To all Moms, Happy Mother’s Day. Includes my Mother who has been gone many years.

A mother is a forever friend. Think about it. I can clearly recall my Mother being there for me even in my older years. She was a constant comfort as only a mother can be.

So much to share today. Combining 2 days of notes. From this point forward, I am writing as if today’s blog is a Morning Stew.

The coronavirus numbers for Monroe County and Key West are relatively good. On the low side. Seventy nine cases in all of Monroe County, with only 3 deaths. Thirty seven of the cases in Key West. None of the deaths occurred in Key West.

I attribute the success to our governmental leaders who were on top of everything and on occasion imposed restrictions even harsher than the State. I also attribute the good numbers to the people of the Keys. A different breed in most instances. Understand what is involved and follow the rules.

There have been exceptions, though few. The most glaring friday night. Smokin’ Tuna. It opened for friday night and saturday night.

A mistake of the highest order!

Photos show the place was packed. Everyone having a good time. No masks. Restrictions ignored.

Charlie Bauer is Smokin’ Tuna’s managing partner. He issued an apology saturday on Facebook. He thought they were doing the right thing. Give the locals a chance for a night out.

He did not expect the huge crowd.

Whatever, he acknowledged the error and promised Smokin’ Tuna would sin no more. Smokin’ Tuna had been following the rules up to friday night.

I am curious to see if any coronavirus cases pop up in 3-4 weeks involving persons who were at Smokin’ Tuna friday night. I suspect there will be.

There is a move to have a referendum re cruise ships. How many should be permitted. I say none. However it appears the referendum’s purpose is to limit, not eliminate.

In one month, 20.5 million unemployed. The virus hits hard!

The number represents 14.1 percent of the working population. The highest unemployment figures since 1933. Double 2008.

The number is expected to go up for May.

Life will be different after this epidemic ceases. Jobs are not going to jump out. It will take several years for things to return to a near normal state as we understood it prior to coronavirus.

Trump has his hands full with the epidemic. He continues to add to his burden, however. The problems with Saudi Arabia and China examples.

Now comes Venezuela. A mercenary group attempted an invasion in order to overthrow Maduro. It was like the Bay of Pigs. Failed. The mercenaries employed by Silvercorp USA. Most retired Green Berets.

Sixty men captured. Two were Americans.

Many who perhaps should not have “eaten” from the Paycheck Protection Program have.

A most recent example the Catholic Church. Nine thousand Catholic Churches were approved to receive loans. The Church’s argument is they have a payroll to meet re Church employees.

Note the Catholic Church has one of the strongest lobbies in Washington.

Note also the Catholic Church pays no taxes.

Protestant and Jewish religious organizations also received loans, but to a lesser degree.

Thomas Jefferson viewed Napoleon Bonaparte as “a cold-blooded, calculating, unprincipled usurper, without a virtue; no statesman, knowing nothing of commerce, political economy, or civil government, and supplying ignorance by bold presumption.”

Many of the “qualities” Jefferson found in Napoleon can be found in in Trump.

Then there was Santa Anna. The Mexican President who slaughtered every man at the Alamo. He considered himself the Napoleon of the West.

Trump may consider himself a Napoleon of sorts. The Napoleon of the Americas?

On May 9, 1960, the world changed for women. The FDA approved the birth control pill.

The Beatles were hot stuff for many years. Especially in 1964. They held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 1/2 months. The group’s success began with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

It seemed like the Beatles would be #1 forever.

There is no forever in anything, however.

On May 1, 1964 there was a new top performer with a new tune. Louis Armstrong and Hello Dolly. No one expected a man of his age to be on top again. He surprised everyone!

This past week a big one for coronavirus. Made it into the White House.

First Trump’s personal valet. Then Pence’s Press secretary Katie Miller. She is Stephen Miller’s wife. Stephen is Senior Advisor to Trump with an office close to the President’s.

Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant was then diagnosed with the virus.

Yesterday, it was announced Dr. Anthony Fauci was going into a “moderate quarantine.” The man who is America’s top gun re the virus. He had been exposed.

The same day, it was announced that CDC Director Robert Redfield and FDA Commissioner Stephan Hahn had also been exposed. They are in home confinement and will work from home.

The word is Trump still refuses to wear a mask. Even in the Oval Office. Even though the virus is appearing around and near him.

Trump is a known germaphobic. Yet he reuses to protect himself and others by wearing a mask. One tough guy! He’ll go nuts if he gets as sick as Boris Johnson did.

I cannot understand Trump’s thinking in general about the virus. On March 1, there were less than 100 dead in the U.S. Today 9 weeks later, 75,000.

May Johnson apparently better. Was up and about this saturday in 1896. Even went to La Brisa.

Obama said of Trump this past week: He is “an absolute chaotic disaster.”

Little Palm Island Resort to open soon.

The resort prior to Hurricane Irma was considered one of the finest and most expensive in the U.S. On September 10, 2017, Irma hit as a Category 4. Wiped Little Palm Island out!

Renovation and rebuiding has cost $34 million.

A Nobel Resort. Nobel known for fine accommodations.

Little Palm Island will continue to be expensive when it reopens. Actually, a bit more expensive. Off season, accommodations $1,500-$2,000. In season, $1,900-$3,800. Per night, of course.

On this day in 1940, Winston Churchill became Britain’s Prime Minster.

Three days later in his first speech to Parliament, he said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” He promised his country and the world that the British people would “never surrender.”

Che Pasa stated in an article: “We’re in uncharted waters without a captain and without a vision of where we are or should be headed…..We should be past the point of blaming anyone; we never got to the point of actually doing anything about the existential crises we knew we would face. And so we drift along.”

I cam across a comment this week that I wrote down but failed to note its source. I never the less share it with you. It involves an issue the Democrats may be mishandling: “Democrats pretending that 27 year old claims of sexual something matter, but dementia and corruption do not…..Democrats are being side tracked.”

Biden has to hit hard on every front!

Enjoy your Mother’s Day, enjoy your Sunday!



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  1. It doesn’t matter if the Catholic Church has employees to pay, bills to pay, mortgages to pay, electricity to pay sexual misconduct judgements to pay, gardening expenses or what ever. The United States government is clearly obliged not to be involved in any way with any religion, or their places of worship. PERIOD. The separation of Church and State is absolute in our constitution, FAR more explicit and clear than just about anything else, including that of the right to bare arms.

  2. I remember when Patrick (Yes, that’s when he actually called himself Patrick) use to INSIST here on Lou’s blog that the unemployment rate during Obama’s early first term of 8% was fake and the real unemployment rate was really something more like 22% and probably way higher.

    Things on this blog haven’t change all that much over the years.

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