. Now having many in front of her. She ran like hell! She won!

Another story involves the famous Simone Biles. Simone is the most decorated American gymnastic. She has won 31 Olympic and World Championship medals.

She had what she describes “mental problems” a few days ago. Flipping in mid air, she forgot what she was doing. Dangerous!

She decided she needed a break. She felt her problem was a mental one.

No one expected her to perform further in this year’s Olympics.

She came back 2 days later to win a bronze medal.

A gutsy young lady.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Meghan McCain does not have lung cancer. Kathy Griffin does and was upset because of things Meghan said about her on the View.

  2. Louis, you said that “Kavanaugh made one error. A major one. He forgot about the “people.”

    My take is that he is not unique to this. This is the right wing today, and has been for several decades now! THEY have forgotten about the people. May I remind you that it was Roberts, who in 2010, as Chief Justice pushed through “Citizens United” giving corporations rights that have changed forever the rights of people in this country.

    Kavanaugh is a student (Republican) of that philosophy, not the architect.

    We are the people who made a mistake, we allowed Kavanaugh to be appointed (for life) to the Supreme Court.

  3. I caught that too, how far from the truth does Trump think real Americans will allow. Trump did a lot of things, but NEVER was fighting for democracy one of those. Humping the flag in public is NOT fighting for democracy.

    DeSantiss will go down with Trump too. Nobody is defending him (DeSantiss) anymore. Even those freaks on this blog who kept singing his praises are hiding in the corners behind the sofa, nowadays.

    • Worked OK for Trump, eh?

      He actually gained in popularity and in power. His followers were fine with that!

      Of course Trump was with more women and more claiming RAPE!

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