Keep in mind that Steve’s recollections are still in the 1970’s. Relations made. Some would be notables in later years. Each lending a helping hand to one another. The way people were back then.

TACOS paragraph 23 a best recollection.

My next store was in Gainesville and who did I see / It was Jimmy Buffett walking up to me / He was giving a free concert live / It was summertime 1975 / I felt stupid after I heard him holler / When the first thing I said was, “I thought you were taller” / He wore a T-shirt I gave him a few weeks before / With a picture of the Key West Taco store / He gave me plugs all through the show / And said, “I want a burrito” / It was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me / I’ll never forget his generosity / After the show he gathered up the whole band / And parked right in front of the taco stand / He brought the whole crew in to eat / And single-handedly put that place on its feet.

What a day yesterday for Andrew Cuomo. I am interested in your thoughts and hope many of you will respond.

Judgments are coming fast and furious. My admonition is slow down. Let the story play out. Good, bad, or indifferent.

First impressions sometimes prove incorrect in a final analysis. One thing the numbers appearing in the Attorney General’s report.

One hundred seventy nine persons “consulted.” sounds like a WOW! Note the word “consult” used rather than interviewed. Consult could mean in many instances a thought to be witness who turned out to know nothing. The person “consulted” to be of no consequence in a possible criminal action down the road.

Recall one of the 62 cases Trump lost. My recollection was it was one where Sidney Powell was representing the Trump position. To substantiate the purported ballot fraud, Powell had submitted something like 695 affidavits. Impressive on its face. However the judge was not take in. None contained necessary supporting documentation to support the Trump claim. All were valueless.

Another number seeming a WOW is the 79,000 pieces of documentation examined. Not necessarily consequential these days. I can recall environmental cases where my staff had to examine hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper per case. In one instance, more than a million.

Do not be impressed by the numbers.

Most of what I heard yesterday were representations/claims. Not supported by facts as a legal case requires. All representations will be put to the test in due course, if criminal charges are brought. The truth will out at that time.

Again, share your thoughts with me. I assume at this point that most, if not all, have Cuomo dead and buried.

DeSantis defended the unvaccinated yesterday. Made them sound like heroes. Claimed the media was being “judgmental” in criticizing the unvaccinated. He also suggested that the media was incorrect in inferring that the unvaccinated were persons trying to get sick.

Florida has achieved a distinction. It has become the “epicenter of the caronavirus in the United States.”

A distinction Floridians can do without.

How many will die? How many will suffer as they experience for days the inability to breathe properly?

As I said re Trump many times, “Thank you Ron DeSantis!”

You ignoramus!

The Miami Herald in a News Blast today brought COVID-19 cases in Florida up to date.

In the 3 days ending yesterday, there were 50,997 new cases. Only exceeded by California. The 50,997 number the highest in Florida since the pandemic began 18 months ago.

In the same 3 days, hospital bed use surged. It is projected Florida will be at the breaking point soon re hospital beds.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I do not condone what Andrew Cuomo has done, and feel+ he should not be above the law and should be punished where he is guilty.

    But I find it difficult to understand ANYBODY can be outraged about this and yet let Trump get off for his wrongdoing on the same subject. Trump said he could get away with grabbing them by the p*ssies – that got him elected president.

    Now those very same people are calling for Cuomo’s head!

    • Nonsense, all a twist of the Republican simpleton logic to take peoples mind off of DeSantiss and Florida.

      The person MOST responsible for killing Americans is Trump and his insistence that Covid was nothing but a hoax. Something you simpletons wanted to believed.

  2. Going after Democrat governors of New York for sexual encounters is sport here in New York Lou, you know that. The Cuomo nonsense seem to have Roger Stone’s fingerprints all over it, just like the one with Eliot Spitzer.

    Besides, there is an election coming up next year and this investigation was requested by one of the Republicans who is running and was started just after Cuomo declared he wanted to run again.

    Politics in NY are always brutal, want to know more about this, find out who paid Roger Stone to look into Cuomo’s problem.

    I think you might find it is the same people behind Newsom’s recall in California.

  3. Democrats in Washington want Andrew Cuomo to resign to allow the Democrat lieutenant governor to run New York state. If a Republican were next in line for the job, Democrats would be falling on grenades for Cuomo. That is, after all, what happened in Virginia when Governor Black Face unleashed his oppo research on the Democrats in the line of succe$$ion.

    • But why should I defend Cuomo?

      He killed 15,000 grannies by forcing nursing homes to accept covid patients.

      Those deaths should be the subject of a criminal investigation, not this he said/she said garbage.

      But charging him with manslaughter might implicate other Democrats. A sexual hara$$ment scandal is a nice safe way to dispose of a governor who could seek the presidency in 2024.

      • Nonsense Don, you political hack. This is your pet bull sh*t that you have been peddling on this blog and your own yellow sheet. If there was any truth to this (that’s called facts) Cuomo would have been toast a long time ago.

        Blaming Cuomo for even one unnecessary Covid death is just stupid and diversionary. Especially when YOU have no problem boasting Donald Trump did a “really good job” with the pandemic.

        Why not go back to claiming Ashely Babbitt was just another peaceful tourist who had every right to have been in the Capitol building the day she was shot, calling that an outright murder by capitol cops, on your pathetic blog.

        How can you even think anyone would take you seriously anymore?

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