Good morning! Almost afternoon.

There will be no blog today. I’m tired and pissed.

Research complete. Too tired to write, however.

I fell last night. Down the stairs. Nothing broke. Everything hurts. And my blood thinners have left me with a number of bruises. Even actually bled in 4 places last night.

My fault. I was not using the cane.

I have been having trouble with Bank of America and Instacart since my card got hacked and was replaced by Bank of America. Instacart would not deliver saying that Bank of America was declining my charges.

Finally resolved the problem by having Insacart paid with another card I had on file with them.

Everything supposed to be ok at that point. Not. For several days, Bank of America keeps declining my charges on the new card. I thought the problem was with Instacart. It was. However after resolving it, Bank of America continued to decline my Instacart charges.

Finally got a human being on the phone with Bank of America this morning. The first time I have ever been pleased with how Bank of America handles things. They are much like Comcast.

Frances from Nevada straightened the whole thing out. Bank of America had never corrected the problem when Instacart said the bill had been paid.

Took quite a while to finally correct the problem, however. At one point, I told Bank of America to pay the $55.42. I did not care if I was paying the bill twice. Just free up my card!

Everything done. I am fine now. Still can’t use the Bank of America card. I was told it would take 24 hours for their records to be corrected.

I am tired from the bullshit this morning and the pain remaining from last night.

Some of today’s research will appear in tomorrow’s blog. Has to do with the rip off being pushed by Trump’s people with the newest stimulus package. What is being done is Kudlow and company are telling everyone to tell everyone that it is a Main Street stimulus whereas it is primarily a bank bailout with taxpayer dollars up to $6 trillion over a period of 4-5 years.

We are being hoodwinked again!

Enjoy your day!


  1. It isn’t just this new stimulus package that’s a mess, the original stimulus package included provisions to help churches in a direct violation of the U.S.Constitution.

    Even NPR , who usually bends over backwards to keep from offending this administration, is complaining about this one.

    • 9,000 Catholic Churches approved for keep people on payroll stimulus. Wrong. Catholic Churches do not pay taxes. Separation of Church and State not considered. Catholic Churches justified the payments on the basis that they have employees and payroll too. Protestant and Jewish religious organizations benefited also but not to the extent the Catholic Church did. Lobbyists strong in getting stimulus for those they represent. Catholic Church has strong lobbying group in Washington.

      • Yes, wrong, very wrong. Just another erosion of the constitution and reason not to respect what is happening under this president, buying the religious vote at a cost of ignoring our laws. This will not end well.

  2. Chase Visa credit card and First State Bank Of The Keys for me. Not as much prestige or status as those other ones, but never a problem.

  3. Trump’s new press secretary and “Ministry Of Truth” revisionist spokesperson refers to the Obama years as “abysmal”. Talk about Pot-Kettle.

  4. Lou. One of the few benefits of ageing is that you rarely have to be in a rush to get anywhere. Take your time, Lou. Watch your step. Be careful.

  5. Lou, you should get an Apple watch, It will automatically call for help should you fall, even if you are unconscious or otherwise unable to call yourself.

    • I have a set up. Wear it around my neck. If I fall, have a heart attack, etc it calls within seconds. Then they send the police or an ambulance. $54.95 a month. Got it a year ago when I was not using cane and falling too often. I feel secure with it. Everyone has my updated medical records. Including a set attached to the side of my refrigerator.

  6. Does it automatically call or do you have to manually activate it.

    If it is automatic, then you are set! Seems expensive, but then any price is worth it if it saves your life.

    I have the apple watch, which I love for lots of other reasons, but it’s worthless as a fall detector if It’s charging and not on me!

    But frankly, it’s just better if you don’t fall.

    • I wear it ard my neck. Press button if I need help. Used outside home also. Any where. Needs to be charged however when not in use. Indoor one needs no charging.

  7. Glad to hear your not hurt worse. Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Go slow and keep your eye on the heading.

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