No question Steve Thompson made his fortune in Key West. At a relatively young age.

The story is best told in his own words in TACOS paragraph 21.

They say on a small Island it’s hard to get rich / Everybody’s watching saying, “What’s the hitch?” / The taco business started great you see / I saved a few bucks for a shopping spree / I bought Bud man’s house with all the chickens and hens / A Cessna, a sailboat, and a Mercedes Benz / It all seemed too easy it was like some kind of joke / I think everyone assumed I was running dope.

Key West was once called Thompson’s Island. Had nothing to do with our Steve Thompson, however.

On March 25, 1822, Commander Matthew Perry sailed into Key West and planted the American flag. No one protested.

Key West was called Cayo Hueso (Key West) at the time. Perry renamed the island Thompson’s Island after the then Secretary of Navy Smith Thompson. Fortunately, the name never stuck.

The first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week.

Breastfeeding is worthy of the honor and a reminder to women to breast feed if at all possible.

My daughter Beth bore Samantha. It is difficult for me to express the feelings that ran through me when I first walked into Beth’s hospital room and saw her sitting up with Samantha sucking away. Joy, love. Tears came to my eyes the same as they are now as I recall and write this.

Samantha is a practicing attorney in Boston today.

Mass shootings. Never end.

Two this past weekend.

One on a Boston street at 3 in the morning. Five shot. Panic ensued.

The other on a Queens’ street in New York City. A coordinated gang attack. A spray of bullets injured 10 people.

There is a sense of excitement in Washington at the moment. A trillion dollar infrastructure bill is on the verge of passing. Bipartisan interestingly.

I have a bit of concern it might not. House Democratic progressives say no way will they vote for the road, etc. infrastructure bill unless there is an assurance the human infrastructure one will be passed immediately thereafter.

The road, etc. one will not pass without progressive support. The Democratic House majority is slim. Ergo, the human one must pass thereafter.

The human infrastructure would be done by reconciliation. The 50 Democratic votes in the Senate plus Vice-President Harris’ vote also.

How this will be accomplished remains uncertain. Manchin and Sinema continue to be filibuster holdouts requiring bipartisan votes on everything. Foolish they are. Their position detrimental to an opportunity for the nation for the first time ever to gain all the things $3.5 trillion can buy. Things the American people have been desperate for for many years.

If Manchin and Sinema remain firm, and there is no reason to suspect they would do otherwise, Majority Leader Schumer will need 2 Republican votes to pass the reconciliation bill.’

Possible? Could be. Schumer has been acting positively and with confidence the bill would pass. I hope he has those 2 Republican votes in his pocket.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lot’s of people are now wrongly trying to take credit, or give credit to America for developing the Covid vaccines. But the truth is of course, something different.

    Pfizer, the first vaccine available, as an example, was funded by Germany (a Socialist country), not in capitalist America and was never part of Trumps “Warp Speed” bullsh*t. In fact, Trump only ordered 100 million doses of that product (enough for just 50 million people) and it wasn’t until February 2021 before Biden was able to order more.

    Any virus solution should not be made political by anyone, with false and misleading facts and information, being ‘shouted’ by Americans, of all people. Especially since the Americans mostly doing it are those that considered it a “haox” to begin with!

  2. There is really a certain amount of schadenfreude with how Rudy Giuliani is ending up. This guy was a total yahoo, forced on us by Trumps need for “only the best” yahoos running the country. Now he’s been hung out to dry by Trump, who once again doesn’t pay his bills. Will this one finally convince any of the others that anyone working for trump usually gets burned?

    Who’s next?

  3. Remember how “gotcha” Republicans and their lapdog sidekicks (the phony libertarians), were, just a few weeks ago, all sanctimonious and giddy about how President Joe Biden had “failed” to reach his “promise” of vaccinating 70% of all Americans?

    Well, even with these same band of nasty Republicans who have been doing everything possible to see that happen, President Joe Biden’s “promise” has been met and in only less than a month after his original prediction. Not bad considering nearly half of all Americans were working against that goal.

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